Blur by Sublogic

                               TP5 demo by
                                Sub Logic

Just a simple mess... No design, no meaning, no nothing: nothing more to say!
Lack of time, lack of inspiration and lack of money made this thingy as bad
as it could be!

        Coded during a few days by:
        Credex and Rex
        Pixels done by:
        Music done by:
What more is there to say? Don't ask me... :)

BTW: Thanks to OTM for soundsystem.
OBTW: It reqiuires about 590k free basemem... QEMM etc. is ok.
OBTW2: If you by any reason should want to contact us, do it through
      Genious Pig BBS: +47 66779464

Copyright and all that shit by SubLogic 1995.