LSD by Code & Light Sorcerers

                                   l s d .

                   64k intro by the Code & Light Sorcerers
                   presented at the scenest-rage'98 party

        c r e d i t s .

        code            gekko
        music           beatmaster
        graphics        inferno
        modelling       wad
        support         xtro . zooo . compman
        cubic v1.6 by pascal
        pmode v2.51 by tran

        h a r d w a r e .

        pentium 100     pentium 200
        16 MB RAM       16 MB RAM
        VGA             VESA SVGA 3.0
        no sound        GUS 512k

        c o m m a n d l i n e .

        /n              no sound
        /2x0            manual GUS port selection

        k e y s .

        s               save .tga screenshot
        esc             exit
        >               step forward
        <               step backwards

        n o t e s .

        The  intro  won't  run  under Windows due to the music system. For
        best  video  performance  use  UNIVBE/SDD  6.0 or later. The video
        engine  supports  the  VESA  3.0  standard.  The music system only
        supports GUS. Due to the size of the module, 512k of GUS memory is

        Over  300k  of  instruments and over 2mb of textures are generated
        during   the   precalculation.   There   are   secret  commandline
        parameters  for  debugmode,  hidden part, and to save the textures
        and the music. Find them...

        By  the  way,  do  you  remember  our  intro  called  Sword?  Type
        "sword.exe :-)" for the hidden part. Only for Hungarians...

        l i c e n s e .

        This  program  is freeware under the following conditions: you are
        allowed  to  spread  it  without  restrictions,  but  only  in its
        original form and for non-commercial use. You use this software at
        your  own  risk, we can not be held liabile for anything. By using
        this software you indicate that you have accepted this licence.

        (C) CLS, 04.07.1998
        Made in Hungary.