Ultra by The Force

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Û                            -  T h e  F o r c e -                          Û
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Û                                  Ultra Demo                               Û
Û                         A demo for ASM 2k Demo Party                      Û
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System requirements :

= pentium II  and higher (Pentium II 350 mhz recommanded!!)
= 3D Accelerator card (Riva TNT or 3DFX recommanded!!)
= 32 MB memory and higher.
= Soundblaster pro comfortable (with gravis also?! tell us)
= 3d cards: work with vodoo 2 and higher,geforce,river tnt,s3 and maybe the rest.
= the demo based on opengl technology (so insure you have opengl driver)
Ultra - a demo by The Force crew made on 31/07/2000
for assembly 2k demo party .
the demo is for 3d-accelarted cards using opengl platform
the demo contain 6 main parts and end scenerio .
first part:
GFX twister- a smooth twist of hi-level graphics , twist in circle 
mode for 2 directions .
coded by : Sir.ace
gfx by : Dr.j
second part:
shade-light effect:
a nice ball pump around and have a lights effect .
really neat part..enjoy..
coded by Sir.ace
third part:
the snake:
a tree that look like a snake with Rekursive movement.
the leafs are opened and closed.
really good effect which not seen so far..
coded by Sir.ace
gfx by kik
fourth part:
Earth zooming:
the earth is zooming..it's coming and go smoothly .
five part:
the lighting tunnel.
really kewl tunnel with glow effects.
coded by Sir.ace
sixth part:
3d-engine (similar to unreal 3d engine)
really awesome part by vitally our coder. (vitally code more!!)
the part feature hi quality 3d engine with 
info for the polygons and vectors .
end sceneroio
nice small end using opengl technology.
a nice ultra logo swiming the water and flip around
code by Sir.ace
gfx by kik
music by Maring Galway (original from c64!)
the force are:
Dr.j (orgenaizer,c64,web master,gfx)
vitaly (3d,coder)
Sir.ace (coding)
kik (gfx,3d,delphi)
catch us at: www.netune.net/scs/tf
soon we'll have a new site..so wait for new stuff from us!
how to reach us?

you can e-mail us a mail:

Sir Ace : guy_atia@yahoo.com
Vitaly  : vital@smlink.com
Kik     : Can_not_lose@yahoo.com
Dr.j    : alexg1@isdn.net.il
visit our webpage at : www.tforce.cjb.net
our history:
It all begin many years ago years ago, The Force was born in ’83 or ’84 but they declare themselves as a group on ’85. In 1987 a guy called ‘Danny bouzaglo’ from the micro g (TMG) joined ‘The Force ‘ and the members of the ‘Thing’ joined aswell and they all reunited to one group "The Force". The member status looked like that : Danny b. (the leader) Kobi&Nadav,Arie m.,Itamar e.,hagay z.,Ofer a.,Guy s. & Guy m. , soon they become the number 1 c64 group in Israel and started to release brilliant demos and nice cracks and ofcourse lots of imported games which came from Europe . in 1989 they released a nice demo called "bigger than life" which show nice coding and cool tunes from "anonymous" guy called ‘Guy shavit’ after some cool products the Force were splitted to 2 small groups : Twisted design & Sidchip scratchers (SCS) . in 1990 The Force shocked brutally the all c-64 scene by smashing demo called "vector victory" which show for the first time new fast vectors and outstanding music by Guy shavit/SCS ,this demo broke new limits and since than ‘nir pedhazur’ - the coder got a hall of a credit for his new routine and bring this demo for winning . no doubt this demo still one of the strongest unforgettable demo’s. in late ’90 DB (Danny b.) formed two abroad sections of the force : in Italy & Australia. The Force got stronger than ever. The Force (Italy) were the following members : Gabriel,Gi909,XimoX,Exat,Zoris&Zagor. The Aussi section was built by Razor,Psycho,Insane,Vengeance,Tektronix and dr.detroit. The Force group considered like a big family. In ’91 The Force was a group which consist Graphics label called : ‘Air Design’ (Zoris,Zagor,Viny and Exat) and Music Label : Sidchip Scratchers (SCS) which formed by Guy s. & Danny B. while Sivan and Eyal bar-tzvi were active for a short time and than they left the team and let Guy s. to be the only musician. The Force were active and released cool products (Air Design released ‘viny view’ & ‘AD show’)  The Force (Israel) kept cracking&importing a lot of stuff when Danny b. was freshen the group with new talented boys among them : ‘Mysterio’,Micheal s.’,’Ronney’ , ‘yariv’ and ofcourse me (The Dr.J) who joined the forces in late ’90 from my ex-group Hotshot. In ’93 (I think) the cool aussi division released the demo "10 years gone’" to remind the all scene ‘The Force’ was the oldest group ever (even more older then the big legends Triad,Flt,Ikari,Dynamic duo,Genesis p.) in ’94 the legend of ‘The Force’ died peacefully as DB&Dr.j moved to Motivate’ and Guy s. + nir p. stopped all their activities . unfortunately our so promised demo ‘Vulcano’ didn’t see the light yet and I don’t think it will ever released. but....................................

on 1997 (!!!) the Force was rebuild on the pc section.
i (Dr.j) and my brother wanted to revive the legend and than Sir ace and vitally joined.
slowly we started to code and release products.
our first product was "Another Dimension" for assembly '99 which finnally didn't make
to be registered on time (argh!!!) .
later sir.ace coded "c64 up" a nice intro in c64 style (nostalgic for c64? oh yes!!)
now we are proud to release our best production so far : Ultra , a demo
which goin' to compete hard in the 3d-accelarated Demo's based on opengl technology .
the demo was coded by Vital and Sir.ace and the gfx support by Dr.j and Kik .
we hope it'll will compete there and get a nice rate..
i think it deserve that..ok enough bullshit! Have fun..
so pump you volume and start the demo.

Ultra - The Demo  - the Force (c) 2000 - Israel production!
may the force be with you... Always!