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  • Emod gf asks if there are any demos with Bridgerton in them?
  • v3nom sounds like you should make a demo about it! (indirect communication y'know)
  • dalezy orwo! <3 link me beautiful
  • leGend link me beautiful Yussef Kamaal - Remembrance
  • Queen_Luna link me beautiful Burglars SID show from this years X

Full-scale Game Boy Advance dev jam is back after two-year hiatus

You have 3 months to make something cool that runs on the Game Boy Advance, using whatever tools you like!

More info: https://itch.io/jam/gbajam24
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Demoscene Report 24 April 2024

Weekly news and releases from the active demoscene.
Premiered on 24 April 2024!
Watch it on youtube.
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Demoscene Report April 2024

News and highlights of the active demoscene April 2024: here
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Hege Nordli’s PhD thesis available

[ Demoscene Research ] Hege Nordli’s PhD thesis available
Hege Nordli’s scene-related PhD thesis, The Net Is Not Enough: Searching for the Female Hacker, has been hard to obtain for years, but now that problem is remedied. Markku spent a few hours scanning the book and got permission from Nordli to make the pdf available online (thanks!), so here you go: http://www.kameli.net/~marq/scenepub/nordli_hege/The_Net_Is_Not_Enough-ocr.pdf
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Emticles and Arpires

[ Conspiracy ] Emticles and Arpires
In case you missed it, we have released our first 64k intro with our new toolchain! There's also going to be some more content in the articles section about how it works, so keep your eyes peeled.
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