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Artist: Zion Dirty Sound
Title: Fils d' Abraham
Cat: [DPH003]
Genre: Roots/ Dub/Fusion
Country: France
Release date: 28-07-2013

Free download from:
http://dubophonic.blogspot.com/2013/07/dph003-zion-dirty-sound-fils-d-abraham.ht ml

The story of Djirbil and Faida is like a fairy tale and is just as amazing as their music. Djibril was born in the suburbs of Paris back in 1986 and started making music by playing guitar, bass and drums in punk rock bands in the north of France and Belgium, while later he landed from punk to reggae/dub/jungle through some friends who were operating a sound system. The other half of the band, Faida AKA Sister Raphaelle, was born 1986 in Mamoudzou, Comoros, between Madagascar and Mozambique. She started singing from childhood, influenced by the soul of the African music. 1996 she arrives to France to live in the suburbs of Paris.

The two got closer together during one of their gigs as members of the Acoustic Groove Orchestra and their love story has led into marriage. Their new life was accompanied by the creation of a new band, 2 years ago. Since then they are composing and recording their own music in their own home studio under the name of Zion Dirty Sound.

Their music is an amalgamation of different styles and is the result of the different cultures they both represent. The African/Comodian roots blend with the Europrean/French music, all fused nicely with arab/indian/latino culture, influenced by their social life and their travels around the world. Add a touch of dub and you got magic going through your ears!

“Fils d’ Abraham” is a compilation of Zion Dirty Sound’s best music from previous releases and from tracks scattered around the internet, plus we exclusively included four brand new tracks. Load them on your media player, press the play button and embark on an ethnic journey of irieness. Feel the vibes and follow the journey of Djibril and Faida from Africa to Latin America over Europe, on their quest to interact with different cultures and search through music for a higher vision of life.

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Artist: Negritage
Title: Guetto roots of dub (Vol. 1)
Cat: [DPH002]
Genre: Dub / Roots
Country: Argentina
Release date: 06-07-2013

Free download from:

It all started a few years ago in Argentina in the “Lavadero Records Dub Temple” when some childhood friends were sharing their passion for “di roots & kulcha music” and exploring the dub sounds and the Jamaican tradition. Past, present and future are represented in their sounds. Analogue vibes meets the new waves of dub vibrations of the 21century. After some time they moved to another place called “Cuca Roots” where they recorded some dubplates included in this album (Dub control skank, Herbsman shuffle, Roots & kulcha and Dubbing time) and now they are building a new studio called “El fuerte dub foundation”.

All members of Negritage, William, Nacho, Leo, Pato and Herno have played together since childhood and are still play together almost every weekend, continuing their musical journey, helping each other to record the instruments for the tracks.

Negritage’s gear is whatever is available, some time analogs other times digitals, mixer consoles for the overdubbers, a turntable for the vocal samples, sometimes a Kawai drum machine from the eighties.

“Don’t forget we are children of di third world so the gear its a few years delayed or its to expensive but this is not a problem to continue with the positve vibes mi amigo the creator allways provide!”

“Give thanks & praises to all di artist who collab whit Negritage and inspired to create dis soundz. They are: JamYork original roots defender activist, Sennid di migthy voice of thunder of Jah. the great Sammy Gold, the Dub dillers dub foundation of di third world. Spesahl greetings to all dub-o-phonic family for di support! Heartikal salute to all di dubbers all ouvah di world and for all di people who promote the roots & kulcha message!”

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Artist: Jennifer Paulos
Title: Revolution
Cat: [DPH009]
Genre: Conscious Reggae / Dub
Country: Spain
Release date: 10-11-2013

Free download from:

After the United Kingdom and France, perhaps the most promising rising force of the Reggae & Dub scene in the European world of vibes is Spain. One of the most talented new artists is without doubt Jennifer Paulos and it is really a pleasure to present her latest work on our netlabel.

Born in Ponferrada, Spain, the Hispano-Swiss-Portuguese artist has started releasing her first works back in 2010 with Hide Side on “Corrupzion in Zion” (2010) and since then she is moving only forwards. The collaborations with the local Spanish artist Dub Presidents, who produced her first album “The trial of the Self” (2010), as well as with Mystic Selectah (2012) from Madrid, were the starting point in her musical path. It was only a matter of time she would accomplish her international breakthrough through her collaborations with Izi Dub (FR) and Hi Fi Champion (CAN) in 2013.

Her first work on Dubophonic is called “Revolution” and consists of nine tracks of pure consciousness, among them a version of a classic Tappa Zukie tune. Sang in Spanish and English, she uses her warm voice as a trademark of her Mediterranean oriented sound spreading to all listeners the funky vibes of her soul. Alongside with her you can find some exclusive dubs by the Dub Presidents (ES), Svaha Sound System (UK), Mat DT Sound (FR) / Woody Vibes (FR) / Cloud of Vib's (FR) & Mystic Selectah (SP), as well as a special bonus track by Dave Doma (ES). We say no more, just enjoy the vibes of Jennifer’s music and feel the consciousness of her lyrics.

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Artist: Koncrete Roots
Title: Dub ina Midlands
Cat: [DPH011]
Genre: Roots / Dub / Stepper
Country: United Kingdom
Release date: 01-01-2014

Free download from:
http://dubophonic.blogspot.com/2014/01/dph011-koncrete-roots-dub-ina-midlands.ht mll

The year 2014 starts with some new dubophonic heights with Koncrete Roots, a one man project by Thomas Kenney from Leicestershire in the East Midlands of England.

From an early age Thomas would listen to a huge amount of music though he would always favour the sounds of Ska and Reggae. Music was always in his blood and he began producing back in 2004 under a different name. The music he was making at the time was a reflection of the scene around him; hip hop and grime. It wasn’t until later in life, when he was introduced to (and fell in love with) Dub music, that he started to take his own music seriously and started to develop his own sound and style.

Koncrete Roots’ style can be described as a deeply rooted dub sound with a modern day steppa twist. This twist makes all the difference and gives an electro dubness to their traditional rootical sound introducing some great vibes to the massive, entering into the new year.

From the meditative “River Jordan” to the rootical electro steppas like ‘Inity Step” and “Sound Killah”, Koncrete Roots deliver their message of dubness and irieness into the year 2014. Not withstanding his versions of two old time classics, the UK producer seems like a sound warrior, armed with deep basslines and organic melodies like in “Universal dub”, marching to destroy Babylon on his way to Zion.

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After six months, my new 5-track EP "Hit The Grave Running" is out under the Subsquare artist moniker. It's live on Bandcamp today:

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Click if you like bass and melodies and vocals and glitchhop and stuff!

As a special treat, if you use the code cherrikandlerlovesgloom you'll get it for 50% off. Happy listening!
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best discountcode ever \o/
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A new netlabel release from Kosmonaut (me Mad - Still/Bauknecht). Just a single Track on a very good russian atmospheric label. Some of the others are big names in scene :)..

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!!Candle Light Therapy!!
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