Reverse - Future of the scene by Ketchup Killers [web]

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³ 1. Introduction

        Welcome in "Reverse", the first public release of the belgian crew

                        K E T C H U P  K I L L E R S      (yes!)

        What's good in this intro?

        - nice and _intelligent_ Winblows piss-off (trojans sucks)
        - hype effects (2D bump, tunnels, chaos blitter and flashs)
        - incredibly slow but nice Water Fun effect
        - good looking ketchup logo
        - fantastic and exclusive music by Magic Fred/TFLTDV (thank pal!)

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³ 2. Requirements

        In order to run this intro you need:

                - 486dx4-100 or better    (P100 is recommanded)
                - a mathematic coprocessor (speed dont matter only used in
                                            various table precalculations)
                - decent SVGA video card  (640x480x256. VESA 2.0/LFB supported
                                           if available. Load Univbe)                                       available)
                - around 2 megabytes of free memory
                - a Gravis Ultrasound     (classic,max,PnP)

        For optimal performance runs this intro with your processor
        in native mode: RAW or XMS. (although it will works in V86 too)

        This intro runs _perfectly_ under Windows'95(tm) too.. It's just
        slower than under plain DOS :)  (you better have Gravis drivers
        2.0 if you want to get some sound :)

        Tested on:

        - 486dx4-100 Tseng Labs ET4000/w32i  Gravis Pnp
                                             Gravis Max
        - P100       Cirrus Logic            Gravis Classic
        - 486dx2-66  Tseng Labs ET4000/w32i  Gravis Classic
        - 486dx2-80  Cirrus Logic 5428       No Sound
        - P166       STB Lightspeed 128      No Sound
        - 586        Trident                 No Sound
        - P133       Ati Mach64 (original)   No Sound

        The intro will runs without sound also but oh well..
        (complains go quietly to /dev/null)

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³ 4. Technical note

        - 100% assembler.
        - protected mode with Adam Seychel's DOS32 3.5á.
        - heavy use of FPU opcode for table precalculation.
        - sound system by Pascal of the Cubic Team. (v1.5)
        - the svga engine detects and use the following modes:
                - vesa 1.x banked only
                - vesa 2.0 banked with protected mode switch function
                - vesa 2.0 linear frame buffering
                it's a good idea to load a recent version of Univbe
        - the full source code is available for $400             ;)

        Approximate coding time: 2 weeks (party version)

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³ 4. Complete credits

        in order of appearance...

        - "Reverse is loading..."       code: access
                                         gfx: katana

        - Windows part                  code: redbug

        - Morphing Tunnel               code: access & redbug

        - greets                        code: redbug
                                      object: katana

        - feedback                      code: redbug

        - blurdistorotozoomed credits   code: access

        - env. mapped water fun         code: access & redbug

        - ketchup killers logo          code: access
                                         gfx: cray

        - all effects                  music: Magic Fred / TFL-TDV
        Most palettes were done by Cray the other ugly ones being
        done by access & redbug ;)

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³ 5. Group Members

        In alphabetical order...

        access          coder
         cobra          whq sysop
          cray          graphic artist
       ecstasy          coder
        katana          3d artist
        redbug          coder
         shaku          musician & coder

        want to join ?  Email us a sample of your work and we will
        email you back if necessary..

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³ 6. Ketchup ?

        "Ketchup Killers" is the result of a merge between 2 belgian
        crew: antares & paranoia. Consider our 2 old groups as dead..

        if you were a distsite of antares or paranoia it's up to you
        to decide if you want still want to make available old

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³ 7. Contact

        Emails address to contact us personally are available on the web:


        For general informations, please use:


        Some of us can be found on the IRC usually in #coders or #demofr


        access:  aXs
         cobra:  cobra
          cray:  cray2
       ecstasy:  ecstasy

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³ 8. Personnal Message from Cray  (don't read if you aren't concerned :)

Daisy B.,

I do hope your birthday one month ago also let you remember that it's
already two years that you throw me away.I still think of you everyday and
you are my everlasting Love.Forgive me for all you know,please write me.
(Gregory Devriendt)

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³ 9. Additionnals Greets

        Those people deserve greets but we didn't had the place for
        them in the intro... sorry :( ... here we are...

        everybody in #coders,#demofr
        Sentient & [LNx] for (dangerous) beta testing
        Papy / PCTrading for the web site diskspace
        and many more we can't remember right now.. don't worry
        we love you too!

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³ 10. Final Word

        yes .. we do like complete and long NFO file!

        thanks watching "Reverse - Future of the Scene".

        May the ketchup be with you!

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³ nfo file typed by access/ketchup killers - 10 december 1996