Plutonium 1999 results

Plutonium 2 competition results

                                           Demo competition
1. Kiulu by Pontus and TBL (PC)
2. Elektro Tekopenis by Kahvila (PC)
3. Olemukseni by Kahvila (PC)
4. Guagelord v1.0 by Ihana (Amiga)
5. Booth 2 by MFX (PC)
6. Blasta la rasta by Neutral line (PC)
7. Seko by RTP! (PC)
8. Paha Maku by Teemu ja Tuomas (Amiga)
9. Monotonik by Ihana (Amiga)

                                           Intro competition
1. Harlequin by Mewlers (PC)
2. Pedro by 3G Design (PC)
3. Plutonium2 by Lasa (Amiga)
4. Peace, love and a psychedelic blowjob by Mewlers (PC)
5. Anal Scanner by Alpha Design (PC)