Misery by Zenon [web]

The compulsory creditz:

Gfx:   Tohe
Music: Broom
Code:  Mare

  How to install:

   Just copy ALL files to a single directory and execute script or script-
        Enjoy the demo, no assign needed...

    Bugs: 060 (maybe 040 40mhz) do something funny in setpatch command and so
the demo fails in 2 effects.  These effects are Background in part 2 and "bump
map" thingy in part 3.  At least background works if you don`t run setpatch.
Caches have no influence in this case(My code is in one section and has no
variables or anything else mixed with code.  Variables are in data sections)
Dont know why it bugs...  If anyone knows why, please inform me(Mare).

    Sorry for wierd endpart but deadline came too soon and I had no time or
clear mind to finish this piece of art in time.  No sleep, no code???

    Ok. That`s all...

    And ofcourse my addy:

     Markku Luukkainen
     95210  Filpus

    Swap(no elite swapping), coder contacts wanted!