Italian sceners???

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Nosfe: not anyone you know directly or anyone who has been active in the last 10 years. Friol lives in the area, but he's a loner ;)
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dixan, yeah kinda figured that would be the case but had to ask anyway :)
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la maledizione degli ultimi.
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Non permetterò mai che l'ultimo post qui sia di Skan...
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Haha, seriously though: I'm going to the Sun & Bass festival in San Teodoro in a few weeks. http://sunandbass.com/

Any sceners going there and willing to meet up? :)
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LOL, you're missing colors there :)
Sadly I won't be there, but I see you're registered for Main2012, so chances are that you see some italos there...
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fuckings to DickSun. <3
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nice to meet you, guys!
Due to lack of job and money, I cannot afford any party right now, so no Demodays and no S&B...
At least, I hope to meet you at Main - and it will be my first party ever.
Ciao a tutti,

anche se l'ultimo post è un tantino vecchiotto mi fa piacere apprendere che esista ancora qualche rimasuglio di scena italiana. Se questa realtà si (ri)consolidasse potremmo organizzare un demoparty nostrano, magari in estate.

Spero di vedere presto aggiornamenti in questo thread.


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Hi folks,

althought the last post is a little bit old I'm glad to notice that there's some crumbs of the italian scene. If the italosceners will keep in contact each other could be organized a demoparty over here, maybe in summer.

Hope to see updates on this thread soon.

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The DCC warez scene is still strong in Italy.
I'm going to populate #demo-ita also
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@Rebb retired Super Mario?
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anybody knows if these guys are still active? http://www.indievault.it/2012/04/30/demoscene-italiana-due-filmati-amarcord-dal- 1993/
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Se c'è qualche paesano che ha intenzione di partecipare a REVISION 2015 non esiti a renderlo noto
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@dixan desculpe, no intiendo
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Qualche rimasuglio esiste, ma non penso ci siano altri italiani attivi...
Forse la cosa migliore da fare è di mettersi al lavoro e presentare qualche prod.
@zerothehero, se tu ci metti il codice io ci piazzo musica e gfx
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"Se tu ci metti il codice" è la battuta del millennio. Quello passato.
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@ZeroTheHero "altri" oltre a chi?
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