Cafre by Stravaganza [web]

                 S  T  R  A  V  A  G  A  N  Z  A

      Cafre                                                 .

                        Ithaqua : Code, Synch, Add GFX
                        TeKnO   : Graphics, Design
                        Wonder  : Music

      System Requirements                                   .

                         Pentium 2 or similar processor type
                    3D Graphics card with OpenGL 1.2 support

      Contact                                               .

           Bugs (send details) :           ithaqua@maptel.es
           Comments            :        crew@stravaganza.org
           Wonder's music      :         wonder.planet-d.net


          Done in roughly 5 nights. We know, BCN probably
          deserved a better demo. Anyway, this time we felt
          like doing something a bit different, more
          aggresive. It was intended to be shown on a party
          bigscreen with a powerful soundsystem and all the
          crowd in that special compo mood you all know :]

          And for those who don't get the melon logo thing,
          it obviously ain't a rip, but a little tribute to
          a part of their booo2 demo I (ithaqua) always liked.

          See .it sample list for details about the music.


      31-10-2003                                            .