Invitation none by Sonik Clique [web]

                      invitation  [none]

                   ... sonik  :  clique ...

            spite & devotion  :  kode?
                        fndr  :  musik & art direktion?

            sonik konnektion  :  sonik@media.joensuu.fi
            model konnektion  :  spite@dds.nl
                    devotion  :  devotion_fake@hotmail.com
                        fndr  :  fender@one.se

    for joining and swapping  :  murk
                                 po box 43
                                 02181 espoo

                                 grab ya pen boy!

        heyo to our "always spacecutting" Murk for keeping his
        whisky fingers out of this... :)

        we recomend you to run this demo in ntsc...