391 by Epilepsy [web]


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                      b y 
                E p i l e p s y

                     f o r
           S c e n e C o N . 2 o o 3

     BuXY    -   noise, sync
     S@mpi   -   code, sync, grafix
     tsw     -   code, modelling, grafix

     party       scenecon.2003
     category    demo
     contact     sampi01{at}vnet{dot}hu
     url         http://epilepsy.intro.hu

 we thougt we should mention:
     first of all: this is our very first 
 demo. there were many obsticles and hurdles,
 due to the fact that both of us had to get 
 used to c++. this whole demo was coded in 
 roughly 10 days, or at least the main part 
 of it. hope you'll like it, at least a bit.

    closing this whatever now, goodnight

 [------------------- fin ------------------]