New World Order #8 by Weird Magic [web]

NEW WORLD ORDER  short infofile

Hi all!

A new issue, lots of changes. What you need to run this artpiece :
-VESA driver (for 640x480x256)
-Gravis Ultrasound, you might need more than 256kb (optional)
-SoundBlaster 1.0/2.0/Pro (optional)        (F5 wont work!)
-Nosound device with 2 mb vram (optional)   (F-keys wont work!)
-Microsoft Mousedriver
-Not much memory, 550kb should be enough already.

Try UNIVBE if you don't have a vesa driver.
To use SoundBlaster, make sure you have this environment string:
SET BLASTER=A<port> I<irq> D<dma> T<type>
type 1 is SB 1.0 (22khz mono)
     3 is SB 2.0 (44khz mono)
     4 is SB Pro 2.0 (22khz stereo)
Next time, there will be a soundcard setup, so you can adjust samplerate's
and stuff.
example : SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T4

Notice : with SoundBlaster, the option 'playmate' will not work!
Because there is not enough memory to switch between the player interface
and the magazine interface. Next issue will have EMS support or whatever.

To use GUS, make sure you have (something like) this environment string:
SET ULTRASND=220,5,5,7,7
only the portnumber is important, but it still has to be a correct string!

To use the mouse, install a microsoft mousedriver.
A lot of betatesters complained about mouse bugs, I suggest you either
use a microsoft driver, or none at all (so that the mouse support will be


The Virtual File system might contain some bugs. Especially when started
from some shell like Norton Commander, you might expierience some weird
memory fuckups. Just try again, boot clean or whatever, if it still doesn't
start up (after trying 10 times) then contact us.
It was tested with qemm704, 570k basemem, mouse, gus and sbpro.


Next Issue might be, NWO 8.5 (8 and a half!) a special The Party 5 sucked
issue. We will devote this issue specially to the commercialism in the
scene, and about how it sucked for us (dutch scene) at The Party 5.
preview : read The Gathering compo rules!!!!


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 Mr.Logic                Nothingface
 Jeffrey Exterkate       Robert Plass
 Meidoornstraat 18       Padangstraat 76
 7497 MG Bentelo         7535 AE Enschede
 Holland                 Holland (ofcourse)

 e-mail: mrlogic@realworld.idn.nl (mrlogic)
         j.c.exterkate@hio.hen.nl (mrlogic)
         nothingface@realworld.idn.nl (nf)

 The Real World BBS: +31-53-4330190

 And through DGi and DSC and CSIPD

If you want to contact us in an other way, then contact us!

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