Nat Sal Mag by 0x7A69.au [web]


this is the infofile for 'nat sal mag' by 0x7a69.au.... made for remedy 2003

too tired to be bothered with fancy ascii shenanigans.

apparently this took 33 hours of solid coding/etc to make from start to finish.

we did cheat though, we had gyr's gl init and window management code and some billboarding
stuff before we started. oh, and minifmod.

it might have taken less time if we didn't have to share 2 computers, but we did, so
it didn't.

you need a windows pc with opengl acceleration, and a soundcard...

a decent graphics card probably helps.

ok, so the people involved were:

bananaboy	...	code, music	...	bb@humbug.net
ript		...	code, music	...	ript@disasterarea.net
sh0ck		...	code		...	shock@wh3rd.net
gyr		...	code		...


<bananaboy> gyr, any words of wisdom for the info file?
<bananaboy> gyr, after all, your name is in the credits
<gyr> bananaboy, it is?