Hoax#1 by Epical

                               Hoax - Diskmagazine

                              Copyright 1992 Epical

              We hope that you don't have any problems with this diskmag.

              Hoax requires 530kb memory and VGA. It should also work
              on XT or PC. But atleast 286 is recommended.
              If you want to here musics, you better have a SoundBlaster!!!
              It is recommended that you have a mouse!!!

              If Hoax doesn't run, check that you have enough
              memory. Remove all resident programs to get more
              memory if you don't have enough. If it doesn't help
              run Hoax without music.
              For musics we used STMIK by FC.
              If the mouse doesn't work, you probably have an old
              mousedriver. Try to get a new one! If you have a new
              mousedriver and it doesn't work, send your mousedriver
              to us and tell you config to us!

                     EEEEEEE  PPPPPPP  I  CCCCCCC  AAAAAAA  L
                    E        P     P  I  C        A     A  L
                   EEEEEEE  PPPPPPP  I  C        AAAAAAA  L
                  E        P        I  C        A     A  L
                 EEEEEEE  P        I  CCCCCCC  A     A  LLLLLLL
                              A COOL ONE ON PC!!!