rhythm by GUM [web]

Hi, this is our first 64 kb intro. It was planned to be pressented
at the Durnago Party 5, but as this cool event was cancelled, the 
development of the intro stopped. We wanted to finish and release it
before our exams, but, we didn't, so finally here it is, released at 
the Euskal Encounter 12. We hope you like it. We used Aardbei's ATG 
and minifmod to make this intro, and upx, of course.

ACID, we hope you can continue bringing us such a nice event as the 
Durango Party next year.

Hi rgba, collapse, dust inc, network, stravaganza, asynkro, tlotb, ppg,
solstice, boah, unknown, synth, xplsv, sector omega, freestylers, zon@n, 
hard null, fuzzion, necrostudios...

Respects go to mfx, kewlers, farbrausch, conspiracy, mankind, haujobb, 
asd, moppy, tpolm...

Gorku/gum at euskal encounter 12.

gum 2004  --  http://gum.scenesp.org