remember by Static [web]

static presents an 64k intro called:

                               r e m e m b e r

                                                      competed at scenario '97

system requirements:

486 / 133
about 200k of free base memory
about 5500 of free high memory
emm-free environment (no EMM386 etc!)
gus, if you want to hear anything
sb supported at zero volume only ;)


code    hyphen
gfx     idiot
music   maza

pmode/w tran and daredevil 
mxmplay pascal 


artificial people, bandwagon, coma, doomsday, dual crew shining, escape,
moottori, orange, plastic, pers' wastaiset produktiot, recreation, scared of
darkness, suolahappo, synchronic, tarzan tuotanto, tehdas, trauma, vista.

if you need to contact us:

email: jahva@sci.fi (jaffa's) or maza@mbnet.fi (mine...)
voice: +358-(0)50-5832764 (jaffa's)
snail: static
       c/o jari jaanto
       isonnevantie 26 b 20
       00320 helsinki

signed 17-10-1997 by maza

ps. a little hurry... about one hour to deadline =)