Weird by $PA/$PC

º Third $PA/$PC demo release ® WEIRD ¯, presented at WIRED '94, Mons Belgium
       ³   Requirements:
       ³	486DX or higher
       ³    	Music Card
       ³        580 KB Free
       ³        Screen <G>

           Creditz should go to
                *  HALL9000.
                *  Binary Slave.

                *  ?????  Thx, Make some more !!

	   Note :
	   All Code is striktly synchronized, so the demo wont run
	   to slow or to fast :).
	   This demo won the 3th places at wired'94 64K-Intro compo,
	   held in Mons, Belgium.
	   We tried to add more dezign to our demo, so you had to wait
	   a while ...
	   Sorry for the delay, guess we became lazy <G>.

           The Greetz ...


     ACMe               Nice meeting you ....
		        You should have won the -Intro- party!
	                BTW. Our Face is RealTime!

     Imagine           - CoOl Dudes - CoOl Tunes  :) Keep in touch!

     HyperNova         - You Got Dezign, Go for It.

     ISch-Crew         - You Won...

     TDV/ TFL          - Write Us.

     ZuulDesign        - Write Us 2.

     Synergy DeZign    - How's the Game Doing??

     Digital House     - Still Doomed or was it Real Time Phong??
			 Going to Party'94?

     Outlaws           - BSP (Does this mean somthing?:)

     Anatares          - It takes a lot of courage and guts to organize
                         a party, you've done it Greate ...

     The Natives       - Nice Name (Found at assembly??)

     Black Dezign      - Organizing a trip to Denmark this Xmass??

     Traxx	       - Nice T-Shirts .


     LoTek , Eks Saint ,á ,Living Nature ,Sleeping Dog ,Rage ,HardCore Devil ,
     El Presidento ,Dr. Shinto ,Tasmaniac ,Sarcofacer ,The Black Panther:) ,
     All Doom Freaks,Kone guys ,Dusty Smith ,YammY ,Stogo ,Sike ,Pointer ,
     The Undertaker ,Blue Adonis ,Koen ,Stogo ,Captian Picard ,PMA ,The Orme ,
     Leppard ,Zarchov ,
     & all we forgot.


    The Story (again) ...

    Well here we are again.

    Just kicked off from Assembly we had heared from a party
    being organized in Belgium. Cool, we tought...
    So, nothing happend... until ofcourse the week before :)
    We started coding, made some 3D stuff, but due to our sense of organizing
    our routines couldn't be linked together. So, the night before the party
    we began, we assembled some stuff until 5:00 AM in the morning.
    We rushed to the party, and started none-stop coding again. Thanks to those
    - Imagine - guys we could stay awake & code until the compo began.

    The party room was - The Max - ...

    We saw, heared some Amiga shit and got sick. Sawing some demos, we
    thought that we were back in Assembly again, but we didn't hear any
    Finnisch language, so we felt safe.
    After the party we drove home, we saw nothing but demos on our car screen
    and dide some weird manouvers. We had Luck.

    Hope you like this one.

    HALL9000 can be reached on         BINARY SLAVE can be reached on
    Maertens Frederik                  Marc Debruyne
    Voice :050/35.13.47 Belgium        Voice :058/23.94.38 Belgium

                          No INternet adres Yet :(
	                    (Soon own BBS-Net. See SP_net.nfo)

         *If you wanna write us a msg than, you can leave a msg at

          Our own BBS-Net (soon).

          "The Einstein BBS   +32 03  385.15.94"
          "Dental Service BBS +32 050 36.33.96".
         *Wanna be distro -site- Contact Us.
         *Make a Party? Contact Us.
         *Have Trouble with your girl? Contact Us.
         *Got sick?Contact Us.
         *OK, I'll Shut Up.

   Note: If you wanna join our something like that, please do! (No Kidding.)

         The "New" $Pa/$Pc crew:
         -Hall9000         Coder.   
         -Binary Slave     Coder.
         -LoTek            Coder.
         -HardCore Devil   Mzx.
         -Greate Guy       Mzx.
         -WolfJe           3DS.
         -Eks Saint        Gfx.
         -á-Art            Gfx.
         -Dead God         Gfx.
         -Yammy            Swapping.
         -Trace		   Trading. 
         -Living Nature    BBS.
	Productions :
         -MN][      dentro '92.
	 -Meltdown      Asm'94.
	 -Weird       Weird'94. 
       .                                                                 .
       ³                                                                .
       ³cYa.                                                            .
       ÔÍÍÍÍÍÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ.ù.ù.                                         .ù.ù.ÄÙ