Polish Summer Party 1996 results

22-23.06  Polish Summer Party 96.
PSP96 was held in Poznan, Poland by Flying Cows Inc for the amiga and pc
scenes. It was probably the first ever multi-platform party in Poland, and
about 200 people showed up to show their support.

· Results from a resultfile by Iron Angel/Ozone Free.

amdemo  1.  Scum "Utmost Vacancy".
        2.  Anadune "The Sunrise".
        3.  Erotic Design "Erotica".

am64k   1.  Venture "Full Flavour".
        2.  Floppy "Lupperkaline".
        3.  Investation "Inv".
        4.  n/a
        5.  Madwizards (Mawi) "Frey".

am4k    1.  ALN/Picco "Hills".
        2.  Floppy "Gold".
        3.  Dinx Project "L.A.M.E.".

    or: 2.  Dinx Project "Smells Like Lame Spirit".
        3.  Why "Why 4k?".

gfx     1.  Yoga/United Artists "Face of Madness".
        2.  Lazur/Anadune "Szninkiel".
        3.  Grass/Hypnotize "Albert Rosenfield".

raytrac 1.  Traitor.
        2.  KK/Casyopea.
        3.  Vippers "Quo Vadis".

music   1.  Dan/Investation "Religious" (Digi Booster format).
        2.  Kopernik/Angels of Death "Opium For Masses".
        3.  Dagon/Gel Dezign "M.O.O.D".
        xx. Dreamer.

other   Mystic "Determination" (amiga).
        Sector 5 "Ascii Terror" (amiga).
        World Fantasies "Mysterious" (amiga).