Equinox and Horizon Party 1989 results

12-15.05  Equinox and Horizon Party.
Held at Stålforsskolan in Eskilstuna, Sweden by Equinox and Horizon for both
the c64 and amiga scenes. About 500 people attended from sweden, norway,
denmark, finland and england. Held during 'pingsthelgen', sometime in the
beginning of summer. Also referred to as the "Eskilstuna Copy Party
1989". If anyone can help with more results (gfx? music?) I'd be eternally

amdemo  1.  Phenomena "200 Bobs" or "Megademo".
        xx. Powerdrive "Snake Woman".
        xx. Razor 1911 "Razor is Sharper".

64demo  1.  Horizon "Dolly Party".
        2.  Triad "No Booze".
        3.  Fairlight "Algots Revenge".
        4.  Tronix "Tomorrow Mirror".
        5.  Shape "Demented Children".
        xx. Science 451 "Puke".

other   Horizon "Amiga Demo Party Pack" (amiga pack).