State Of Mind by Bomb
platform :
type :
release date : december 1998
release party : The Party 1998
compo : pc demo
ranked : 2nd
  • 201
  • 47
  • 20
popularity : 84%
  • 0.68
  • 3
alltime top: #85
added on the 2000-07-19 14:03:50 by lord k lord k

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This demo is really cool. It's the sort of thing that attracts new people into the scene. Pretty impressive stuff. It moves, fast, agressive camerawork. Runs pretty smoothly, it's got meaning, it's got nerve. It really kicks ass. It disturbed some people for the use of certain music and certain graphics, but I think that most of the people got over it pretty quickly. Because after all is a fantastic production. A definite must see.
added on the 2000-08-22 00:54:59 by sin sin
THE DEMO! this demo breaks da problem of demos with mp3... great mix of senser, designers republic and made scenes&gfx :)
added on the 2000-08-22 02:11:50 by mrdoob mrdoob
Great Demo, 3d scenes, and sincro!
added on the 2000-08-22 02:55:26 by reality3D reality3D
A very good demo, and the best demo under linux. It really kick ass, we want more bomb!
added on the 2000-09-07 12:38:04 by jb jb
Skal, you kicked me out.
This demo is THE bomb, I don't understand why it arrived second at The Party 98, behind Moaï.
added on the 2000-09-10 06:55:43 by Sanx Sanx
yeahhhhh this demo is one of my principal inspiration :) i think one of the first demo who non-sceners can appreciate.
added on the 2000-09-13 15:57:05 by u2 u2
A source of inspiration for many people, and surely it has many reasons. Continuous changes, great transitions, many many dynamism. Bomb used a very cool (existing) soundtrack for this one, I hardly got over tha. I don't think it's a definitive reason to flame THIS demo. I dislike that way of doing things, there are some other demos who used this easy way to build a mediocre demo. State of mind isn't surely one of this. Now go watch it!
added on the 2000-09-14 20:19:33 by ithaqua ithaqua
*GREAT* demo by Bomb!! All is perfectly synchronized with the music: the movements of the camera, the effects, the lyrics... The best non accel demo in the last years!!
added on the 2000-09-17 01:42:56 by epsilum epsilum
I wish i could run it in a faster PC. This demo is great!
it's a piece of perfection. one of my prefered, and the music really kicks ass!
added on the 2000-09-30 18:08:07 by Yan-Solo Yan-Solo
The best demo ever. And the demo run perfectly on a P100 with the marvellous sound. One only regret: there no enought gfx of Made inside it ... 'We have really the explosive' .
added on the 2000-10-08 12:28:03 by cykocator cykocator
This is THE demo.. If you decide to only watch one demo before you die, this is the demo to watch ;)
added on the 2000-10-09 05:08:26 by mind mind
it be brilliant... it play back like a music video. good message too.. fight the system!
added on the 2000-10-12 23:11:03 by jah jah
kick the ballistics! this one had a real emotional impact on me as i saw it on its release at tp8. the ripped .mp3 track by senser might seem a little bit controversial anyway, and didn't we see that spaceship in another "bomb joint" ? nevertheless, the production is just great and features rather dirty, analogue colors - i like that! in my eyes, this one should have won the tp8 contest instead of moai.
added on the 2000-11-14 00:15:36 by rac rac
it rocks! This demo have been release 2 years ago and it's still good !!!
added on the 2000-11-18 11:17:10 by lord k lord k
the only demo i watch again and again years after it had been released. a reference.
added on the 2000-12-05 13:48:48 by PigPen PigPen
Very cool demo with nice music and some cool graphics. Maybe a bit odd for year 2k but software driven!

You really should try it! =) For when it was released it was c00l and it still does the trick.
an unforgettable demo !! it simply rocks !!
added on the 2001-01-19 11:05:24 by flure flure
Ok guys, this one is fuckin' great, but please avoid making demos with commercial musics.
Too easy to be great...
One of the best demos ever, definitely a classic ..
great syncronization, the music fits perfectly (i don't care if it is ripped), great code from skal, i just love it ...
added on the 2001-02-27 02:20:06 by Nuclear Nuclear
Skal always rockz!
This is not a Demo, this is a VideoClip from MTV!!! =)
What a Design! And I love how it uses great looking 2d fx very frequently not for the sake of the fx but for the sake of design! Code for design!!!

Negative for me was that I had to download patches & patches & patches until I can finally enjoy it. But now it's over I think..
(Btw,. windows version is slower, Dos version much smoother.. why?)
added on the 2001-03-08 15:14:35 by Optimus Optimus
Really awesome demo with lots of message, nice music, and nice scenes. I think this rocks, being the part from the metaballs and part where the camera flies between two walls what really impressed me. I love seing demos nice synched as that!
added on the 2001-03-19 02:00:00 by shash shash
don't let show to a passerby pedestrians, it would prompt a diorrhea to them! :) keekeeenasty demo that rox your sox off!
added on the 2001-04-04 02:52:23 by crs crs
2years after, this demo definitely kicks ass!!
added on the 2001-04-12 22:47:39 by p01 p01
Now it's time, to change your state of mind !!! :)
cdc added on the 2001-04-20 14:09:22 by Dma-Sc Dma-Sc
BOMB rulz!
the best PC demo i have seen...
thanx to skal for making me believe again in the powah of a demo, i was thinking that design was definitively dead with PC demos, now i know that it could be done :)
it seems that "state of" is a good "kicking ass demo" indicator ;) (check out "state of the art")...
added on the 2001-04-25 10:34:33 by Tex Tex
There is a really good reason why this is a "classic" and a "must". It really is =D
added on the 2001-05-21 00:20:28 by KEMIKS KEMIKS
I really HAVE to vote for this one, see my comment few lines up ...
rulez added on the 2001-06-02 15:54:10 by Nuclear Nuclear
a great demo. that's a shame it doesn't like gus and it's windows version is 99% useless - I can't watch it as often as I wanna. 8)
rulez added on the 2001-06-11 11:43:57 by bhead bhead
Hmm... everyone has praised SoM like it was the best demo in the world. I can only see one reason for this: it is the best demo in the world.
rulez added on the 2001-06-24 12:18:05 by DiamonDie DiamonDie
i only remember one thing : the music
but it is a ripped commercial :(
so, try to watch this prod whitout song, it's a fast well designed but not extraordinary prod
a good prod, not the best
i can aggree.. its not the best.. i doubt any production is.

But you missed the sys req. and what it does anyways its not just dezin as many people think today.. its hardcore code etc... and also 'dezin' altough the dezin kinda had to steal a tune.. because afterall demomusic aint that good.
rulez added on the 2001-07-03 02:15:12 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
This demo is great, it deserves a "rulez" =)
rulez added on the 2001-07-03 03:15:58 by Sanx Sanx
Response to Lator who said: "the dezin kinda had to steal a tune.. because afterall demomusic aint that good. "

no no no, i'm not agree with that! we have lots of good musicians on DemoScene, they are lots of time better than musicians which play for the "mass big public standart hearing people".
Just some examples, WillBe, Carlos, Traven ... they make musics, great tunes, and at the level of the best. So, ask yourself, why do you like music for the mass people? perhaps because commercial society forced you to hear that?
humm, good question, perhaps a part of the answer in this demo ? :-)
A very nice demo even they stealed the music! they deserve an applause because of the good 3dengine/code and synchronisation + overall design.
rulez added on the 2001-07-10 00:28:52 by oldaccount oldaccount
ca arrache, music is great (and we don't need demoscene music for demos at all).
code is just awesome : this prod works perfectly on my silicon graphics workstation !
nearly the top of the top :)
rulez added on the 2001-07-30 14:44:08 by redribbon redribbon
Whoa! Realized I hadn't given my thumbs up for this incredible demo by Bomb. Indeed on of my favourite demos, the soundtrack is absolutely stunning and fits so well... Just too bad it's commercial.
rulez added on the 2001-08-03 02:31:50 by fractalgp fractalgp
Cheeckily borrowing slogans and logos from The Designers' Republic and a tune from Senser can be forgiven for this really great demo. Top design, top graphics. Code doesn't seem very impressive, but they knew what they were doing allright =)
rulez added on the 2001-08-03 07:34:18 by Shifter Shifter
this demo kick ass :) its agressive visually nice lookin groovy action... so... step in line... bomb! rocks!
rulez added on the 2001-08-06 19:14:32 by nula nula
One of the most innovative demo ever... with "State of the Art" from Spaceballs on Amiga... simply!
rulez added on the 2001-08-08 15:26:05 by clawz clawz
You comments are a big lack of respect towards demoscene musicians. It's useless, insulting, and in my opinion, wrong.

Anyway the demo rulez so i thumb up.
rulez added on the 2001-08-08 20:44:01 by alexkidd alexkidd
This was addressed to lator.
added on the 2001-08-08 21:06:00 by alexkidd alexkidd
just a post to raise my thumb up for this wonder

ak: I don't share your opinion on using "broad public" music if it fits the demo (and vice versa) ... I see no insult
rulez added on the 2001-08-13 00:33:14 by p01 p01
and in the current case, the music and demo fits PERFECTLY
added on the 2001-08-13 00:37:25 by p01 p01
hm, give me a cd with good electric guitar samples and a good singer to work with and i'll easily do some of this kind of music for you .., but it wouldn't be right seeing this is BAND music and not a one man thing really, so lator - STFU :)

anyways, i don't really see what people seem to love about this demo. am i missing something?

sure the political message is cool (atleast it has a theme unlike some demos), but isnt that all taken from the lyrics of sensers track ? anyone could sync some flashing grungestyled texts to a commercial track..

that way even bsb/bspears/etc would kick ass.. maybe :)

as far as the design of it all goes, it's dirty it's grunge it's nice, but surperior? hell no!
(lator: it has a cube!)

people, i think you've blown this out of proportion. but my opinion probably wouldn't affect any of you at all, so i'll just shut up now..
added on the 2001-08-13 04:04:36 by jelly jelly
sensor is a pretty well known band, atleast in my area.
well make your own musics then if all demoscene musicians suck.

otherwise you can just go play hide & seek or fuck yourself.
added on the 2001-08-17 18:36:34 by rjv rjv
..and that idiot can blow me while he's at it, I'm sure he'd like the action.

But seriously, SOM is *not* innovative or mindboggling, it's just a very good, fluent demo (which is rare) and interacts quite well with the music (for several reasons).

It's still a patchwork of other people's ideas: Senser's soundtrack, TDR's design + slogans and demogroup BoMB!'s talent of putting it all in a blender and create a winning demo.

Start putting it on a pedestial for being what it is: a fucking no-compromise demo.
added on the 2001-08-24 01:30:52 by Shifter Shifter
I kind of agree with Lator.
But anyway this is not the point, the point is I also agree with RR: you don't necessary need demoscene music for demos. As you REALLY don't need scene graphicians. You should stop think that demo is something with rules that have to be respected.

By the way, this is the only great pc demo with a commercial soundtrack (ho, you guys say "ripped" right?).

Just look at nonames failures done by everyone but gifted artists like Toys or Vip 2...

added on the 2001-08-27 15:05:10 by vegeta vegeta
Great demo...Really rocks...great music,great graphics,great code,a Hall of Fame demo.Definetely.Watch it,beacause if you don't,you suck big time.
rulez added on the 2001-08-31 14:03:57 by mulambo mulambo
Very good one, despite the ripped music, which actually fits perfect. Dos and Windows version included. A classic one
rulez added on the 2001-09-07 12:26:04 by zafos zafos
loud is the new loud.
rulez added on the 2001-09-20 15:51:00 by fiver fiver
my butt still hurts :)
rulez added on the 2001-09-27 11:58:29 by MooZ MooZ
Ripping music suckkks, always. But this demo is already good synced, good scenez and artworkz. Not the best one, but good. Sorry for my complains to ripped music, but I really dont like it in demos
well, thumb up - cause its well designed and as one said, there are not so many demos which are well designed and synced to music... otherwise - a little bit boring, even if it is dynamic. also the message seems to be a little bit cliche already, would that inspire anyone? i prefer indirect hints, which work better ;)

and music sucks imho, and so does music ripping.
rulez added on the 2001-10-18 14:53:55 by raver raver
apart music issues... I saw it for first time a month ago (yep, so late...)and I drooled! the whole prod, with the obvious message, it's really impressive, rulez!
rulez added on the 2001-10-20 05:17:57 by Zafio Zafio
rulez added on the 2001-10-24 14:51:29 by Optimus Optimus
sorry, forgot to vote. the only thing that sucks is the ripped music. but i guess french people don't know how to make thier own music nowadays.
rulez added on the 2001-10-31 14:49:47 by chaos chaos
Fuck this. ripped music sucks like nothing else. If you can't make the music then contact someone who can or don't fuckin' release the prod!

People need to respect each other and not rip them off...

but: the demo looks awesome. it would be thumbs up for this baby were it not for the ripped music.
sucks added on the 2001-10-31 14:59:56 by uncle-x uncle-x
great sync. I like the 2D effects. rulez
rulez added on the 2001-11-02 14:43:54 by alan alan
uncle: be quiet
rulez added on the 2001-11-05 04:42:27 by tolemaC tolemaC
Hey, is it just me or are ALL the mirrors down ("no search results")? If it's not just me, can someone post a link where this prod is available?
added on the 2001-11-05 19:03:08 by Sniser Sniser
Yep, this is available at:


You can find pretty much everything there.

Anyway, this is one of my favorites, mainly for design. I realize the music is ripped, but it really does have a good message. It would be nicer if it worked with my SBlive! card, though... =P

This rulez!
rulez added on the 2001-11-10 05:13:00 by laserbeams laserbeams
Great demo, I love this Senser track!
Too bad it hangs up on most of the systems.
And it's VERY good codewise.
rulez added on the 2001-11-15 15:14:09 by Gargaj Gargaj
Fantastic soundtrack, great anarchic message - really starts the pulse racing.

As for Bomb's minor role in this demo - ripping commercial music is lame; the 3d scenes are imitative; the design is messy and the animations are jumpy.

Seems like Bomb are getting a lot of undue credit for Senser's work.

sucks added on the 2001-11-19 20:18:19 by Wade^Hjb Wade^Hjb
They Had explosives!!!! ..
rulez added on the 2001-11-29 07:58:10 by bizken bizken
Extremely pulse accellerating and perfect
rulez added on the 2001-12-01 13:59:02 by Spin Spin
a classic. really kickass demo that knocks your socks off. i'm not sure if i condone the use of ripped music or not, but one thing is for sure - this demo wouldn't have been the same without it.
rulez added on the 2001-12-02 20:50:46 by gloom gloom
IMO nothing special here. Ripped music. Stupid.
sucks added on the 2001-12-07 15:29:46 by JDruid JDruid
ugly lensflares, ugly scenepoetry and nothing else.
sucks added on the 2001-12-17 18:40:08 by kurli kurli
my vote
rulez added on the 2001-12-18 11:58:04 by mrdoob mrdoob
this is over 3 years old and still it kicks a lot'a' ass. design!!
rulez added on the 2001-12-18 12:25:38 by ekoli ekoli
it's funny to see this people who say that ripped music is lame and who doing nothing more... try to make something intresting on a music that you like and you will realize that is not so easy.
rulez added on the 2001-12-18 12:32:58 by u2 u2
Ripping music sucks, true, but this one has a really great flow, something I'm missing in many productions.
rulez added on the 2001-12-20 02:00:56 by nufan nufan
No vote from me here yet? On this kick ass prod? MyBad!
rulez added on the 2002-01-07 03:32:03 by Nezbie Nezbie
I have seen statistics more interesting than this,a ripoff tune pays no respect.
and finally, what the big deal? its in theb etter end, but nothing out of the ordinary.
added on the 2002-01-08 00:22:46 by NoahR NoahR
An amazing demo and it's very good synchronized to the sound. Only bad thing is that they not used their own music
added on the 2002-01-30 01:52:47 by Crest Crest
Can't believe why I didn't comment on this one...

I said it before and I'll say it again. This music ties wonderfully with the demo (as in other *good* prods with ripped music), credits are given so it rulez. Also, I had never heard the tune before, which is a plus.

Would be better if a musician had contributed but it is still wonderful.
rulez added on the 2002-02-05 18:26:27 by moT moT
Fantastic demo. First thing I ran on my Celeron 450 system when I bought it :)
rulez added on the 2002-02-06 16:55:08 by Vampy Vampy
I want a fixed win32 version which won'T crash and is able to run with current OSs and machines/hardware!! :-///

I don't wanna lose this great demo just because of not having enough old hardware anymore! :-((


rulez added on the 2002-02-08 18:42:52 by Weasel Weasel

Here you go.. and yes.. this demo ROCKS! :)
added on the 2002-02-08 21:25:19 by gloom gloom
very very well designed demo :)
tomorrow i'll show it at school during my lesson about demoscene, among other masterpieces ;D
rulez added on the 2002-02-08 22:07:45 by soolta soolta

Work fine, design, music
Jus't Impressive.

P'tain la vache! je vous adore! ;D

This really a BOMB!
rulez added on the 2002-02-10 20:26:02 by pK pK
wadRya all on about - this crashes like crazy on both my systems after about 54.2345 seconds - it was hard to find - maybe someone has fucked it.
sucks added on the 2002-02-12 23:19:08 by Zzed Zzed
Zzed: did your try http://skal.planet-d.net/mind/ ?
added on the 2002-02-13 12:42:48 by Spin Spin
thumbs up from me, of course. The tempo, synch and code rocks.
rulez added on the 2002-02-13 13:10:46 by skypher skypher
yes. 1.2 works. up it is. (*Spin* ty for helping me read). a powerful demo, pumps energy at all frequencies - blends well. now i see wadUall mean. yes.
added on the 2002-02-13 18:04:00 by Zzed Zzed
cool synchs
rulez added on the 2002-02-15 09:38:18 by prost prost
_ my p75 survived this sucka_
added on the 2002-02-15 22:04:19 by bizken bizken
Woohah! I finally found v1.2... And it rocks!

I don't care if the music was ripped, it fits, and that's what matters. Best sync ever.

Nobody really seems against ripping anything else - so why the big stink about music? Just enjoy it.

I love explosives
Argh, ripped music... that's always bad.

Anyway, this demo kicks ass! :)
rulez added on the 2002-03-08 09:17:07 by dairos dairos
ripped music
sucks added on the 2002-03-10 17:36:21 by gekko gekko
awesome synching and perfect scene transitions.


added on the 2002-03-11 10:22:25 by robotriot robotriot
good demo
rulez added on the 2002-03-21 17:09:57 by pwyll pwyll
this is good.
ripped music blamers shut up.
this ownz you.
rulez added on the 2002-03-23 16:03:02 by FooLman FooLman
ripping sucks
rulez added on the 2002-03-23 17:54:05 by cp_ cp_
so useless
sucks added on the 2002-03-23 19:07:27 by _-_-__ _-_-__
nice but ripped music makes little jesus cry. btw. music rippers got really small dicks!
(and, no, mister foolman fascist, sir, i won't shut up)
added on the 2002-04-09 02:03:21 by cer cer
One of my top 5 favourites for pc. I hear what people are saying about the ripped music, but the sync rocks!
rulez added on the 2002-04-13 09:37:19 by Paradroid Paradroid
This is one of those demos I just never 'got' (in the sense "it's ok, but why is it so popular?"), along with vip2... both have stolen music but that's not really what bothers me so much, I guess it's just some kind of stylistic coherence that they lack in my eyes.
sucks added on the 2002-04-15 00:39:35 by saffron saffron
At least the galaxy scene rocks.
added on the 2002-04-15 13:29:10 by tomaes tomaes
ripping music sucks, but this demo looks good and is well synced.

BB Image for ripping.
rulez added on the 2002-04-19 14:53:43 by teel teel
rocks, what can i say? i just rocks, keeps me asking for more and more and more...
rulez added on the 2002-05-09 07:45:32 by tessa tessa
Forgot to vote. THUMBS UP!!!!
rulez added on the 2002-05-15 03:18:04 by shash shash
My favourite PC demo. But why is it that the DOS version looks much nicer and runs much smoother than the Windows version?
rulez added on the 2002-05-24 16:16:56 by Pete Pete
just because under dos you don't have to share the CPU with useless processes that work in parallel ...
added on the 2002-05-24 16:43:21 by flure flure
very dense demo.
i had to watch it several times in a row to see all of the content..
i just like the way it evolves, truely like a real music video. it had energy..

yeah of course like vip2, most of the energy comes from the music, without the music it would really be nothing, but i actually like a lot the music this time.

still ++ for the great synchronising/making it a demo work.
rulez added on the 2002-05-28 00:53:27 by florent florent
It really kick ass. I want more
rulez added on the 2002-06-03 20:23:01 by diver diver
excellent demo. I don't give a fuck about mp3 ripping, if it improves the demo then that was a good choice (and it did in case of SOM). (scene musicans, please compose more rock/guitar stuff...), it's a pain to find someone composing such styles.
rulez added on the 2002-06-04 15:11:07 by dake^cdx dake^cdx
very very very cool

nobody gives a shit about ripped mp3's these times, so why downvote this one...

rulez added on the 2002-06-04 16:18:31 by ileaardbei ileaardbei
ile: because people should give some shit about music ripping. The only reason why it seems to be generally accepted nowadays is because most people say "State of mind and VIP2 do that and they are ranked high on Pouet" :D

btw: the demo itself is awesome anyway, the thumb down won't affect the average voting much...
sucks added on the 2002-06-04 18:18:12 by dixan dixan
aah.. realy nice synchro with music..
rulez added on the 2002-06-08 00:53:21 by keen keen
i don't get why this is so popular.
added on the 2002-06-08 10:25:50 by dodke dodke
Very good at parts, not so good at others. Still a very good production (and would have been even better in my eyes if they hadn't ripped the music). :-)
rulez added on the 2002-06-10 01:24:42 by Sesse Sesse
still one of my favorite demos.
rulez added on the 2002-06-10 19:44:44 by a_lee_n a_lee_n
One of my all-time favorites. Don't like the ripped music, but the synch and design make this an excellent production.

As sesse said, some parts are better than others, but that's the truth for just about every demo out there.

A "rulez", no doubt.
rulez added on the 2002-07-26 18:02:03 by silmaril silmaril
Now that was the second PC Demo (First was 2nd Reality) which really surprised me!!! it simply roxx. ~_~
rulez added on the 2002-08-03 17:21:39 by elend elend
a masterpiece.. simple as that..
rulez added on the 2002-08-06 04:45:32 by Jukebox Jukebox
a very energic demo... probably not The best demo in the world, but very rulez still :)
rulez added on the 2002-08-06 16:44:58 by ld0d ld0d
very good, and unconventional, too. I do not think demos are so much like music videos.
rulez added on the 2002-08-14 04:48:25 by mconstant mconstant
The same problem as in Vip 2... but I liked it a lot + it runs on my Linux box. Gee! :-)
added on the 2002-08-15 03:36:15 by argasek argasek
Crashes on Win2k after a few seconds of running...
added on the 2002-08-18 06:08:47 by comrade comrade
One of my favorite demo ever !!!
This demo simply rocks : good design, permanent motion, good code (runs on a p133 with 16M ram, and fits in only 4M with 3 executables for 3 OS... great) and energic music (ripped, some cares but I don't). I simply love it !!
rulez added on the 2002-08-19 15:15:01 by _G-Hell_ _G-Hell_
rulez added on the 2002-08-23 19:41:18 by XteNt XteNt
^^ seconded!
OF MIND! yEAA!!! this is good.
rulez added on the 2002-09-05 09:16:11 by uns3en_ uns3en_
Ripping sucks but this demo is really good. 2 thumbs up for the demo and one down for ripping.
rulez added on the 2002-09-06 08:18:16 by emoon emoon
no comment required
rulez added on the 2002-09-19 13:49:18 by inno_inq inno_inq
I just can't download it?
rulez added on the 2002-10-18 04:02:46 by Dunge Dunge
This demo rulez!
rulez added on the 2002-10-20 04:21:32 by Sonic Sonic
Correct link:

The really-correct link is:


as posted by gloom above. It has the much-better-working version 1.2.
rulez added on the 2002-10-20 06:17:13 by phoenix phoenix
what crap.
sucks added on the 2002-10-22 19:19:54 by evilgeek evilgeek
This is okay, but I can't understand why it's so popular.
Well, fact is that the current v1.2 win32 version of this prod won't work without heavy glitches on winXP (guess..it will be the same on w2k as well!! haven't tested yet!)

So is there anything planned to release a fixed v1.3 .exe for this _cooooool_ historical demo!?

Would make lotsa sense I'd say! ;-)


...why it's so popular? Well, of course there's ripped music in it! But I'd say it's similiar to the popularity of the VIP2 invitation demo...
The whole design of the demo is simply very well done and simply _fits_ !!! If you watch it it simply moves you and will leave something behind you won't forget at once again! Simply a very well designed and done demo after all!
(Although I'm also no fan of 'ripped' music in scene prods! But sometimes even this shows that it can work out! ;-) )
added on the 2002-11-01 02:41:09 by Weasel Weasel
One of the best ever. Perfect.

The fact that the music was ripped sux, but it DID raise the bar for what sceners would expect of demo. Hm... has anyone actually considered that distributing this demo is illegal?
rulez added on the 2002-11-01 23:09:38 by Jare Jare
For sure one of the best demos ever.
Thankfully not the usual boring, "stylish" stuff
rulez added on the 2002-11-04 10:48:41 by Hopper/SquoQuo Hopper/SquoQuo
Nice one.
added on the 2002-11-06 12:18:51 by sprocket sprocket
rulez added on the 2002-11-14 13:24:08 by RaS RaS
it was never the ultimate perfect demo. it really does work, however.
rulez added on the 2002-11-15 00:15:07 by distance distance
This demo remember me that acelerated demos sucks! This is demoscene. At least, for me.
rulez added on the 2002-11-23 13:14:27 by texel texel
rules. but music sucks, not because it is ripped or commercial or what else, but because it simply sucks.
rulez added on the 2002-11-24 12:41:24 by oner oner
Fuck, this demo is sooo cool! Everything fits smoothly together, nothing is boring, it looks cool - 100% thumbs up to this ruling oldie!
rulez added on the 2002-12-15 07:00:30 by cyb cyb
just one word: GREAT!
rulez added on the 2002-12-16 11:25:50 by bzz bzz
interesting pice of art
added on the 2002-12-25 22:23:53 by |wez| |wez|
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image
BB Image

added on the 2003-01-04 21:00:13 by firebite firebite
Bad music, bad graphism, correct 3D, bad design, bad prod.
sucks added on the 2003-01-25 04:48:45 by goupilbrother goupilbrother
(i do not care about ripped music..)
rulez added on the 2003-01-25 15:43:00 by warp warp
I didn't thumb this up yet ? wth !
of course the music is ripped, but it's a fucking great track making this demo an absolutely cool experience. louder !
and the rest is cool, too!
rulez added on the 2003-02-07 10:12:54 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
simply the best !
rulez added on the 2003-03-19 02:57:45 by Henry Henry
hmm.. any1 else have an url ? cant download from any of the mirrors ?? (my comp da suxx perhaps :P)
added on the 2003-03-20 17:40:52 by posca posca
source broken
added on the 2003-03-21 17:46:37 by phage phage
The demo is based completely on the soundtrack, and it's not even theirs --> sucks. (it looks cool tho)
sucks added on the 2003-04-14 10:38:25 by noid noid
The effects themselves? Uhm well, especially by nowadays standards stuff you see in every second demo.

The graphics? Uhm well, some nice things, even some video snippets, but nothing too great either..

The music? Well, quite nice one actually, but would it really be suited as a demo soundtrack?

The sum of those 3 components? Perfect! Artistic!
rulez added on the 2003-04-21 02:36:13 by vhiiula vhiiula
Love that one
added on the 2003-06-02 12:35:55 by Laxical Laxical
yeehah! :-)
rulez added on the 2003-06-13 00:53:50 by Gargoyle Gargoyle
Simply love it !
rulez added on the 2003-06-20 10:22:38 by Mickey Mickey
Graphics: A bit dated now, but it _was_ 1998
Effects: Very few, but they fit
Music: Ripped! :-(
Design: Great concept...

My opinion is, if you're going to rip music, you better have a good reason. The NextEmpire demos did not have that great a reason, because that was all there was. Here the music was chosen to fit the theme (or vice versa, but at least it fits)
rulez added on the 2003-06-24 02:11:44 by crusader crusader
Great ! Just a State of Mind !
rulez added on the 2003-08-03 19:18:42 by koinkoin koinkoin
yes, this is good demo and i don't care shit about ripped music...

i am giving thuimbdown for a reason i wonder it's popularity, i just can't find anything special about it :O
sucks added on the 2003-08-03 23:00:55 by shadez shadez
rulez added on the 2003-08-27 16:03:48 by Quarryman Quarryman
added on the 2003-08-27 16:05:21 by Quarryman Quarryman
oops.. damn reload-button
added on the 2003-08-27 16:05:40 by Quarryman Quarryman
rulez added on the 2004-02-05 02:15:15 by psenough psenough
rulez added on the 2004-04-18 10:47:14 by vagus vagus
Visuals: Not good
Music: Not very interesting and also ripped
Design: Some simple 3D-objects mixed with video sequences and some lyrics that have barely any connection.
This is simply bad.
sucks added on the 2004-05-21 18:52:19 by mjz mjz
Rocked of course!
rulez added on the 2004-06-03 17:11:28 by keops keops
rulez added on the 2004-07-16 11:54:54 by las las
rulez added on the 2004-07-16 12:03:40 by EviL EviL
rulez added on the 2004-08-05 05:07:52 by legalize legalize
rulez added on the 2004-09-06 02:23:08 by jimmi jimmi
Out of synch on my system. :(
loved it back then and still do. great work. technically ok for its time. cool design and very good sync to the music. this one really lets me rock. and hm... whats about that bullshit about blabbing about using commercial music? this is art. there are also lots of movies that that use commerical music. only because one uses a comnercial tune for some visual productions it doenst means its not art anymore. i think the tune fits well. this is art and imho better than lots of demos that use selfmade music. and no i dont think its unfair... everyone could use comercial tunes. but its still hard to make it all fit as well as state of mind does it. <3
rulez added on the 2004-09-06 02:47:04 by trigger trigger
rulez added on the 2004-09-15 12:48:49 by jb jb
I still don't like this one, definitely not bad tho.
added on the 2004-09-28 18:16:44 by asasel asasel
Lukewarm. Overrated.
added on the 2004-09-28 19:22:42 by Preacher Preacher
nah. it rulez definitely!
unfortunately, the windows port is far from being perfect :(
rulez added on the 2004-09-28 19:43:27 by blala blala
This had always been n still is for me the best demo ever. I will never understand y they didn't finished first. Y i think so ? Cause it's really art: this demo has a message, it is developped n very well shown. Everyone can instantly understand their mind. Moreover, technically in 98, it rocks, i had it on my p200 mmx running perfectly fine under dos, which was far from being such for many demos at this time, n many were much less pretty.
For those who pretend that ripping music sucks:
personally, i'm a coder. Who are demo coders ? Most of the time computer science engineers, owners of maths masters, etc. Who are the 2D/3D artists ? Most of the time people who've made a design or modeling school. We all are professionnal of our jobs, to the service of the art. Therefore i don't see at all what is the difference with using a music made by professionals. Ok, it's not made especially for this case, but what ? Are u free in ur creation anyway ? U r constrained to all the tools u have. Using a ripped music is in a part a constraint of fitting it later, but adds freedom by bringing professional realization. It's as good as using a self-made music. It's exactly same as using the recently released .werkkzeug1 to make a demo. U don't need to code it to make it great, as long as u r the artist and make ur message understandable for everyone. Elitism of self-making what u r not able to do just brings to release shit.
rulez added on the 2004-10-03 03:03:33 by g012 g012
g : i don't agree with you on this one.
Demomaking is a melting of three main disciplines, code, gfx, music. Of course, you can short-circuit one or two jobs, but considering that in demoscene, you get very few graphicians, a honnest amount of coders and a large panel of musicians, this smells like wasting talents !
I guess you'll say that nice musicians aren't plenty, but for me, mixing the Demovibes series definetely convinced me that there are really great composers in demoscene.

About SOM, it remains a damn great prod anyway, and i love the music too ;) But coders ! Don't fire musicians !
rulez added on the 2004-10-03 08:17:16 by willbe willbe
This was the demo that was get me into scene.
rulez added on the 2004-10-27 09:44:30 by blueflame blueflame
Interesting demo, but also the most unstable demo I've ever had the misfortune of trying to play (failed on almost every machine i tried it on) and it got damn boring after a while. Decent idea, failed execution.
sucks added on the 2004-11-05 17:38:17 by witeshade witeshade
Even though the music is ripped, the visuals are placed around the music very well. Deserves the thumb.
rulez added on the 2004-12-07 08:15:46 by chock chock
Ripping music is bad, but i can forgive this demo for it. :)
rulez added on the 2004-12-25 20:24:31 by Frozzy Frozzy
rulez added on the 2004-12-29 00:39:39 by leaderc leaderc
great production, made by discover senser, tipically "age of panic" which rocks hard
rulez added on the 2005-04-11 15:33:06 by chavez chavez
somehow I never thumbed this. I like it because of the message, which I feel is very, very relevant in the world I just escaped. Or am attempting to. And yes, for that message to come across, one has to use the ripped track. A better SCENE production would send the same message without ripping music, and I do NOT encourage people to rip music. Also, this demo rox on non-windows, which is a MAJOR plus. (I mean, an SGI port. That rox.)
Yes, this is one of my all time favourites.
rulez added on the 2005-05-07 16:54:11 by [self-ban] [self-ban]
rulez added on the 2005-05-07 17:16:10 by Buckethead Buckethead
Still rocks hard!
rulez added on the 2005-06-30 11:19:19 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
This is Explosive!
rulez added on the 2005-07-21 22:38:06 by mizc mizc
sucks added on the 2005-07-21 22:50:03 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
nice one
rulez added on the 2005-07-22 14:42:37 by bonzaj bonzaj
8==o~~~~~SKAL !
rulez added on the 2005-07-24 20:08:21 by rez rez
Great work by the amazing SKAL!
rulez added on the 2005-07-24 20:09:22 by d3pth d3pth
was helluwa good back then. yeah. we always watched this like ten times in a row.

well, it's still cool :)
rulez added on the 2005-10-11 00:48:12 by abuze abuze
extra BB Image for "ripped music".. what about all those movies with songs which weren't originally written for the movie?

as i've said before, it's better to use good music instead of demoscene crap.
added on the 2005-10-14 18:30:46 by chavez chavez
My fav....
rulez added on the 2005-11-13 14:00:09 by Midfit Midfit

rulez added on the 2005-12-05 05:40:39 by Inorix Inorix
rulez added on the 2006-01-26 09:56:57 by toxie toxie
Now that's what I call a GREAT demo! Ripped soundtrack or not, the music fits very well! Awesome demo!
rulez added on the 2006-01-26 16:02:02 by StingRay StingRay
Maybe the best demo available for GNU/Linux and one of the best whatever the platform. I must've seen this hundreds of times by now. Another one of those politically themed rarities and with a message. Extra points for an unusual soundtrack. Interesting overlay effects that also manage to bind the music really closely to the visuals and deliver the actual message, the actual 3D scene's don't all fit in so well though.
rulez added on the 2006-02-02 16:17:01 by slux slux
YEPPA.. I like it! ripped sfx or not!
rulez added on the 2006-02-10 00:32:46 by ghandy ghandy
...ok, pheraps it's time to vote.
rulez added on the 2006-02-10 02:03:16 by bdk bdk
about time for me too.. :)
rulez added on the 2006-02-10 02:40:31 by pdx pdx
slux, your comment about this demo having a message is completely silly, all the word you see displayed and the whole track where stolen from the band Senser, Bomb! probably didn't have any idea itself for a demo.

So Senser, you did a great job. Bomb!, go back to the corner.

Also, the demo crashes on my WinXP setup after about 1 minute.
sucks added on the 2006-03-04 10:54:14 by --------- ---------
rulez added on the 2006-04-01 01:16:48 by kelsey kelsey
kodoichi: Well, it still is a message even though senser provided the words. A message that bomb has seen fit to enhance with a demo. And mind you, not everything in the demo is in the song. "work. buy. consume. die." for one thing is not.
added on the 2006-08-14 22:13:22 by slux slux
Excellent! =) Skal power! (although this demo would be nothing without my vaginel effect =)

For all you guys, complaining about the ripped music or so : yeah, it's a shame... But who gives a fuck anyway?! Senser just only simply rocks! =)

We're demomakers and we do what we please.
BTW, could you remind me what prod you personnaly released at that time?
Anyway, if you recognized the music, it means you have good taste so now, you just have to go and get a life...
rulez added on the 2006-08-21 20:23:23 by Patapom Patapom
'twas a ruler back in the day, and I bet it's still pretty good now, so the thumb looks to the sun.
rulez added on the 2007-01-17 14:53:01 by psonice psonice
One of my all time favorites.
rulez added on the 2007-01-17 14:58:43 by Sverker Sverker
heh, how 1998. But essentially, not much going on. ripped etc... meh, gets a pig.
added on the 2007-01-25 13:07:55 by Gaia Gaia
Excellent! I was so excited (and surprised) watching this demo WITH an mp3 track! Wow! A good "video-clip" demo with hardXcore music - "real" music!
rulez added on the 2007-01-25 13:26:47 by sim sim
rulez added on the 2007-02-02 16:33:48 by TrX TrX
rocks although i havent seen the full version for 4-5 years..
rulez added on the 2007-04-13 21:49:02 by dwarf dwarf
rulez added on the 2007-05-26 16:28:06 by WoDK WoDK
One of the greatest demos ever. Sad that they didn't use their own music though...
rulez added on the 2007-07-13 18:22:47 by raer raer
Consume, consume, consume!
rulez added on the 2007-07-30 12:39:05 by fishwave/scx fishwave/scx
well done!
rulez added on the 2007-08-01 05:27:33 by BITS BITS
added on the 2007-08-24 15:49:28 by Gaia Gaia
10x for music, sync, coding, design.

Damn Frenchies! :)
rulez added on the 2007-08-24 15:51:22 by moredhel moredhel
the pure power of french demoism!
rulez added on the 2007-08-24 18:42:56 by fiveofive fiveofive
rulez added on the 2007-08-24 19:12:06 by nitro2k01 nitro2k01
bomb! is the sole reason i got into senser way back in '95. thanks bomb!
rulez added on the 2007-08-31 05:14:58 by essgee essgee
Excellent overall composition.
rulez added on the 2007-09-23 01:00:06 by stage7 stage7
oh well. my favourite. senser!
rulezcdc added on the 2007-10-27 12:19:08 by comankh comankh
Excellent piece of work !
rulez added on the 2007-11-06 09:55:47 by frost242 frost242
no need to comment. ALLAY PAPI!
Yeah what a DESIGN pearl!

Don't mind if a music of their own isn't used, when the leaned one is very good.
rulez added on the 2007-11-25 11:04:43 by deepr deepr
cult & classic
rulez added on the 2008-01-12 15:59:36 by Zest Zest
Bombed my ass!
rulez added on the 2008-01-17 19:38:18 by chromag chromag
rulez added on the 2008-05-10 14:56:36 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
Anybody have a correct mind.dat for the source version? I'm trying to recompile here and it seems the original mind.dat is not correct... or then I'm just all lost :) Skal's planet-d.net site is down so no luck there.
rulez added on the 2008-06-14 19:22:45 by Marq Marq
rulez added on the 2008-06-14 19:56:52 by thec thec
Ah, never commented this for some reason. Anyway, I really like it, but I hate the use of ripped music. So a piggy.
added on the 2009-01-19 11:56:51 by sagacity sagacity
ripping is bad, mmkay?
sucks added on the 2009-02-11 23:39:51 by SiR SiR
Catchy demo with a great direction!
rulez added on the 2009-02-24 17:42:49 by untel untel
rulez added on the 2009-03-20 21:08:04 by Joghurt Joghurt
+design work
-ripped music
added on the 2009-03-28 19:15:12 by T$ T$
+design work
+ripped music
rulez added on the 2009-03-28 19:38:31 by relias abardon relias abardon
rulez added on the 2009-03-28 19:50:51 by post malone post malone
style/design/grafix/ripped music
above the law.
rulez added on the 2009-03-28 20:02:28 by gentleman gentleman
rulez added on the 2009-04-03 10:55:59 by vestige vestige
Kept me in awe for years :)
rulez added on the 2009-04-03 11:08:20 by Sander Sander
Pure awesomeness...
rulez added on the 2009-04-21 08:36:49 by propeller propeller
one of my all time faves
rulez added on the 2010-03-10 18:19:10 by blackpawn blackpawn
rulez added on the 2010-03-11 03:58:25 by Gʀɪʍʍy Gʀɪʍʍy
I can't see th feeling?
sucks added on the 2010-03-11 04:13:29 by BoulderSteiNisse BoulderSteiNisse
rulez added on the 2010-04-17 15:53:07 by jack-3d jack-3d
good overall
rulez added on the 2010-04-17 17:35:04 by zefyros zefyros
Really kicking. Power.
rulez added on the 2010-09-06 18:47:53 by Jakim Jakim
visuals go really good with the music.
cheap 3d objects dont really cut it anymore but hell this was 1998. thumb!
rulez added on the 2010-09-06 18:57:31 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
A collegue of mine told me about a demo he remembered about during years and years... he never has been in the demoscene though. That was this one :)
does anyone have a download link for the 1.2 version? :/
added on the 2010-12-07 03:30:59 by Gargaj Gargaj
rulez added on the 2011-01-28 19:07:33 by joooo joooo
I love this one.
rulez added on the 2011-02-10 23:43:41 by Panterdjuret Panterdjuret
this still rules 12 years later :) I used to show this to people who didn't know what a 'demo' or the 'demoscene' was, and generally they were very impressed :) good times.
rulezcdc added on the 2011-02-10 23:57:42 by spiny spiny
One of the first demos I saw when I discovered the scene ! And it still rules.
rulez added on the 2011-06-01 11:13:22 by Tarmil Tarmil
Here's the missing thumb!
rulez added on the 2011-06-01 14:08:22 by BoyC BoyC
I can vividly remember being totally blown away by this when it was released.
rulez added on the 2011-08-05 13:01:21 by revival revival
rulez added on the 2011-09-06 11:44:30 by moozooh moozooh
It's still great demo despite some issues.
rulez added on the 2011-10-07 22:15:01 by zbyndek zbyndek
rulez added on the 2011-11-04 18:19:15 by provod provod
...no thumb on this classic?
rulez added on the 2011-11-04 19:17:36 by xernobyl xernobyl
1,2,3... kick ass.
rulez added on the 2011-11-04 19:45:14 by maytz maytz
scene classic
rulez added on the 2012-03-23 08:03:53 by spritus spritus
rulez added on the 2012-05-04 17:00:11 by ok3anos ok3anos
rulez added on the 2012-10-13 10:33:30 by Octoate Octoate
I take my previous words back. This is fucking awesome, even if now 14 years later it feels a bit nostalgic somehow. What a great exposition of the Nineties zeitgeist...
rulez added on the 2012-10-13 10:43:56 by Preacher Preacher

"work. buy. consume. die."

Best PC-Demo ever! Great style, timing and message... video stuff underlines the theme and that great track is really kicking it.

In some way it would be interesting to know how Senser reacted to this.
rulez added on the 2013-06-01 11:24:08 by kwe kwe
good sync. the fast pace and design blew my mind when I first viewed it.
rulez added on the 2013-07-27 20:10:54 by ɧ4ɾɗվ. ɧ4ɾɗվ.
rulez added on the 2013-08-03 03:34:26 by grz grz
This is da shit"!"
rulez added on the 2013-09-08 19:05:04 by CHEF-KOCH CHEF-KOCH
great punk demo
rulez added on the 2013-10-09 15:01:23 by v3nom v3nom
Ah, thanks for bringing this up. Watched it one more time. A true modern classic by now, imho.
added on the 2013-10-09 15:15:51 by elend elend
When I first time watched this demo, it totally blown my mind, and I can't stop - I run it again and again. Real masterpiece!
BTW, on S3 videocards demo can bypass VBE 2.0 and work directly with chip registers (you don't need to load UNIVBE or S3VBE20). Also, if yoy haven't a 320x200 TrueColor mode (i.e. you have a Matrox card), demo can run in 640x480 with small window in center of screen. It looks a bit funny, but it works! :-)
added on the 2014-05-03 19:20:16 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
and I forget to thumb it up :)
rulez added on the 2014-05-04 13:56:16 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
So this demo plays MP3 and shows visuals in software rendering realtime on a Pentium 1. But Titanfall had excuse, uncompressed 35GB audio, because we wouldn't like to strain CPU. Wat?
added on the 2014-12-15 17:05:42 by Optimus Optimus
Optimus, it's a modern gamedevelopment ;)
added on the 2014-12-15 17:17:45 by wbcbz7 wbcbz7
Well, this demo proves the demogroup's name right: This demo's a frickin' BOMB!

Also, wonder what Senser thinks about this demo. IMO the tune and this demo work together very well and deliver the solid message.
rulez added on the 2015-01-06 00:00:36 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
Watching this on "The Party" bigscreen was mindblowing. I remember nearly falling asleep during the PC-compo. And then Bomb came with their explosives...
rulez added on the 2015-01-06 09:30:58 by axis^oxy axis^oxy
Sorry, but it doesn't click with me at all. It might deliver a message, OK, but it's too chaotic and convoluted to be really appreciated, imho.
sucks added on the 2015-11-15 14:22:44 by animehaus animehaus
I don't know many demoscene prods but this is one which is still in my mind and is always coming back after a while. Even if used with commercial music it represents the feelings and notions of a generation and the demoscenes subculture.

Respect - you guys got an opinion and that's what we are here for.
rulez added on the 2016-01-03 22:48:07 by et et
Also, wonder what Senser thinks about this demo. IMO the tune and this demo work together very well and deliver the solid message.

Check here :) https://soundcloud.com/senserband/states-of-mind
added on the 2016-02-23 15:54:37 by Gargaj Gargaj
forgotten thumb from LOOOONG ago!
rulez added on the 2017-01-31 11:57:40 by nagz nagz
rulez added on the 2017-08-09 13:22:46 by hfr hfr
rulez added on the 2018-04-14 22:13:39 by krusty krusty
Well deserved thumb from way back
rulez added on the 2018-08-10 17:18:34 by numtek numtek
Also, wonder what Senser thinks about this demo. IMO the tune and this demo work together very well and deliver the solid message.

Check here :) https://soundcloud.com/senserband/states-of-mind

Haha, so awesome. They think it is ok in 2015 and we probably took years discussing that it was wrong. Both could exist together of course (rule violation, orginal authors agree). Still funny though :)
added on the 2018-08-10 17:26:21 by numtek numtek
So cool
rulez added on the 2018-08-30 00:33:00 by cce cce

Very ambitious for the time, which unfortunately leaves some rough edges around but i'm willing to look past those. Such a time capsule.
rulez added on the 2018-08-30 01:21:43 by noby noby
2018 and I still love to come back to this demo, looking for rebellious inspiration how to make oldschool demos.
rulez added on the 2018-09-23 11:58:02 by hollowone hollowone
Reminds me of the time where I had more hair on my head than on my chest and back.... banging soundtrack
rulez added on the 2018-09-23 12:16:03 by Triace Triace
Forgotten thumb, demo that actually reminded me to resist rather than accept...
rulez added on the 2019-01-12 00:38:27 by mccnex mccnex
This was a one bad motherfucker back in the day and still it kicks some ass :)
rulez added on the 2019-05-22 18:14:40 by mayday mayday
Great composition, technology, soundtrack, visuals and synchronization, camera movement. It's outstanding.
rulez added on the 2019-07-29 20:26:36 by vdr vdr
It was so great to work on it with my friend Skal
added on the 2020-04-01 11:03:00 by Krafton Krafton
rulez added on the 2020-04-17 15:49:28 by wullon wullon
I never commented this masterpiece? why oh whyyyyy...
It's about time to reunite the 4 heroes and make a new one!!!
rulez added on the 2020-04-26 13:34:03 by alkama alkama
"Linux does it better" :D
rulez added on the 2020-12-16 21:09:25 by venex venex
cool effects and codes!
rulez added on the 2021-10-06 18:16:07 by flair flair
No parental advisory required.
rulez added on the 2024-01-03 16:38:43 by Olympian Olympian

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