ultimatum to Poland: last days before the war by mfx [web]

mfx gives 

"ultimatum to Poland: last days before the war"

for buenzli12 democompo.


Soundtrack: "ultimatum to Poland: last days before the war" 
            taken from the album 'Black Hole Ego' by dK. 
            (dK is Cesare 'dixan' Castiglia and Ale 'K' Montefiori.)

Code: droid & uncle-x

3d: internet & droid

Graphics: internet

Design: uncle-x


uncle-x: naleskin@cs.helsinki.fi
dixan: dixan@spinningkids.org
droid: markus.pasula@helsinki.fi

mfx: http://mfx.scene.org
dK: http://www.bravuomo.it/dk/


* Might want a gf3 or similar for full enjoyment. Hasn't been tested on anything.
* If you think that this production is anti-semitic, you are an idiot.


to our friends.

"Opengl doesn't always have to look like "hey look we have free blending" with dutch color scheme."
- curly brace / kewlers, on AH-CMC at http://kewlers.scene.org/prods.html

yes. we agree.