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Ferris Makes Conspiracy Make Demos

[ Conspiracy ] Ferris Makes Conspiracy Make Demos
Our friend Ferris has a pretty popular Twitch/YouTube economy where he regularly shows off his work process, and recently he asked us to join him and show off our toolchain - and we gladly obliged! You can check out the video here if you wanna see how we do intros, and you can also support him on Patreon if you think his stuff was worth your time!
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DATASTORM 2018 ➜ 3-5 August ➜ Gothenburg, SE

[ AmigaWorld ] DATASTORM 2018 ➜ 3-5 August ➜ Gothenburg, SE

C64/Amiga/Console Bonanza - Gothenburg Sweden / 3-5 August 2018.

Tickets available at https://datastorm.party

Come and join DATASTORM, the ultimate demoparty for people operating on machines with blood and soul. The same legendary venue with its unique atmosphere, also with an outside DATAYARD with big screen, party tent and sound system for all ya party people!

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AmiBP 2018, september, 22nd - 23rd, PL

[ Demoparty.net ] AmiBP 2018, september, 22nd - 23rd, PL

date: september, 22nd - 23rd
country: PL

- 12.00 greeting guests and the official start of the event
- around 16:00 dinner for Amiga users
- about 21:00 grillo supper for Amiga users
- the remaining time is for integration
- 9:00 a shared breakfast
- 11:00 end of the event

The cost of accommodation with full board (two-course dinner, grillo dinner, breakfast) as of today amounts to approximately PLN 115 payable to the owner. Alcohol to be brought as own
The cost of renting a room is 300 PLN
Entry fee:

- men 20 PLN
- women 0 PLN
- kids 0 PLN

Rest of the world - not Amigans

- men 20 PLN
- women 10 PLN
- kids 0 PLN
It is possible to arrive on Friday - accommodation without food 40 PLN a day per person.

Reservation of accommodation should be made on the "Amiga" keyword, phone +48 604 535 579«

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Scene World Podcast Episode #48 - Engineering a New C64 Keyboard with Lau Brix

Lau Brix has designed a modern, drop-in replacement for the C64's keyboard. Joerg and AJ talk to him about this awesome new hardware, and the story behind how it came to be.

Listen to it at: https://scene.world/c64keyboard

#sceneworld #swo #podcast #c64 #commodore64 #keyboard #laubrix
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Compo rules are online

[ Evoke ] Compo rules are online

Finally here they are: the 2018 compo rules.

Minor tweaks have been done to some compos but let's outline the major differences:

  • If you would like to part in the pixel graphic competition you should take a look at this year's palette. It looks a lot like the one from pico 8. Damn. It even is!
  • In addition to that we would like to give the ansi / ascii compo a new spin: we will limit the height to one screen. At least for this year! Try to cramp all your creativity into those 25 lines.

Beneath that the tracker music compo rules are still missing. We will add them rather sooner than later!

With all of this information: start finishing your productions! Of drop us a note in case of questions!

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