Beyond the future by Union

              | B E Y O N D       T H E       F U T U R E |
                         Musashi production 1994

Demo needs to run about 1862000 bytes free memory, so is able to run on
each AGA Amiga.

If you've got A1200 with 2MB CHIP only, boot your machine without
startup-sequence (or make short startup-sequence: LoadWB; EndCLI; ).

But recomended minimum configuration is A1200 and 1-2 MB FAST memory.

Framerate of rendering in demo depends of speed of your computer, so please
watch my demo on fast machines (it will kick your ass!).

I've tested "Beyond The Future" with following results:

machine                    | average framerate
A1200 2MB CHIP  0MB FAST   | 7.3 frames per second
A1200 2MB CHIP  4MB FAST   | 12.2 frames per second
A1200 2MB CHIP  8MB FAST   | 28.9 frames per second             (!)
680EC30 40MHz              |

Demo not tested on A4000, but I belive in myself (that means - should run).

"Beyond The Future" is a short demonstration of my realtime rendering
routine, which includes:
 - 24bit or 12bit screen modes
 - Goraud or flat shading
 - coloured or textured surfaces
 - animated textures
 - mirrors
 - shadows on selected surfaces
 - unlimited number of lightsources with different power
 - lightsources with direction of light
 - transparent objects
 - lightsourced objects
 - special language for making realtime animations (over 70 commands)
 - and other typical demos stuffs like plasma, bars, background, etc.

The main file contains following datas:
                                               (unpacked size)
 - six IFF 256C pictures                        350 kB
 - two modules                                  620 kB
 - 13 textures (128x128x12bit)                  360 kB
 - digitized animation (as texture)            1000 kB (30 frames!)
 - backgrounds                                   64 kB
 - others                                       200 kB
Together:                                      2594 kB

Animation has got three pass compression (two first passes are
decompressing realtime) and music is compressed with
ProPacker and my own compressor based on vector quantization.

If you wanna get sources of this demo just contact me:
                Grzegorz Wroblewski
                str. Warynskiego 21/2
                58 - 105 Swidnica
        phone:  (+0-48)(74)-53-16-86

And always remember: Don't worry - nobody lives forever.

(even the alien in alien world)