No More Lies by Network [web]

Short:    Network demo from Euskal96 in Spain
Author:   network@redestb.es (wind/network)
Uploader: network@redestb.es (wind/network)
Type:     euro/demo

    This  demo  requires only 2 mb chip, but all effects are timed and tested
separately  for  maximum  framerate  on standard 68000-7 mhz...  next version
will have full support for 512 chip/512 fast a500 owners...  stay tuned!!!

    If  you  have some sort of complaint or suggestion about the demo, please
write to those addys:

      Manuel Sanchez           Abraham  Sanchez           Antonio Vargas
      Leon XIII 5-3C            Leon XIII 5-3C              Relator 67
      41009  Sevilla            41009  Sevilla            41003  Sevilla
        s p a i n                 s p a i n                   SPAIN

  .join.gfx.ascii.swap.          .swap.sfx.                  .code.

                   n e t w o r k   - n o  l i m i t s ! -

                  v.2.0. Released at: 23-8-96  14:50:27 PM