They will Pay by Borealis

" they will pay "

was brought to you by borealis of finland.

First presented at the Assembly 96 megaparty

Credits go as follows:
        code   Captor
        music  Butane
        gfx    Spiro

Most of the pictures are scanned. Sorry.

I guess you noticed that this is about a dude who had a few problems
with his mind and eventually started killing people. Strange.

Take a look at the following shit ..


  This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without 
  restrictions for non-commercial use.
  No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination
  of products or services including this product without our authorization
  and official written license.
  Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any data
  storage media and their distribution without the expressed permission of
  the producer, is strictly prohibited.
  This program or the data files contained therein may not be altered or
  modified without the permission of the author.
  You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any
  consequences thereof. We the creators can not accept liability for damages
  or failures arising from the use of this software.

  Assembly organizing has the permission from the authors to include this
  program on the Assembly'96 CD-ROM.


Okay, it means that if you wanna include this product on a cd-rom you should
send us a few copies of the cd. But please contact us before doing so.

For contact address and other INTERESTING and FASCINATING things, you should
read the file borealis.txt

- borealis 1996 -