porrasturvat by tAAt [web]
screenshot added by soolta on 2002-07-31 19:15:49
platform :
type :
release date : july 2002
release party : Assembly 2002
compo : gamedev
ranked : 1st
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  • is ok 31
  • sucks 21
popularity : 27%
  • rulez 0.74
alltime top: #43
added on the 2002-07-31 18:24:06 by sagacity sagacity

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my favourite extreme sport!
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 19:11:09 by soolta soolta
70864 so far ;)
added on the 2002-07-31 19:39:13 by tomaes tomaes
whats it about? dont want to reboot ;(
added on the 2002-07-31 19:41:46 by oner oner
Bloody hilarious! Never had so much fun falling down stairs:)
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 19:56:49 by uncle-x uncle-x
i did more than 90000 damage once... but maybe it was a bug since the avatar seemed to be attrected by a misterious force coming from the left of the stair :)
is the online ranking working?
added on the 2002-07-31 20:01:13 by soolta soolta
yes. and the top score is about 280000.
added on the 2002-07-31 20:02:41 by tomaes tomaes
Damn, how would one score more than 100,000?
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 20:38:38 by sagacity sagacity
now this is a game we can all enjoy!
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 21:22:04 by ileaardbei ileaardbei
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 21:31:58 by robotriot robotriot
this is true art.
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 21:34:37 by rac rac
- 81078 top score here
- 105 minimum score with him comfortably sitting down at the top of the stairs.

Bloody funny!!
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 21:38:46 by Jare Jare
I take that back, I got 3 damage
added on the 2002-07-31 21:39:27 by Jare Jare
I got 1 (!) minimum damage.
added on the 2002-07-31 21:42:07 by tomaes tomaes
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 22:02:59 by starbuck starbuck
this is the kinda game you can wake me up for! Kudos! :D
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 22:15:35 by okkie okkie
this is great!
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 22:16:29 by raimo raimo
hell yeah!
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 22:31:01 by cats cats
very nice :)
rulezadded on the 2002-07-31 23:00:49 by superplek superplek
max score so far: 134738
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 01:04:36 by quoz quoz
very fun !!!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 01:45:50 by med med
great practice
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 01:50:44 by Shifter Shifter
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 02:12:16 by protectin'myhive protectin'myhive
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 07:40:56 by analogue analogue
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 09:57:32 by Zul Zul
jollygood. :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 10:16:11 by FooLman FooLman
must kill all the robots! RULEZ
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 10:45:08 by diver diver
got 0 minimum damage :D
added on the 2002-08-01 11:41:18 by robotriot robotriot
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 11:44:46 by elric elric
puh, heavy online charts. how will i get 207274 points? what is the best "kick"? The head, arms, legs?
added on the 2002-08-01 12:12:12 by diver diver

ps: make an 'old woman' version plz
added on the 2002-08-01 12:19:52 by Inopia Inopia
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 12:20:42 by Inopia Inopia
So damn addictive.. I think I'll skip Arsembly and stay home dismounting.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 13:08:24 by break break
damned funny! :D - someone should make a screensaver, showing the local top10 in replay! :D
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 14:34:04 by hornet hornet
fucking brilliant!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 14:48:08 by teel teel
just crazy shit!! great! how u kicked him for 200.000 points?!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 14:50:32 by oner oner
add some more levels and u go commercial! like pits with spikes and flames and shit. i mean shit. and some spiral shaped stairs would kick ass.
added on the 2002-08-01 14:52:17 by oner oner
hornet, yes, would be a good idea to save the funniest "kicks", and also see how to get 200.000 points.
added on the 2002-08-01 14:57:21 by diver diver
yep. hurting people is fun. :)
granma-version would be cool. but i´d prefer a version with children...
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 17:13:03 by fiver2^fB fiver2^fB
baby carriages anyone?
added on the 2002-08-01 18:04:14 by Shifter Shifter
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 18:38:42 by shiva shiva
or a "human cannonball" version? :)
added on the 2002-08-01 20:17:03 by cats cats
haha, this is a serious timekiller, and a funny one aswell. score! :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 20:47:24 by gloom gloom
haha, this is a serious timekiller, and a funny one aswell. score! :)
added on the 2002-08-01 20:50:16 by gloom gloom
how do people achieve those ultrahigh scores...? i'm only floating around the 50.000 mark
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 21:03:57 by jazzman jazzman
added on the 2002-08-01 21:17:43 by Zafio Zafio
ingenious and addictive! :-)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 21:44:25 by moT moT
Somebody tell us the secret, damnit! Or at least give us a hint...
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 21:49:05 by MoebiusMindstate MoebiusMindstate
they probably hacked the scores.dat file, i'm not getting more than 96.000 either ;)
added on the 2002-08-01 22:33:02 by robotriot robotriot
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 22:36:14 by eebliss eebliss
rules!! best game ever! :D must vote.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 22:47:31 by apemon apemon
vote vote
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 22:48:48 by neon neon
hmm. somehow cool and funny :)
but i get some errors while dismounting.. hmm whatever. rules!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 22:52:34 by pro pro
funny... but kinda "porn" music :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 22:54:37 by barock barock
tAAt tosiaan hallitsee :)
tAAt rules indeed :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-01 23:33:21 by asasel asasel
haha, I just got the guy to stop in the middle of the stair in a possition that looks like he is sucking his own dick givin him like 200 in damage. I own!
What an impressive amount of comments. A very original concept, but I didn't find it especially funny.
added on the 2002-08-02 01:03:13 by DiamonDie DiamonDie
stefan, was that really necessary? you messed up the whole page (layout-wise this time too, not only content-wise)
added on the 2002-08-02 01:20:59 by jazzman jazzman
I want a special lator edition of this game.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 01:29:37 by tomaes tomaes
Stefan you're a fucking joke!!
added on the 2002-08-02 01:54:21 by eebliss eebliss
I agree. Ha Ha Ha.
added on the 2002-08-02 03:36:58 by Shifter Shifter
THis is awesome!!!!!! made me keep playing and playing and playng nonstop... terribly addictive, push the guy down the stairs... damn ingenius
btw my top score so far is 93445 ... damn, i love it!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 05:06:52 by Nuclear Nuclear
taat hallitsee, ja oh niin hintahtavasti
added on the 2002-08-02 13:17:28 by hooligan hooligan
i'm still laughing my ass of.
tAAt rules.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 13:59:39 by delta delta
funny, simple, addictive !

rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 14:34:00 by _OverFlow_ _OverFlow_
Clearly the best entry in Assembly gamedev compo.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 14:39:47 by noid noid
brilliant design. probably the best tAAt release for years
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 16:03:46 by dairos dairos
Unbelievable addictive!!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 16:35:50 by zafos zafos
I want a skinnable version where I can throw 216 down the stairs.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 17:07:06 by dixan dixan
got 145000 max
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 17:14:15 by dv dv
we want longer stairs!
from now on:
Rolling Down The Stair Laughing = RDTSL
added on the 2002-08-02 17:39:18 by soolta soolta
i can't seem to get over 65,000 hitting any body part at all forces wtf! how are people getting anything higher than 100,000 or especially 900,000 (is it all contributed to that bug mentioned in the psysics of the game on the web page?)
added on the 2002-08-02 18:19:47 by leeeet leeeet
who's your papa?!
#1 918012
this thing roxx! tAAt youve got to do a follow up to this or an addon pack. plz. so many features we all want =)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 19:06:55 by Panda Panda
level editor, skinning feature, slingshot would be nice
very,very funny!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 20:40:05 by Phantom Lord Phantom Lord
hohoo! ;p
rulezadded on the 2002-08-02 20:41:12 by baze baze
'Them crazy Finns are back' - this not so perfect description for ASM is 100% true for this prod! Simple, useless, but hell of fun :))
Probably better than several $$$ games.
added on the 2002-08-02 23:14:21 by Crest Crest
tAAt has done it again - and this time its even interactive =)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-03 00:12:01 by T$ T$
Awesome concept!!!

(btw thanks CD :P )
rulezadded on the 2002-08-03 14:21:25 by Nezbie Nezbie

+nice music :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-03 19:15:23 by nula nula
Yeah, it's fun(ny) to play. Although not quite as cool as that suicide bomber flash game. But hey, whom am I to complain??
rulezadded on the 2002-08-04 01:58:04 by thom thom
Whee, I got zero damage!!

Don't believe me? Check out the Screenshot!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-04 03:14:49 by cyraxx cyraxx
this game really gets boring fast. kind of nice idea, though.
sucksadded on the 2002-08-05 17:39:38 by JDruid JDruid
try and get zero damage at the bottom of the stairs
I used to not like tAAt.. but now I obey tAAt!!! Damn funny game.... Just the sounds make it worth playing! :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-06 12:05:45 by peggy peggy
For everybody asking how to achieve those mega-high scores.. I asked a few tAAt guys about it in Assembly, and their response was "it's only possible when a bug appears on the physics engine". So there.
added on the 2002-08-06 12:58:03 by break break
I'm joining the craze a bit late I guess, but there goes: this is damn funny, mindless ofice hours time-killing at its best 8))
rulezadded on the 2002-08-06 16:05:23 by bhead bhead
runs at molasses speed on my hamster wheel computer. i've found that I can speed it up by moving the window so most of it is obscured, and then I judge by the sounds whether I've got a good run or not. Read the license if you've been thinking about trying this yourself like those Jackass people on MTV, and if you still are serious, be (more) decent to yourself and get really loaded.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-07 08:38:01 by niles niles
sucksadded on the 2002-08-09 16:17:39 by Wain Wain
ok, tAAt has done it again.. another kickass release :))
Vote: Game of the year! ;)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-09 20:43:22 by mind mind
tAAt in the top-10, never thought I'd see the day ;) Not that this game doesn't deserve it for the sheer bizarreness of the idea alone :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-11 11:57:39 by jobe jobe
Hilarious concept! :)))
My top score is 40718 btw.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-11 12:58:34 by Gargaj Gargaj
gargaj: if you just leave the heading and pitch at the default values you should be able to get over 70000 after a few tries... :)
added on the 2002-08-11 13:29:04 by neon neon
YEEEEAAHHH!!! It's very fun game! My top score is 82715... but i get zero damage for three times!!! I WANT LEVEL EDITOR!!!! :-)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-11 13:30:59 by Luke Luke
fucking gameheadz :) torso seems to be the best kick, 80035 here..
rulezadded on the 2002-08-11 19:22:59 by dake^cdx dake^cdx
excellent music ;)
...and the game is ok, too
rulezadded on the 2002-08-11 23:40:10 by Phaser Phaser
Can the next ver have bat's or clubs for better distance or multible strikes(one in the foot then one in the head) I also like the idea about pits and spikes and fire.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-12 23:43:55 by pbrsucks pbrsucks
Woah, it's now in the top 5. Incredible! ;)
added on the 2002-08-13 02:57:06 by Crest Crest
A "save replay" feature would be handy...
added on the 2002-08-13 17:40:22 by Gargaj Gargaj
And we say "gamers sux". Got 0 damage here, too :D. StairEditor & the Grandma feature would be nice. What about a Benny Hill version? :]
rulezadded on the 2002-08-13 19:18:39 by spite spite
dake: Me and my brother experimented a bit (...and he scored 118211 :), and we found out that basically you have to find a way to kick him in a way so he flies a bit up and hits the stairs with his full front surface, so I suggest a lower headshot.
I suspect there are several 'multipliers' for each bodypart, so try to 'swerve' him so he hits his head and throat, those seem to be the most 'vulnerable'.

BTW if you get bored because of not scoring, try to do some stunts, e.g. somersaults or flips. :)
added on the 2002-08-13 19:58:03 by Gargaj Gargaj
Yeah Great game and office work killer too :)
cD_: release the source code from u're tips :)))
rulezadded on the 2002-08-13 20:18:06 by Stv Stv
this is the most addictive game i ever played : i want a port for the gamecube :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-15 22:27:08 by brioche brioche
I like it.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-18 12:47:04 by night_ night_
Fairly easy to break 200k with a simple exploit. Set roughly H146, P77 or so and smack 'em in the left foot. It drives down through the stairs and he'll jitterbug for 80k-200k damage fairly consistantly before starting a slow tumble down the stairs. Best I managed in the few dozen tries was about 243k.

I'd like to be able to hit him harder and down a greater variety of surfaces.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-18 17:19:25 by spork spork
rotfl :D
rulezadded on the 2002-08-19 00:32:07 by PigPen PigPen
It's one of the best game ideas I saw in the last few years ;)

"I want a bloodpatch."(tm)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-19 03:16:58 by Paralax Paralax
Good work! Enjoy!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-20 16:46:22 by pK pK
rulezadded on the 2002-08-21 16:46:36 by Optimus Optimus
we are fucking gamers!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-22 12:02:13 by mrdoob mrdoob
we.need.fucking.final.version.with.blood.and.children.and.old.people.and.i.need. a.space.button.
added on the 2002-08-22 12:06:08 by FooLman FooLman
I feel kinda sorry for the guy... :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-22 20:31:21 by sang-soo sang-soo
rofl :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-23 08:00:21 by marco23 marco23
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can't believe it!!! WHAT a game!!! :-DDDD
Plays really great...well, and I don't know why you wanna play it again and again and again when you saw your last 'falling down' just to get even worse...(worse = better in this case...! ;-) )
rulezadded on the 2002-08-23 10:39:21 by Weasel Weasel
great idea, and a good gameplay. Finally a game with a new idea!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-23 14:50:49 by Torsf@ntti Torsf@ntti
this will prolly lead into new porrasturvat-scene with own clans and stuph. lurez!
rulezadded on the 2002-08-23 16:18:38 by manticore / mfx manticore / mfx
109k is our best score. Can people get over 600k without cheating? And how?
added on the 2002-08-26 12:43:56 by night_ night_
rulezadded on the 2002-08-26 12:57:09 by stealth stealth
yeah, funny !!!
we want new levels :)
and a skin-able mapped version to put the photo of some people on this guy ;-)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-27 16:14:31 by Zone (leZone) Zone (leZone)
Everithing is ok, very morbous, funny, nasty and
I love this ever originally game since tetris

"Friendly" interface ie. Pushing Hand instead of arrow, hammers (force vector ^2), spammers, vehicles...

Level Importer/.obj .asc .3ds
Floor Distance-mode,objectl user scaled.


Pierced and lost members when reaching more than the estadistic hope of local top score.
rulezadded on the 2002-08-27 18:07:38 by JaK JaK
Agree with Zone&JaK! :)
added on the 2002-08-27 19:32:39 by apemon apemon
yeah! this rox!
please put some old ladys and / or kids and we have a multisplatter game that could be put on cd :)
rulezadded on the 2002-08-28 20:36:21 by mnd mnd
90k was the best score during the short & live porrasturvat compo at buenzli. (ile was the stairsmaster)
added on the 2002-08-28 22:23:33 by dake^cdx dake^cdx
ile has never been near a stairmaster(tm), and we all know it. :)
added on the 2002-08-29 19:56:20 by gloom gloom
This is supposed to be illegal in Greece ;)
added on the 2002-09-06 09:28:49 by Optimus Optimus
Btw, somehow I got around 130000 but not 200k yet..
added on the 2002-09-06 09:31:31 by Optimus Optimus
funny :D
rulezadded on the 2002-09-15 11:02:35 by Virgill Virgill
damn funny =) sure is game of the year!
rulezadded on the 2002-09-16 21:04:04 by digitalerr0r digitalerr0r
Sombody will probably hate me for thimbing this down. But I do it becouse the game is NOT the best game ever. :) TETRIS IS! :D And do I se Tetris on the top 10 PROD! No?!?! I don't. But seriously.

This game is a loth of fun in the start. But you really get put down by the fact that it is to random. Getting top scores is basicly pushing straight in the back with maximum force. Sometimes you get high scores, sometimes you get low scores. It takes the point out of trying to get skill in the game. And the .dat file (or someting like that) was broken. To easy to cheat to get hilarious high scores. (edit hi score file anyone?)

So it was fun in the begining. But to much of a disapointment after a while. I need a classic to keep me going. Like TETRIS!! MWAHAHAHA!
sucksadded on the 2002-09-19 02:28:07 by imperator imperator
Tetris never really interested me...
added on the 2002-09-19 05:46:29 by Crest Crest
Simply one of the funniest gamez ever!
rulezadded on the 2002-09-19 15:45:19 by d3pth d3pth
btw I got 102000 here personally. Don't know who ever got 600000 in this game! That's sick :-)
added on the 2002-09-19 15:49:58 by d3pth d3pth
Basicly. People who get more then 150000 in the game cheated by edition the file where the score is saved. :)

Simple as that. And broken as hell. ;)
added on the 2002-09-19 20:00:15 by imperator imperator
Razor, have you done that or do you know personally somebody who did that?

I made the game and I believe it's way easier to cheat by other ways than trying to edit the score file or the online submitted score packet which both are "crypted" a bit and have checksums. There are many who have cheated yes, and I know some have e.g. disassembled the exe or so. :-) When I have time I'll release a new version and see if I could fix or prevent some of the cheating stuff.
added on the 2002-09-20 17:04:19 by tarzan tarzan
rulezadded on the 2002-10-02 17:14:31 by elmindreda elmindreda
can we have have an electric shock feature too?
rulezadded on the 2002-10-05 22:34:02 by Zzed Zzed
damn, this rulez!
I want a skinnable body ;D
rulezadded on the 2002-10-07 14:14:47 by turm turm
Woha, insane funny game ^^
took myself into the list with 821388 brave score, but what I dont understand, is how da heck someone can get millions yet millions of points... ah well =)
added on the 2002-10-09 06:29:01 by Malkaven Malkaven
It's funny for 10 minutes.. stop this shit! a game in pouet's top10. i have to put quake3 in pouet too
added on the 2002-10-11 15:38:17 by mrdoob mrdoob
this is not worth a rulez.

it is fun for the first few times, but has exactly zero motivation after 3 days, because it's basically just trying out different angles and points to push.

definitely incredibly overrated.
added on the 2002-10-11 16:48:46 by ryg ryg
not half as overrated as the fr stuff wich prety much implies the same things as ryg stated
"it is fun for the first few times, but has exactly zero motivation after 3 days, because it's basically just trying out different angles and points to push."
just replace it with "it is fun for the first run times, but has exactly zero motivation after 2nd time"
added on the 2002-10-11 20:03:02 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
hey guys, you can get 800 000 with öut cheating... you only have to know how to do it :)))
added on the 2002-10-15 11:29:58 by nula nula
A serious timewaster, but a lot of fun...
added on the 2002-10-16 11:00:16 by d3pth d3pth
a save-replay function is NEEDED!
rulezadded on the 2002-10-25 18:22:41 by sh0rtaaay sh0rtaaay
damn it .. anyway
BB ImageBB ImageBB Image
added on the 2002-10-25 23:03:54 by tentacle tentacle
yeeah! It's greatest Kill.......It's greatest skill......
rulezadded on the 2002-11-02 00:09:19 by EvillivE EvillivE
Oh forgot to vote:
This is the best game ever. Laughed my ass off
rulezadded on the 2002-11-04 10:56:29 by Hopper/SquoQuo Hopper/SquoQuo
Now featured in slashdot too..
added on the 2002-11-07 18:35:38 by tarzan tarzan
funny... nothing more...
added on the 2002-11-07 21:59:07 by ndj55 ndj55
excelent! but i can´t update the highscore to the webcharts :\
rulezadded on the 2002-11-08 20:59:33 by [ej] [ej]
I took the score system offline for a while .. And might even keep it so until I get around to releasing a new version.. we'll see. :-)
added on the 2002-11-08 22:21:27 by tarzan tarzan
In the TOP 10 ???? erk.
sucksadded on the 2002-11-10 23:46:17 by skarab skarab

oh my g0d, how comes game can be so popular.. especially when its 5 minutes fun but hey, its definately entertaining for that while. simple yet so effective.

rulezadded on the 2002-11-11 00:11:05 by raver raver
LOL i got 0! I promise he was laying on the top stair and almost roled down but stopped!
rulezadded on the 2002-11-11 21:38:27 by Lommy Lommy
If you like that game, you'll like this :
added on the 2002-11-12 14:37:07 by skarab skarab
rulezadded on the 2002-11-14 13:23:24 by RaS RaS
Fun the first few times, but no replay value. Besides, there's no way a game should ever make the top10.
sucksadded on the 2002-11-18 16:43:18 by evilgeek evilgeek
insane stuff! roxxxorz!
rulezadded on the 2002-11-19 06:39:39 by dire dire
I have just read in Slashdot that there was a hack called Brutalizers, supposed to allow much bigger force. Where can I get that???
added on the 2002-11-21 10:10:57 by Optimus Optimus
nice and addictive game :)

ps. this is the most popular production in the pouet.net
rulezadded on the 2002-11-21 10:14:15 by drstranger drstranger

Peter Panic (unseenf8), you're lame.
added on the 2002-11-22 11:25:10 by tarzan tarzan
tArzAn, if we're in association with amazon.com, where are my royalties?

i demand rights!
added on the 2002-11-22 11:29:49 by Phaser Phaser
phaser, music is one-time payment only stuff in games, not based on royalties :-)
added on the 2002-11-22 11:33:01 by tarzan tarzan
Code:ok. :-/
added on the 2002-11-22 11:36:38 by Phaser Phaser
heh.. great addictive stuff made in little time. King of the jungle!..=) Dismountaddiction can be lethal to your healt..=)
rulezadded on the 2002-11-22 11:36:39 by Random- Random-
this old thing still this popular? :D and no updates & new features in it whatsoever? bleh :)
added on the 2002-12-04 08:35:13 by apemon apemon
rulezadded on the 2002-12-08 22:37:15 by knl knl
In fact,
i'm mad of it !!! °<8)))
rulezadded on the 2002-12-09 02:32:49 by Buckethead Buckethead
tAAt rocks.
rulezadded on the 2002-12-15 18:55:24 by asphyx asphyx
kicking game ;) nice code
rulezadded on the 2002-12-17 22:40:27 by grabule grabule
haha, funny game. question is why this is on the top ten on pouet?
added on the 2002-12-21 12:51:31 by a_lee_n a_lee_n
tAAt still rules
rulezadded on the 2002-12-21 22:02:52 by René Madenmann René Madenmann
818664 so far...
rulezadded on the 2003-01-05 18:22:49 by _vinz_ IRCnet... _vinz_ IRCnet...
Darn.....818660 so far
rulezadded on the 2003-01-10 03:51:10 by Mike 3D Mike 3D
rulezadded on the 2003-01-13 11:55:59 by sprocket sprocket
hum i love this sado game (not so sadistic, as we have to help him right ;p)

Note that there is a game section in pouët.net, so it's also for game, not only for demos scenes..
And this one is so funny lol..
rulezadded on the 2003-01-14 23:47:15 by SibylAngel SibylAngel
rulezadded on the 2003-01-24 00:15:39 by nagz nagz
addictive :)
rulezadded on the 2003-01-26 14:30:06 by gg|rhg gg|rhg
a_lee_n, maybe that 99% popularity could answer your question?
the real question is why are you on pouet?
added on the 2003-01-27 11:23:21 by Phaser Phaser
131923 pts
really cool game...
there's no use to ask if it has to be on pouet... pouet is for fun, and this game's fun --> so it's on pouet, and first ranked prod.
And i'm on pouet 'cause i take fun here!!!
rulezadded on the 2003-01-29 15:02:04 by vagus vagus
Good game, but loses it's fun after 30 minutes :P
added on the 2003-02-16 19:35:14 by shash shash
Rocks :) Trying to learn this stuff! 40k points only!
rulezadded on the 2003-03-03 23:30:43 by Fp730a Fp730a
I only add a thumbs down because I don't want to go with the herd. ;)
sucksadded on the 2003-03-07 13:15:26 by tomcat tomcat
why this prod is on the top 10 on pouet ?
just because stupid people like me vote for it !!!!!
rulezadded on the 2003-03-19 02:01:16 by Henry Henry
There's a bug in the physics engine! 175 000 points!!! :D
rulezadded on the 2003-04-05 13:20:03 by lgdt lgdt
Tomcat, though, if it becomes systematic, it is the exact same process.
added on the 2003-04-05 13:25:50 by _-_-__ _-_-__
Fun the 1st time, the 2nd time... Boring after... Never seen a game so boring so quickly...
sucksadded on the 2003-04-05 13:38:08 by gedeon gedeon
let's see have i already disvoteds this
sucksadded on the 2003-04-05 13:50:01 by shadez shadez

BB Image

(LGDT / ccore)
added on the 2003-04-10 16:54:26 by lgdt lgdt
BB Image
added on the 2003-04-10 16:55:33 by lgdt lgdt
it's ok..
added on the 2003-04-10 17:32:17 by Harvester Harvester
hours of fun for the whole family... erh:)
rulezadded on the 2003-04-20 17:39:23 by Mrdeath Mrdeath
sick fun! love it!
rulezadded on the 2003-04-20 17:56:05 by neural neural
hahah! mai scaar iZz 1.234.166 !! niGGah!
sucksadded on the 2003-04-25 13:00:35 by hore hore
added on the 2003-04-25 13:02:52 by hore hore
perkele! SPAM
added on the 2003-04-25 13:03:15 by hore hore
SPAM ! !! ! ! ! !! muhaha! KUKHAU
added on the 2003-04-25 13:03:56 by hore hore
added on the 2003-05-08 18:06:36 by tomcat tomcat
rulezadded on the 2003-05-26 01:15:52 by jeenio jeenio
And where the fuck can I find the patch that is showed in this photo?
added on the 2003-05-26 13:37:48 by Optimus Optimus
422701 is my best
With the legs bug on the first stair
But how can we get more than a million :o
added on the 2003-05-31 15:27:52 by CRysT4L CRysT4L
Vickey did 155,387 with one single push!! Without any bug!
added on the 2003-06-01 00:42:13 by tomcat tomcat
Ultimate Gas: Thou shalt not fill up this page with pictures. Especially the same picture. Especially, what, 190 times?! Never mind I don't like this game either. Just DON'T.
added on the 2003-06-11 02:10:09 by crusader crusader
UltimateGas's comments have been removed...
added on the 2003-06-11 04:04:31 by analogue analogue
added on the 2003-06-11 07:39:28 by crusader crusader
too peacefull :) but good direction ;)
rulezadded on the 2003-07-02 01:44:44 by _akira_ _akira_
Before i knew it, i'd wasted over an hour solid, playing with this little beauty... the sound effects are quality!
rulezadded on the 2003-07-10 02:28:44 by eViLegion eViLegion
oucha ouch!!!

cripple man he get to top of stair to get cripple!!! haha haha.

it is evil yes. evil = fun!
rulezadded on the 2003-07-16 23:37:28 by Shanethewolf Shanethewolf
BB Image
sucksadded on the 2003-07-27 17:45:48 by candygirl candygirl
well this is fux0ring GAY GAYM!!!!@½
sucksadded on the 2003-07-27 17:50:23 by mr president mr president
Wow, never voted! Yes, this game rulez. Maybe for only 30 minutes, but for those 30 minutes it rulez. This wasted a lot of time in my office :)

Good work too, and damned good idea. Waiting for version 2 :) (Actually, I think if you made more models, and skinned them, and had a few different stages (eg. get the guy to the bottom of a spiral staircase without stopping), you could make this shareware.
rulezadded on the 2003-07-31 17:32:07 by psonice psonice
Good idea, funny game !
rulezadded on the 2003-08-02 07:42:47 by Nicky One Nicky One
cool prequel to rekkaturvat xD
rulezadded on the 2003-08-11 12:43:36 by Kami68k Kami68k
the posts under this post starts to remind me of gamer/hardware-lamers posting their machine-specs on web-forums. just thought i'd let you know - snap out of it now. :)
added on the 2003-11-06 23:50:13 by gloom gloom
This game is very funny !
cool effects and cool songs ;)
rulezadded on the 2003-11-07 17:36:37 by Gollum Gollum
When I first played this game, I was most amused by the quality of this Finnish product. Gets your evil side out >:)
rulezadded on the 2003-11-21 09:43:58 by izecolt izecolt
I agree with psonice. Absolute killer for 30 minutes.
rulezadded on the 2003-11-27 21:00:11 by Vip Vip
haha! Very cool music and "ouch" sounds :))
rulezadded on the 2003-12-08 20:46:59 by Gwaur Gwaur
Aaah, this is pure entertainment! Great concept and many hours (?) of fun! :D
rulezadded on the 2003-12-13 22:12:41 by slusk slusk
This rocks, you should visit the homepage and get the truck game, far far better.
added on the 2003-12-30 18:17:12 by squiz squiz
Fun. :)
rulezadded on the 2004-02-23 11:16:20 by Dma-Sc Dma-Sc
Fun...but gets boring...
rulezadded on the 2004-03-22 18:41:21 by Raven^NCE Raven^NCE
I'm really tired of this one so.. yeah
sucksadded on the 2004-03-27 13:40:58 by kerb kerb
prostristurvat ;)
rulezadded on the 2004-04-06 23:13:08 by ttl ttl
Nice one. Although I'd hope a modification where you could place a head texture for the guy so you could push your boss down the stairs for an example ;)
rulezadded on the 2004-05-04 10:45:30 by Vulture Vulture
:-) Not bad
rulezadded on the 2004-06-03 02:59:15 by YTVR YTVR
quite fun the first 15 min...
added on the 2004-06-23 02:23:11 by wb wb
added on the 2004-07-02 10:24:53 by dbrn dbrn
Funny in 15 minutes, but doesn't really last. We need more levels! :-)
added on the 2004-07-04 13:55:11 by Sesse Sesse
funny for a while
added on the 2004-07-04 14:50:57 by titanstar titanstar
This game is so funny. :)
Love the concept.
rulezadded on the 2004-07-04 18:40:31 by Tick Tick
Heheh, funny... for a while... But funny. I lve violence hahahah:}
rulezadded on the 2004-08-11 10:08:33 by guzinho guzinho
Heheh, funny... for a while... But funny. I lve violence hahahah:}
added on the 2004-08-11 10:08:54 by guzinho guzinho
nice game
rulezadded on the 2004-08-15 00:47:11 by las las
so addictive!
added on the 2004-09-02 10:25:17 by d3pth d3pth
rulezadded on the 2004-09-06 02:20:43 by jimmi jimmi
We still want a skinnable version!
rulezadded on the 2004-09-15 14:55:50 by Kauto Kauto
sucksadded on the 2004-10-11 10:58:12 by myco myco
The original one.
rulezadded on the 2004-10-11 11:21:01 by Preacher Preacher
mildly amusing. :)
rulezadded on the 2004-11-13 00:26:54 by radman1 radman1
fun :)
rulezadded on the 2004-11-16 22:22:15 by midget midget
rekkaturvat is funnier
rulezadded on the 2004-11-21 12:33:17 by jam-shitdisk jam-shitdisk
Fun :D
rulezadded on the 2004-12-02 16:37:35 by erpherman erpherman
rulezadded on the 2004-12-02 22:50:15 by vak vak
rulezadded on the 2005-01-20 22:30:57 by bzz bzz
Nice technology used, but game is boooring after few minutes.
added on the 2005-01-22 22:00:04 by r13 r13
It's really scary, what's make us laugh...
added on the 2005-01-22 22:03:09 by r13 r13
It is quite stupid. Yet it is great fun, especially when drunk...
rulezadded on the 2005-02-09 09:45:26 by chock chock
rulezadded on the 2005-02-13 01:19:36 by apricot apricot
simple idea, great fun
rulezadded on the 2005-02-13 13:36:28 by ٩๏̯͡๏۶ ٩๏̯͡๏۶
i played it a while ago (about 1 year? =))... forgot to comment here ^_^
added on the 2005-03-31 02:05:31 by Lupin Lupin
Hmmm, nice idea, but could have been done better...
added on the 2005-04-09 10:32:16 by nitro2 nitro2
great game
the man never dies!
rulezadded on the 2005-04-18 08:41:33 by LiraNuna LiraNuna
Not so amusing if at some point in your life you happened to fall down some stairs... still rules though :)
rulezadded on the 2005-05-06 21:04:49 by lester_chaykin lester_chaykin
A game you can't stop playing ! ;)
So fun that I'm loosing my time on it ! ;)
I would like to find another one like that !
Better than all commercial game coz it's so stupid that you could not leave it ! ;)
rulezadded on the 2005-05-08 12:06:24 by Minschk Minschk
extremely addictive, original concept! :)
rulezadded on the 2005-05-08 19:01:55 by ogge_ ogge_
Enjoying !! Nice physics engine, I also love the sequel.
rulezadded on the 2005-05-27 18:30:20 by bdk bdk
Shoot I forgot to thumb this baby. Great job. Is there a spoof of this with a similar screenshot, I may have thumbed that up by accident without realising it was the real thing :-(
rulezadded on the 2005-06-07 00:48:19 by rio702 rio702
Living proof that demosceners are differently moralled from the general population!
rulezadded on the 2005-06-10 22:27:25 by CiH CiH
Really funny to find out how to do the most damage to the poor guy. :D
rulezadded on the 2005-06-17 07:16:15 by lynxx lynxx
Version 1.0.3 released, now with Mac OS X and Linux support!
added on the 2005-08-26 21:21:28 by tonic tonic
rulezadded on the 2005-09-05 04:17:55 by ALiEN^bf ALiEN^bf
idea is lovely
rulezadded on the 2005-09-10 13:11:11 by NovaB NovaB
yeah! :D
rulezadded on the 2005-10-16 11:42:13 by kelsey kelsey
muahuahaaa, extremely funny and well made!
rulezadded on the 2005-10-16 13:04:43 by rmeht rmeht
sucksadded on the 2005-10-19 12:14:10 by chavez chavez
Don't like this.
sucksadded on the 2005-10-31 11:45:45 by Jatzekk Jatzekk
it's kinda cool...
rulezadded on the 2005-11-08 11:16:35 by Skate Skate
Kill him!
rulezadded on the 2005-11-17 19:07:33 by _10b0 _10b0
put this on your network and watch it spread quicker than BugBear...
rulezadded on the 2005-11-19 08:32:18 by Gaia Gaia
it gets boring fast
rulezadded on the 2005-12-05 22:46:08 by kenet kenet
ownz asses.
rulezadded on the 2005-12-09 15:59:00 by iks iks
great demo. anoying that you can't control the exact camera angle though
rulezadded on the 2005-12-15 14:19:13 by missctrlpouet missctrlpouet
rulezadded on the 2005-12-19 12:12:48 by Cj Cj
rulezadded on the 2006-02-05 21:56:09 by _^^o _^^o
rulezadded on the 2006-02-08 21:44:38 by ghandy ghandy
who actally like's this stuff
thought i was in pouet

but im in some cheep nasty game site
sucksadded on the 2006-03-16 06:20:35 by itchie itchie
obviously not many ppl like this stuff at all itchie..
rulezadded on the 2006-03-18 18:00:23 by vermillion vermillion
pouet is for demos, my tolerance is low today
sucksadded on the 2006-04-03 15:53:17 by sasq sasq
rulezadded on the 2006-07-22 18:09:45 by chenmy! chenmy!
Ooooouuch!!! :S
rulezadded on the 2006-07-23 04:21:36 by Aasemoon Aasemoon
Great fun to play - Id say it was a classic of the scene
rulezadded on the 2006-08-31 23:42:07 by tajscener tajscener
rulezadded on the 2006-10-10 14:50:56 by zeebr zeebr
oh no! im not say? Zeebr - gl0pper ;)
rulezadded on the 2006-10-12 06:06:26 by BiTL BiTL
Quite ok but I'm not impressed.
added on the 2006-10-25 18:32:32 by masterm masterm
rulezadded on the 2006-11-05 13:43:13 by wie8 wie8
rulezadded on the 2006-12-09 07:00:02 by RandomGr RandomGr
:D !!!
rulezadded on the 2006-12-27 05:08:48 by Kojote Kojote
rulezadded on the 2007-01-03 17:53:06 by TMB & ReeBoK TMB & ReeBoK
Great if your having a bad day and when you are angry at someone, gheheh ;)
rulezadded on the 2007-01-11 21:36:22 by Flashlight Flashlight
funniest game EVER!
rulezadded on the 2007-01-14 11:49:53 by src src
for me it is still the funniest game on pc !
i want more of these kind of games ! :-)
rulezadded on the 2007-01-15 01:23:33 by DJH of GCS! DJH of GCS!
Funny game.
rulezadded on the 2007-01-17 08:33:40 by xernobyl xernobyl
hrhr, i remember playing this in the time before i know the demoscene :D
rulezadded on the 2007-01-24 09:51:51 by psykon psykon
tAAt should stick to games, it's the one thing they're good at
rulezadded on the 2007-03-10 10:38:27 by Sverker Sverker
poor guy
rulezadded on the 2007-04-26 17:57:56 by SilkCut SilkCut
hm, never thumbed this yet? rulage
rulezadded on the 2007-05-02 16:50:12 by Maali Maali
102000 =)
rulezadded on the 2007-05-13 01:21:34 by wullon wullon
Yum! Good2break!
rulezadded on the 2007-07-30 12:29:39 by TOMPCpl TOMPCpl
rulezadded on the 2007-08-20 14:15:03 by raer raer
rulezadded on the 2007-08-29 11:42:41 by arm arm
Senseless violence is always fun.
rulezadded on the 2007-10-18 22:17:51 by Shenlon Shenlon
Just what I needed tonight.
rulezadded on the 2007-10-18 22:26:20 by Shockwave Shockwave
HAHAHAhahaha I've played this game for countless hours...... I always imagine it's some else I hate...
rulezadded on the 2007-11-02 18:00:56 by cxnull cxnull
Used to play this alot few years ago.
rulezadded on the 2007-11-07 19:39:13 by zefyros zefyros
rulezadded on the 2007-12-21 22:30:47 by junjanes junjanes
Why i didnt vote this one??
rulezadded on the 2008-01-16 10:26:16 by rave-n rave-n
rulezadded on the 2008-02-19 12:22:03 by XT95 XT95
fun game for some minutes :)
Hahaha! this is so fucking fun!!!
Very nice
rulezadded on the 2008-02-23 15:36:42 by R2-D2 R2-D2
rulezadded on the 2008-03-25 14:56:31 by KHRoN KHRoN
sweet :D
rulezadded on the 2008-06-08 10:29:20 by thec thec
i was obsessed with this around 03
rulezadded on the 2008-08-23 17:45:42 by Confused Confused
so was I
rulezadded on the 2008-08-23 17:56:36 by stijn stijn
so was I
rulezadded on the 2008-08-23 18:00:06 by Prot-DHS Prot-DHS
rulezadded on the 2009-01-17 00:31:51 by Joghurt Joghurt
rulezadded on the 2009-01-17 00:34:16 by mEDiA sENtRY mEDiA sENtRY
Funny indeed... |-D
rulezadded on the 2009-01-17 12:16:55 by untel untel
Piggy I guess...
added on the 2009-02-09 20:51:21 by aizen aizen
163.510 damage \o/
added on the 2009-02-13 22:36:43 by Joghurt Joghurt
A classic. My top score is 170k
rulezadded on the 2009-02-13 22:48:35 by noby noby
Not really
sucksadded on the 2009-03-12 14:59:36 by viznut/pwp viznut/pwp
Sucks so much it hurts
sucksadded on the 2009-04-05 10:00:27 by aizen aizen
i gon't get a fun
sucksadded on the 2009-05-10 10:29:07 by M77 M77
great game, played it a few times back then, remix it for PSN and show PAiN how to really do it ;)
rulezadded on the 2009-07-12 12:46:48 by keito keito
hahaha rofl
rulezadded on the 2009-07-14 20:02:25 by s7s2 s7s2
Rulezzzzzz game
rulezadded on the 2009-07-16 15:41:31 by BaZIcH BaZIcH
rulezadded on the 2009-07-27 04:03:17 by alienus alienus
I've wasted hours playing that!!
rulezadded on the 2009-08-08 22:50:56 by Zavie Zavie
What M77 said...
added on the 2009-10-14 17:37:34 by kapische kapische
What keito said :)
rulezadded on the 2009-11-24 19:06:06 by darkus darkus
Get a better version for iPhone/iPod touch:
added on the 2009-11-30 14:07:09 by tonic tonic
Great game for intelligent people.
rulezadded on the 2010-02-11 17:30:26 by Sinsky Sinsky
instant thumb.
rulezadded on the 2010-02-11 18:32:01 by comankh comankh
added on the 2010-03-25 10:10:08 by devreci devreci
The new version is now available for Android as well:
added on the 2011-06-09 15:09:23 by tonic tonic
Spent hours on this game years back, don't regret any of them.
rulezadded on the 2011-09-06 11:23:58 by moozooh moozooh
Also available inreal life
rulezadded on the 2011-09-16 21:02:25 by baah baah
Mandatory thumb up :)
rulezadded on the 2012-01-07 18:34:11 by rez rez
Works fine on Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1, 32 bits
and works slowly on Windows 98 SE (Pentium III, 466 MHz, 256 MB RAM).
added on the 2012-08-21 10:03:29 by botjao botjao
:D used to play this a lot
rulezadded on the 2012-08-21 10:20:51 by provod provod
This is not fun... You only see a man falling down stairs.
It uses the proprietary audio library FMOD.

It works fine on Linux:
$ tar xvf porrasturvat-1.0.3.tar.gz
$ cd porrasturvat
$ sudo cp libfmod-3.74.1.so /usr/lib
$ ./porrasturvat.bin
sucksadded on the 2012-10-14 20:32:50 by YuGiOhJCJ YuGiOhJCJ
I like it, because everybody can sometimes falling down. :p
rulezadded on the 2013-09-08 18:44:16 by CHEF-KOCH CHEF-KOCH

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