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OpenMPT 1.26 updated

OpenMPT 1.26 has received another bugfix release, mostly correcting minor issues such as the "Copy orders" shortcut not working, corrected pattern looping when there is a position jump effect in a pattern, improved SFX and PLM import and a few more things. OpenMPT 1.27 is expected to be released sometime in Q2 2017, so this might be one of the last bugfix releases for OpenMPT 1.26.
[Submitted by Saga Musix]
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BitJam Episode #214 - 2015 In The Mix - Remixes II.

[ BitJam Podcast ] BitJam Episode #214 - 2015 In The Mix - Remixes II.
Episode #214 – 2015 In The Mix - Remixes II.
There were so many great remixes in the year 2015 we had to split them into 2 episodes. Enjoy part 2.

Mixed and compiled by Salinga, logo background from Pexels.com, Photo by Stephen Niemeier, edited by Bobic. We are on twitter and YouTube.

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Start of a series of interviews with German IT journalist pioneers.

Scene World Magazine did 2 interviews with 2 German IT TV journalism pioneers: Wolgang Back from the WDR Computerclub and before that in the Hobbythek http://scene.world/backgerman (in German, English version will follow)

And founder of NEUES, the IT news show on the German TV Channel "3Sat"
(This is part 1 of a series with him. Part 1 : Writing books for the C64 and Amiga (and PC afterwards): http://scene.world/spanik1
[Submitted by Nafcom]
lobstregated at BitFellas.org on 2017-03-19

Meteoriks 2017: Voting deadline approaches


The End Is Nigh! The deadline for recommending prods to the jury and for voting in the Public Choice category is on Monday, 2017-03-20, 23:59, so be sure to get your voice counted before Monday night!

Do it now, not later -- it only takes a minute!
Vote in the Public Choice category: https://2017.meteoriks.org/taking_part/public_choice
Recommend a prod to the jury: https://2017.meteoriks.org/taking_part/recommend

[Submitted by dojoe]
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AmigaWorld - We're back

[ AmigaWorld ] We're back
Sorry about the extended outage.

We suffered a failure in the raid subsystem on the server on Friday and it took quite some time to repair and restore.

Please let us know in this thread if you experience anything odd since there were quite a few errors on the volume and we might have lost some data along the way

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