seattle demoparty: amcbain's idea

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Also posted to Twitter and FB. Please spread.

In a month or so, hopefully folks will have responded.
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Passed it off to someone I know through Nectarine who lives in the NW. Also responded myself. :)
Added to the form the note that this form is going to me and AMcBain.
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Hey AMcBain!! Yes, let's meet up. It could be a pubmeet or a taco meat, doesn't have to be fancy. Do you ever come by town on the weekend?

The film venues we had contacted are connected to the northwest film forum. I spoke to Adam, who is in charge of programming there. He was interested in talking about having a demoscene event more than playing a movie about the demoscene, but I still think it's possible to screen it.

Overcoat, the musician, does live a little bit south of here. There is also the very enthusiastic BasementDigital in Portland, who does come up once in a while. On top of that there is a quiet population of people who like and remember the demoscene but are unaware that there are current-day activities. They might show up - if they can get a little time away from their intense development/design jobs.
andr00 - at gmail or whatever
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by andr00:
Hey AMcBain!! Yes, let's meet up. It could be a pubmeet or a taco meat, doesn't have to be fancy. Do you ever come by town on the weekend?

Actually I do ... not during the winter, though. I usually do a day trip out to Metrix on Saturdays but have done other stuff (an event at Ada's Books once which is how I found Metrix by accident, the Mini Maker Faire, ...) and don't mind going for whatever. :) Back in September and October this year there were a few times I was there two weekends in a row. (Making key fobs mainly, and later the Scenecompos.net awards)

On the rest of that, that's great! It seems we've got 7.5/8 (heh) who would come to a shindig in Seattle or thereabouts from the survey so far. 9 if you include me.
I would like to go, but am not sure I am making the trip to the other side of the state. I recommend also posting on http://demoscene.us/ and Usenet's (note, this is a pre-WWW URL) nntp://comp.sys.ibm.pc.demos newsgroup, in case anyone else is active there but not here.
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Ha, if it's around the Steam dev days I might even be there.. ^_^
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Darn. January is soon. Now January 2015 . . . more doable.
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Although January could be a pre-getogether, just folks connecting, sowing the seeds of something bigger
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What's wrong with just letting things happen?
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Also, I apologize for not contributing to demoscene.us in a long time.. I lost interest, and no one else was really contributing. I've been active in the "Pan American" FB group, at least.
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@floss: wzup bro!

mailed you just now @comcast but maybe that address is old now.
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phoenix: in the past, letting things happen meant nothing happening.

anyway, I'll I'm doing is the survey. If folks choose to band together and make a party, I'm in their favor.

I've tried to run a party remotely when local folks weren't much engaged (partially because of lack of time on their part), and I won't make that mistake again.
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Already ten responses on the survey! Keep 'em coming.

Two of the folks who responded would be willing to organize something. Two is better than zero!

Keep 'em coming.
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Gargaj personally directed me here, so you are all screwed!

Im a musician from the glorious amiga days using handles (Dezacrator, Crystal Warrior, Micro Pro of Agile, The Silents and Fantasy). You can find my interview HERE.

For the last 23 years I've worked in the TV / Film and video game industry. That said, Id like to re-connect to my musical roots and work on some new tunes in the demoscene again. It was an amazing journey so am looking for talented coders to work with either in Europe or the West Coast.

Some of you may know me for the nightclub I threw called Lumenite. It was a night that supported demoscene groups via projection mapping, Conspiracy being one of those groups in the heart of Hollywood, Ca.

BB Image

Below is some music Ive done in the last 4 or so months for various project. Check it out.

Kind Regards,

Scott Lee
SFX Media

My original music:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRSnov1BYP0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUm 9MF6QWt0_SIf3jxIxQVuQ
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Cool to see you! Might you also be interested in collaborating with east coast coders like Luis? He's done a lot of interesting technical work lately: https://www.pouet.net/user.php?who=49418

(I run a party over here on the east coast that has happened for four years now that he helps to organize)
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Scott: is there any video of that Lumenite gig somewhere? Would be cool to see :)
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I keep reading the thread title and thinking "AMcBain's Idea" is the party name.
added on the 2013-11-28 23:56:00 by Gargaj Gargaj
That would be an amusing party name ( ;

I had also taken to calling it AMcBain's shindig in email and it would be kinda hilarious to have a party called Shindig.

Also would love to see Lumenite event video too.
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14 people have now replied to the survey, with 2 willing to organize and 1.5 likely willing to help them.

A January meetup as proposed might be a good idea to get folks initially together.


  • Summer - 10 first choice
  • Spring - 6 second choice
  • Fall - 1 first choice, 2 second choice, 4 third choice
  • Winter - 1 second choice, 2 third choice, 2 fourth choice
  • Next to a game event - specified by one
  • Anytime/no pref - 2 people

Looking at summer:

  • @party is in June, so avoiding that would be bonus
  • It might also be a good idea to avoid Evoke and Assembly
  • That leaves some good times in July and August


  • Two preference for Seattle
  • Two preference for Bay Area
  • Others no specific preference

The mean of what folks who specified a numerical value would be willing to pay for a ticket is $80. (I think lower would be better to facilitate recruitment, but having fancier ticket options that can help subsidize the ticket price for folks who can't afford as much may be a good idea).

Primary interests according to survey: socializing and compos

Based on my experience in Montréal and Boston, the sort of venue you'd need would have room for around 40-60 people, and would either be a nonprofit of some kind that would let the organizers use the space for free or cheap, or a bar function room.

Important features:

  • Convenient to transit
  • Comfortable with party theme
  • Open until at least 12am
  • Enough room for projector throw
  • Easy access control, but no hurdles (one clear main entrance, but not buried deep inside a building)
  • If a multi-day event, ability to lock up gear in the room
  • Internet
  • Specified contact person to go to with questions and get the key from
  • Contract of some kind that makes expectations of party organizers and site clear
  • Clear policies on trash and recycling removal
  • Furniture onsite so furniture rental can be avoided
  • Enough circuits so a few computers and a projector don't blow fuses

Unreasonable expectations of a venue which are unlikely to be met:

  • Staying overnight in the venue
  • Smoking inside

Core people you need:

  • Main organizer
  • Compos head/Tech director

Core stuff you need that may cost money or need to be otherwise obtained:

  • Compos gear
  • Website
  • Space
  • Online ticketing service
  • Credit card processing fees
  • Prizes and consumables
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"Seattle Scener Shindig" might have a nice ring to it ... sneaking a "Super" in there somewhere could go for ultimate alliteration.

Also, having looked earlier today, the Northwest Rooms in the Seattle Center are apparently no more. Well, they're at least not what they were or unavailable for the time being. The only room left is the one that has a small stage and projector screen (at least that I can tell) and they renamed it.* so maybe I was the only one suggesting that idea, but it seems like it's out of the running. I kinda wonder how the Seattle Mini Maker Faire is going to deal with that ... However there seems to be more stuff available than was listed previously, and [much] larger! So I'm not sure what went on there. Not that I have any idea at this time if any of those were economical to being with. So I'll shut up about them.

* It's now the "Seattle Center Pavilion" or something, despite being indoors. completely enclosed. The dictionary says that's reasonable, but common usage of such word doesn't ... Anyway, enough with being a pedant.


On some of the other stuff in the list, just to toss out things, if the website stuff isn't too onerous that's something I can take care of. I'm a competent web developer (better than the prods I've released).

The ticketing serviced that comes to mind is EventBrite, which the Seattle Mini Maker Faire also uses. It seems well integrated to uh, spam, your event across various networks. However they do have a 2.5% (of ticket price; + $.99 or something) fee on top of the card processor's fees.** Yuck, but if you don't want to manage that stuff yourself ... In theory something simple say with Stripe or over PayPal could be done instead of a service. (I have done a store with Stripe and like them; Their processing fees aren't really better than anyone else other than being extremely simple to understand.)

** So when I started to write this paragraph I thought, sure why not include it? Then I looked them up (not as a person buying a ticket to an event) and realized that their fee (which I expected) stacked on top of the payment processor's fee which I hadn't expected but I don't recall them handling that themselves so I should have. I still don't know if this makes them a bad option or not, as the Mini Maker Faire's tickets were only $18 and they still used them, costing them $2 overall. An $80 ticket would lose ~$4.5

Sorry for being long-winded.
(Oh, also, as an addendum services like Eventbrite can presumably handle things at the door through their own services similar to purchases before the event, enabling everything to be handled and tracked all in one place. So there is that.)
So: are you guys thinking about meeting in January, and if not . . .

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16 people have now replied to the survey. One preferred fall, one Seattle.

Each time I mention this a few more people fill out the survey . . .

( ;
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