The nonstop Ibiza experience by orange

orange is back after 3 years of silence!
(straight from assembly 2000)

we bring you this extradelicate demo called:

the NONSTOP IBIZA experience

this demo requires LOADS of memory, due to excessive graphics and 
hardcode programming

minimum requirements:

windows 95/98/NT
128mb of memory (the more, the better)
pentium 3 or better (with mmx support)

like its says in the credits, this demo has been made by the original orange:

hoplite  - mikko w. wílkman (aka wildman)  * programming
dune     - l.p. nikko       (aka bstates)  * music + additional programming
derpiipo - iiro t. harra    (aka kapteeni) * graphics


hoplite : nemo@katastro.fi

dune    : bstates@katastro.fi

derpiipo: iiro@katastro.fi
          http://katastro.fi/~iiro (warning, its a mostly finnish site)

orange  : orange@katastro.fi

* * *

the reason why we had to do this demo is that we didn't quite like the
demos we saw during all these years and we noticed that there is still
some need for an orange demo!!!

since we've always wanted to make a demo look good without 3d, and never
really got that much respect on the bigscreen, this is a nice example what
you really can do without that 3d engine and stuff...

we hope it encourages people to do more demos and concentrate also to the
fact that demos should be entertaining.. ELiTEGrouP, no offence but your
demos suck!! who wants to see 3 3d scenes for 10 minutes with just camera-
runs and shit like that.. respect for the nice textures, BUT!! its plain

peace, and i'm out
see you in another orange demo

derpiipo aka kapteeni punaparta