TMDC 2005 results

                  .d88888888888b.          d88888888888888888888b
               d888888888888888888b      d888888P        `*888888b
             d88888888888888888888888b  d88888P             "88888b
            d8888888P          `*888888b88888P               888888
           d888888P               `*88888888P                888888
           8888888                   d88888888b             d88888P
           8888888                  d88888P888888b        d888888P
           8888888                .d88888P  *8888888888888888888P
           "888888b             .d888888P      *88888888888888P
            "8888888b        .d8888888P           *88888888P
               "88888888888888888P                ..........
                  `*8888888888P              ...................
                                           ......           ......
                   .............         ......              ......
              ...................................           ......
            .......              ...............................
           .......                 .......        ..........
            .......              .......

 88888888        8b      d8         888888b           d8888b           d888b
    88           888b  d888         88    88         88    8b         88   88
    88           88 "88P 88         88    88         88               >88888<
    88           88  "P  88         88    88         88    8P         88   88
    88           88      88         888888P           "8888P           "888P

                 t  e  x  t  m  o  d  e     f  o  r  e  v  e  r
ascii by s_tec ----------------o
 Results processed by Silly Little Votesystem 3.10 by Sol/Trauma
----------------------------------------------------------------o [..vote distribution..]
  1. InnerFlux by Crimson Shine               16.859959081484423% [          oooOO  oOo ]
  2. signal2noise by the northern dragons     12.983734974759409% [       .. .oOo   ..  ]
  3. Tremor by Creative Mind                  12.251262958990425% [         .OOoo ..    ]
  4. Textel by Trailer Park Demos             11.490358607699141% [     oo  oOooooo     ]
  5. Music To My Ears by Reaper_Unreal & co   11.181919210528678% [         oOo.o.      ]
  6. Drift by AnthillUnlimited                10.487401955341303% [      .o. oOo.       ]
  7. BUCHSTABENSUPPE by Null Ok                9.152601649989098% [     oo..oOo.        ]
  8. Kazas by Paulius & Linfeng                9.101149604802380% [    .... oOo         ]
  9. Dance of the fridge Fairy by triDDDs      6.491611956405140% [ oooOOo  oOo         ]

Text mode demo competition 8 was organized from 11.11.05 to 12.12.05. For more 
information, please visit http://tAAt.fi/tmdc

Some selected comments from the jury follows.


- This year we had a general decline of demo quality, but
  on the other hand there are some very unique demos in this
  group, such as 'drift' for its music.
- Style in many of the entries feels quite different
  from the previous year. Overall quality was pretty
  solid in most entries, so it was quite hard to
  decide on the points for each entry.
- Only a few interesting entries, the rest were quite boring.
- This year, there were some demos that just seemed to be
  not designed for textmode at all. I gave points for originality
  and the textmode implementation.


On 'Dance of the fridge Fairy (textator) by triDDDs':
- Wonderful effort.  In the future, focus more on the music and palette 
  selection, and less on the 3D modeling.
- 3D scenes are difficult in text mode, and this proved it.
- The rendering is just too messy especially in the first part.
  Also next time you could look out for a musician.. :-)
- Now this one was plain ugly in textmode. Could be a nice 64k intro
  if properly rendered.


On 'Kazas by Paulius & Linfeng':
- Started well.
- Again a nice raytracer. But the music doesn't really support the demo.
- The beginning was promising but then there was not much to look at.
- Didn't like color usage. 


- Nice for a first textmode demo, but not much style.
- Would have received more points of softsynth was synchronized with the 
  animation.  Nice raytracing, decent color selections.
- Nice raytracer but the music is a bit bland.


On 'Drift by AnthillUnlimited':
- The official tree-hugging-hippy demo of TMDC 8.  :)  Most original 
  soundtrack, sensible color choices.
- Pretty nice for a solo project.
- Poor sound quality, quite boring
- The idea to make a textmode UI was fun, though the demo itself was
  a bit boring.


On 'Music To My Ears by Reaper_Unreal, Haz & Khavo':
- Design was ok.
- Pretty nice design but color usage terrible
- Not music to my ears.


On 'Textel by Trailer Park Demos':
- One of the best demos this time. Too short, but the style was great.
- Nice tapioca pearls.  I want some boba tea.  Now.
- The green thing works.
- If only it wasn't so short..
- Well executed as a whole, but it's too short.
- Nice ideas, boring music, _short_


On 'Tremor by Creative Mind':
- Nice music synchronization and some working effects. Credits font works too.
- Few nice effects, not bad at all.
- Looked like a bunch of old FLI animations from PC Format covercd's.
- Ugly rendering and not suited for textmode.
- Quite average, nothing really fancy... 
- What's with textmode demos and the name 'tremor'? =)


On 'signal2noise by the northern dragons':
- Best of show.
- OH NOES!!! The killer bunny has invaded my brain!!!
- Good oldscoolish idea and nice design. Looked great when running on two
- Watch that acid.
- Nicely a bit oldskoolish style. Lacks effects to support the length.
- Messy.


On 'InnerFlux by Crimson Shine':
- Brilliant design, nice color use and music. This rocks..:)
- Even if it did not have many effects, this one had style. I liked it a lot.
- Beautiful, as a textmode demo should be.
- VERY, very good rastering!
- Nice and clean font. Works very well in TM.
- Fluid.
- These guys surely know their textmode.