DosBox v0.61

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Come on man, you don't have to tell us that you know how to search the Internet.
added on the 2010-09-09 19:52:28 by El Topo El Topo
ah, ctrl+alt+f5 - thanks google :)

Come on, at least read the FAQ part of the readme (yes, there is one, right at the top of the document!) :P
added on the 2010-09-11 15:43:35 by baldrick baldrick
so i installed the latest version of dosbox hoping that the raster/copper-bar effects would work, ive tried. anyone know about this? obviously something that the developers should implement in future versions.
added on the 2011-05-06 15:07:00 by rudi rudi
some prods run too much slow with dosbox, it's a shame.
added on the 2011-05-06 15:11:45 by Bartoshe Bartoshe
Bartoshe: you can increase the cyclecount by ctrl+F12 or skip frames by crt+F5/6 or something. if you have a supercomputer i dont think you will have any problem. on my computer some pulse-demos gets some flicks in the sound though.
added on the 2011-05-06 15:14:15 by rudi rudi
The main problem with DOSBox is its inaccurate timing and thus the lacking vsync. At least with 96-99-era demos there's lots of tearing...
added on the 2011-05-06 16:49:23 by raer raer