Ilyad by Alcatraz [web]

Short:        Ilyad demo v1.3 by Alcatraz
Author:       amalek@di.epfl.ch (Alain Malek)
Uploader:     amalek di epfl ch (Alain Malek)
Type:         demo/aga
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Ilyad v1.3 by Alcatraz (4 disks)

Configuration required : AGA chipset
                         4MB of Fast-Ram

(If you have a 68030 or better, the demo will be a bit improved).
Install Ilyad on your HD to get full speed.

Press left mouse button during the first part to skip the intro.

Contact us at:

Hornet:    Alain Malek
           Bonne-Esperance 1
           1006 Lausanne

           (email: amalek@di.epfl.ch)

New in v1.3:
fixed for 4000/40
lots of error messages added
uses less chip memory (can be launched from workbench)
works from DoublePAL workbench.
some parts, improved