Assembly 1994 results

   The results of the competition(s) at The Assembly '94, organized by
   Future Crew, Sonic PC, Accession, The Movement and Virtual Dreams. 
   Took place in Helsinki/Finland from August 5th to 7th 1994.

   Original results-file follows:

                   Assembly '94  -  The Third Phase

                         - Party Report #1 -

        First of all, we would like to thank all of you who attended
        Assembly '94 and gave us your precious support. Without you
        we could never have accomplished all this. Thanks!

        This text file was written to give people who weren't able
        to make it to Assembly some idea of what it was like. We are
        going to release more information at a later time in the
        Result Intro and also on the CD-ROM.

        Anyway, let's get down to business...

        In general Assembly '94 was a big success. We had the total
        of 2800 whole weekend visitors and 600 short visit visitors,
        which means that Assembly '94 was the biggest demo party
        held so far. Around 60% of all visitors were PC owners, the
        rest were Amiga and C-64 owners.

        All the sponsors were satisfied and most of them were present
        at the party place as well. In the end the sponsor list looked
        like this:

                1. Advanced Gravis
                2. Terton / ZyXEL Telecommunations
                3. Compaq Computer
                4. IBM
                5. ATI Technologies
                6. Toptronics
                7. Epic MegaGames
                8. Id Software
                9. Sound Solutions
               10. Creative Labs
               11. Waite Group Press
               12. Team 17
               13. SSI
               14. PC SuperStore
               15. Megazone
               16. Cute Communications
               17. Finnish On-Line Games
               18. Foley Hi-Tech & Hyperware
               19. Data Fellows
               20. Pro Component

        There was a lot of people from the media present, for example
        a news crew from CNN.

        The overall quality in the competitions was good. The 4kb intro
        competition on PC was the most surprising one, but ofcoz all the
        other competitions were good too.

        Here are the complete and ranked lists of all entries which made
        it to the big screen (the finals):

  PC Demo Competition

 1. 901 points,  Verses               by  Electromotive Force
 2. 726 points,  Holistic             by  Cascada VR-section
 3. 413 points,  Heartquake           by  Iguana
 4. 363 points,  Warp                 by  Legend Design
 5. 233 points,  Images               by  Epical
 6. 230 points,  The Real Thing       by  Capacala
 7. 154 points,  Catch Up             by  Grif
 8. 149 points,  Silence              by  Hysteria
 9. 144 points,  Cosmic Brothers      by  Complex
10. 135 points,  2 cents              by  Mental Design
11. 128 points,  The Final Option     by  Phantom Design
12. 117 points,  Tempesta             by  Soft One Productions
13. 115 points,  Trekmo               by  Patrick Aalto
14. 96 points,   Uneatable            by  The Coexistence
15. 91 points,   Visions of Light     by  Valhalla
16. 74 points,   Fly                  by  Anjovis
17. 61 points,   Meltdown             by  SPA
18. 50 points,   Fairy Tale           by  On the Oath of Styx
19. 49 points,   Accident             by  Axidental
20. 24 points,   Dawn                 by  TEI
21. 11 points,   The Mo               by  Demons
                 Akesdisk             by  KoNE
                 Attic                by  Digital House
                 Demo                 by  Lammas
                 Eyecatcher           by  Surprise!Productions
                 Jurassic Ass         by  A-Men
                 Kit & Cadooble       by  Agony
                 Manifestation        by  3rd Foundation
                 Megamix              by  Realtech
                 Myth                 by  Data Warriors
                 Other Dimension      by  Midnight Moon (Dubius)
                 Opposites            by  Fusion
                 Remote Control       by  Neurotica
                 Shortcircuit         by  COMA
                 Starlite             by  Nordic Visions
                 Stronken             by  Post Mortem
                 The Penguin Exp.     by  Zwilight Tone
                 Wasteland            by  SCC
                 Way to Finland       by  Real Time

  PC 64KB Intro Competition

 1. 1075 points, AirFrame             by  Prime
 2. 586 points,  Space Jam            by  Fascination
 3. 426 points,  Fyvush               by  Jamm
 4. 425 points,  Placebo              by  Complex
 5. 284 points,  Psychic Flight       by  Spirit
 6. 282 points,  The Magic Circle     by  TET
 7. 277 points,  Peace & Honey        by  MindProbe
 8. 275 points,  Passion              by  Doomsday Productions
 9. 229 points,  Dash                 by  Paragon
10. 225 points,  4Kings               by  Orange
                 42                   by  Halcyon
                 An Intro             by  Noice
                 Blinky Vector        by  Master of Puppets
                 Daze                 by  Symptom
                 Diesel               by  Core Image
                 Hey, That's Life     by  COMA
                 Hasakone             by  Pilviveikot
                 In Tropic            by  Mikki
                 Over the Top         by  Valhalla
                 Polychromatic Dreams by  Creation
                 Revenge              by  Satsuma Design
                 Rust                 by  Flexion
                 Soppa                by  Future Crew
                 The Wild             by  Kudos
                 Unholy               by  Flatline
                 Vex                  by  DoJ & Pascal (Cubic Team)
                 Anabolic Steroid     by  Source of Power

  PC 4KB Intro Competition

 1. 810 points,  Stoned               by  Stone/Dust
 2. 666 points,  Spam4kb              by  Tobias Gloth (Xtoto/Valhalla)
 3. 617 points,  Optimize             by  Feenix/Epical
 4. 518 points,  Fractals             by  Schwartz
 5. 469 points,  Move                 by  Chicken/S!P
 6. 370 points,  Fractal Dreams       by  Wizard/Mental Design
 7. 244 points,  '3940'               by  Fluz/Flatline
 8. 239 points,  Virtuosys            by  Sb/Remal
 9. 173 points,  JustdoIt             by  Megaduo/Grif
10. 137 points,  Happi Happi Joy Joy  by  P-nut/Darkzone
11. 79 points,   Plasmatic            by  Zden/Sunrise
                 (too many others to mention :)

  Amiga Demo Competition

 1. 921 points,  Mindflow             by  Stellar
 2. 795 points,  Breath Taker         by  Virtual Dreams
 3. 649 points,  Drool This           by  Parallax
 4. 572 points,  Ilyad                by  Alcatraz
 5. 282 points,  Cccp                 by  Juliet & Case
 6. 261 points,  Maxium Overdrive II  by  Rage
 7. 206 points,  Despair              by  Insane
 8. 153 points,  Sup.l# $7fd1         by  Analogy
 9. 142 points,  Final Condom         by  Delon
10. 125 points,  Jil Flower           by  Metal Guru
11. 97 points,   Creme                by  Embassy
12. 22 points,   Hardday              by  Emt Design

  Amiga 40KB Intro Competition

 1. 973 points,  G-force              by  Pygmy Projects
 2. 621 points,  Falurecolor          by  Razor 1911
 3. 305 points,  Darkroom             by  Stellar
 4. 248 points,  Kampela              by  Hirmu
 5. 192 points,  40k Intro            by  Halo
 6. 185 points,  Sourcemetery         by  Razor 1911
 7. 155 points,  Wonderland           by  Oblivion
 8. 149 points,  Full Frontal Nudity  by  Lego
 9. 148 points,  Meliopolis           by  Insane
10. 146 points,  Dive                 by  Complex
11. 142 points,  Spoiled              by  Humane
12. 133 points,  Iltis                by  Pointless
13. 118 points,  Artcore              by  Abyss
14. 117 points,  40k IntroII          by  Halo
15. 116 points,  Ride                 by  Oxygene
16. 100 points,  Intro                by  Imperium
17. 96 points,   Ei Saa Peittaa       by  Sardonyx
18. 79 points,   Lousy Routines       by  Disknet
19. 32 points,   Intro                by  Boom Design
20. 29 points,   Mind Fuck            by  Insane
21. 23 points,   Intro                by  Alien Adenoids
21. 23 points,   Blizzard of Ahhhs    by  Psionic
23. 9 points,    Nil                  by  Evacue
24. 8 points,    Hotdog               by  Meka Design
24. 8 points,    Gurumeditation II    by  Eclipse
26. 4 points,    Crap!                by  Exhouse

  Graphics Competition

 1.     Pain                   by  Destop/Cyberiad & Carillon
 2.     Wester Dog             by  RWO & Zinko / Polka Brothers
 3.     Chaos In Tokio         by  Hotshot/Complex
 4.     Al Bundy               by  Tyshdomos/Abyss
 5.     Queen of the Doom      by  Jugi/Complex
 6.     Weed                   by  Devilstar/Virtual Dreams
 7.     A God Pipe of ...?     by  Pixie/Polka Bros
 8.     Warehouse              by  Lance/Agression
 9.     Libera                 by  Reward/Complex
10.     Smeagol                by  Well/Paranoid
11.     Nightmare are beauty   by  LGM / Pygmy Projects
12.     Carwing god            by  Motion Lotion / Exceed Prod.
13.     Mot                    by  Oculto/Iguana
14.     In Nether World        by  D-Design/Razor 1911
15.     Eye Ball               by  Deckard/Disaster
16.     Complexion             by  Wolf/Evarne
17.     Marble Face            by  Slaine/Ivory
18.     Between the Eyes       by  Rodney/Aurora
19.     Alternatik             by  N.i.k/Sonic PC
20.     Medusa                 by  Gredo/Anathema
21.     Unfinished Tales       by  Marvel/FC
22.     Abadoned Emotions      by  Olv/Agression
23.     Cat Eyes               by  Madster/TCB

  4 Channel Music Competition

 1. 1031 points,  Compulsion to Obey    by  Lizardking/Razor1911
 2. 572 points,   Blue shoe Blues       by  Petrof/Absolute
 3. 536 points,   Tappajakotka & pupu   by  Yolk/Parallax
 4. 469 points,   Blue Progression      by  Buzzer/Zenon & Yzi/Fit
 5. 468 points,   Alnite Groove         by  Dizzy/Cncd
 6. 449 points,   Vote4me               by  Leinad/Avalanche
 7. 408 points,   Thunderball           by  Dime/Decnite
 8. 365 points,   Sensitivity           by  Light
 9. 358 points,   Berrycape.bu1         by  Nutcase/Balance
10. 333 points,   Happypaskamies        by  Moby/Sanity

  32 Channel Music Competition

 1. 840 points,   Walkaway               by  Stargazer/Sonic
 2. 650 points,   Journey                by  Cube/Aggression
 3. 520 points,   Klaustrophobia         by  Lizardking/Triton
 4. 447 points,   When The Heavens Fall  by  Purple Motion/Future Crew
 5. 440 points,   Infinity               by  Khyron/Acid
 6. 429 points,   Empty Mind             by  Edge/EMF
 7. 429 points,   Lil'funk Machine       by  Vinyl/Mindprobe
 8. 305 points,   Artificial Inteligence by  Prism/EMF
 9. 293 points,   Nobody Dreaming        by  Dune/Sonic PC
10. 241 points,   Lovesong               by  Chanel5/Flatline

  C64 Demo Competition

 1. 1150 points,  Attack Of Stubidos 3   by Beyond Force
 2. 1040 points,  World Of Code II       by Byterapers Inc.
 3. 942 points,   Best Of Trinomic       by Trinomic

  Panic's demo was disqualified because it was a preview.

  C64 Graphics Competition

 1. 978 points,   Electric / Extend
 2. 752 points,   Mike / Panic
 3. 588 points,   Mr.Sex / Byterapers Inc.

  C64 Music Competition

 1. 651 points,  Genius / Palace
 2. 610 points,  Thor / Extend
 3. 542 points,  Agemixer / Astral

  Outdoor Competitions :

  Modem Throwing Competition     :  Silicon Swindler       14m

  Hard disk Throwing Competition :  Chronic/Leper Society  23m

  Disk Throwing Competition      :  Diabolo/Clones         79,90m

  Soccer Competition             :  Exotic Men & Sarvet (team)

  Kite flying                    :  Illuminator / Accession

        We will send the prizes to the winners through mail. Only the
        winners in the Graphics competition will have to wait a while to
        get their prizes. This is because we have to at least try to find
        out which pictures might be direct rip offs (like the picture
        which originally came in third, made by Louie / Insane, which
        is tecnhically a good picture but directly drawn from Heavy Metal
        magazine, and thus disqualified).

        But as always, not everything went completely as planned.
        The biggest thing people complained about was the delays in
        between and during the competitions. In the end the PC demo
        competition, which was the last competition, was delayed by
        around one and a half hours. We were supposed to show only
        ten of the demos on the big screen, but the jury wasn't able to
        watch all the demos in time. That's why we had to show twenty
        demos even though we didn't really have the time for it. And
        to get the time, we decided to let the audience decide when a
        demo should be stopped/interrupted. But this only made some
        groups very angry. To correct this at the next party the finals
        should consist of only the top 10 demos, which would not be
        stopped no matter what.

        It was not our meaning to offend those groups who felt mistreated,
        and we would like to apologize.

        More news are to follow later!

        // Assembly '94 organizers