deaf drunk blind by Skullpture [web]

 [      _______________________________________]
 [______________   ] S K P :: deaf drunk blind.
              evoke2oo4 / pc demo
 	code	: nufan
        music	: sobec
        gfx	: robotriot & nufan
        hey dudes, nufan speaking here. this is a demo
        i've been putting together in a few days before
        the party, so i'm pretty sure there are many more
        bugs delivered than i intended to. the code is
        slow and due to my incompetence this demo needs a
        graphics card with support for vertex and pixel
        shaders, thus you ought to have a gf3 or something
        better. that demo wasn't really tested before
        release, but it ran fine on a athlon xp 1700 with
        256 mb ram.
        the code was thrown together in a hurry, thus it's
        pretty messy, i managed to bash my wrist during
        coding (see the photo), etc. business as usual,
        everything fucked up.
        sorry. i always announce the next release to be
        better. hopefully i'll be right this time.