Alive by Fun Industries

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        (EIL aftermath version)

              :a demo by:



This piece of demo is made especially
and only for you. It runs on all Atari
Falcon's with a minumum of 4MB and

You're dealing with an improved version
here. The version released at EIL was
ridden with glitches, bugs and badly
synced parts. This version fixes these
problems as well as do extras like
displaying more polished fx.

There are still no memorychecks in the
demo-OS. Will have to put that in next
time. So beware. It's best to have some
3.5MB RAM free!


* Can be run from disk or harddisk or
  whatever. (DVD, VCR, toaster?)
* After loading a bit, a selector is
  prompted. Please select your favourite
  videomode and audiosettings here.
  Detailmode still doesn't work. Hell,
  maybe in a new demo..
* The demo now starts precalcing,
  loading and depacking. After this the
  FUN can begin!


* Basic Falcon030, 4MB RAM.
* TV/VGA/RGB. Will work on all monitors.
* No FPU, 14MB or any other extra's
  are required.
* Running from harddisk is recommended
  due to loadingtime at startup.
* Makes use of TT-RAM and faster CPU if
* RGB 50Hz is a reasonable mode. VGA
  100Hz mode adds a few extra's! Really
  funky stuff! VGA 60Hz is crap!

Yeah, this is our second full demo. The
idea was to make a demo to beat the
first one in every aspect and even take
a new direction.

We must say it took alot of time to
finish. Optimising and sqeezing all this
into the RAM of a 4MB Falcon wasn't
easy. Also harddiskcrashes and meltdowns
came our way and we had to abandon tons
of ideas.

Still, here it is. We hope you enjoy it
as much as we enjoyed making it. And
we'd like to thank you for being a
source of inspiration and help to us:

* Grey/MB. Michal: You are the best
  friend ever!! We can't express how
  much you mean to us! Thanx for
  everything! ATARI RULES!
* EViL/DHS. Anders: Dude! The routines
  you gave us are great and helped alot!
  Your page is doing a great job for the
  scene! Keep up the good work!
* Paranoid/LA. Oliver: Thanx for FPU and
  all the great graphics for the game +
  thanx for all the compliments. What
  would the scene be without you?
* Baggio/Wildfire. Robert: Optimising
  rules! Thanx for that innerloop! It's
  fast stuff! And yes: We look forward
  to a new era in cooperation!
* Indus. Thanx for all the 3d-tools.
  This demo would have been shit without
  them! hehe! OOMPH! rules :)
* 505/CP. Nils: Thanx for organising EIL
  and simply cheering people up with
  fine tunes!
* No/Escape. Norman: the code you
  released is cool! I just wish more
  people did release their sources! And
* Moondog/PoD. Eric: bugs are always
  one step ahead =) Keep on goin' with
  the great UCM!
* mOd: Torsten: Good luck with your new
  "crew"? D3s1gN craze ;) Hehe, you can
  paint for us anyday!
* Thomas/NewBeat: You are a
  perfectionist and a really nice guy
  who knows what the people like! The
  scene needs you! All your prods are
  kewl stuff!
* Mad Butscher. Thorsten: XL/XE are cool
  machines! Still I think Falcon rules =)
* Cream: Keep up the good work! You seem
  to have reappeared out of nowhere! And
  with a bang!!! DO_THINGS is COOL!!
  Loved the tunnels so much that we made
  similar screens in this demo ;)
* ST survivor. Seb: Keep your crew
  rollin'! I'd like to see more games!
  The GFA stuff in the demo was quite
* Sqward: Man! You are one hyper-active
  dude! The '98 demos were freaking
* Mr. Pink: Leon: REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
  Seriously: The sources you released are
  nice! Keep it up!
* Mind Design. Get off your lazy butts
  and do something! =) ATARI worms would
  be cool!
* Maggie team: A fine magazine. And fine
  people behind it. The mag is a great
  read and very humourous!
* MSG: Malc: We've been out of touch for
  too long. Where are you? Sorry about
  Solos, it was too big for my small
* Yoyo/Syntax: Milosz: PC SUXX =)
  Make a new ST demo, your previous
  releases rule!
* Defjam/CP: Whoa! Freakin' great code!!
  But where did those M2 colors come
  from?? ;-)
* Tat. Steven: You did make great stuff
  and inspired many of us. Just hope
  you'll come back sometime.
* Lucky,Questor: Hey, I gotta thank you
  for all your tips and sources! They
  helped me alot! Just hope you're still
  watching new Falcon prods.
* Cobra: wow! Finally a Falcon demo from
  you! You RULE!!
* Leonard/Oxygene: Freaking good ST-
  demo. Shows really well what a 68000
  can do!
* Tom Noorduin: Thanx for all the info
  and tips! Coding sure kixx the hell
  out of Australian Beaver Convention
  Hunter Association Kangaroos! 8-]
* Winio/Cobra: Wow! You are alive once
  again! Keep up the good work!
* The more or less sleeping members of
  FUN.. Please wake up. The good days are
  present right now!
* TNH: Tinker! See you next time!
  Pheno! Where are you?!?!?! How were
  you're exams?? ;-)
* Nocrew: Hey! You guys are still active!
* Sentry: Where are you guys? Stop
  wasting time on Charles Monroe! =)

FUN member status:

* Bonus (gfa, gfx, www)
* D-force (msx)
* Earx (asm)
* Havoc (gfx)
* Lexo (msx)
* NUT (www)
* OTM (asm)
* TheMatch (gfx, msx, gfa)
* Wingleader (gfa)

Final words:

- GatesMobiles SUCK!
- Phenix060! Don't we all want one?