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	'morning star ep' ·by velvet & netpoet

		morning_star                        _  velvet          	4:18
		morning star [pencils of light rmx]    netpoet         	5:22
		lupo                                  _velvet & a-move 	0:50
		mint moon                           __ netpoet	 	2:37

		all tracks written, performed and produced by kristian perusic, 
		frank stiegler and hendrik stöteler. visuals/web by matthias h. risse 
		(matthias@artloop.de). copyright owned by park studios. it is of course
		allowed to copy the content of this archive without any modifications
		for non-commercial use. all rights are reserved.

    	 		   continuing our little park walk we're bringing this morning  
	            star ep to you now that started off with velvet's track he did for 
	              his lady manka (/tpolm.family), passed netpoet's way who created
	   	    this house remix and stopped at those two little chippies that are
		supposed to give you nice dreams, so you're ready for the morning star.  


		kristian perusic   (velvet)           _   _ __kperusic@gmx.de
		frank stiegler     (netpoet)           _ __netpoet@netpoet.de
		jacek dojwa	   (falcon)		   _  ___falcon@ae.pl		
		matthias h. risse  (xenon)         _  _ __matthias@artloop.de
  		hendrik stöteler   (a-move)              _  _ __a-move@gmx.de

		note_ falcon [re]joined, welcome jacek!

  	'play_ listen __realize (with).'

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