Aggressive party info by Aggression

                           Aggressive Party

   Aggressive Party is an Atari (ST/TT/Falcon030) Party, but there are
   also some Amiga- and PC-competitions.  It is organized by Aggression
   and Future Crew.
   Falcon030 will be strongly visible at the party - Thanks to ION Finland.
   They will also have some new exciting Atari hardware to demonstrate.

   Note for Finns only: Suomalaisille on Falconista oma Party-tarjous.
   Tarjous on hyvin edullinen, ja maksu voidaan hoitaa vaikkapa osamak-
   sulla. Alle 18 vuotiaille tarvitaan vanhempien takaus. Tarjous on
   voimassa vain ja ainoastaan partyilla. Soitelkaa meille juuri ennen
   partyja ja kysykaa lisaa.

   Where and When?

   The Party will be held in Europes biggest indoor amusement park called
   Planet FunFun. It is located in Kerava, Finland, approximately 30 km
   north of Helsinki. It starts on Friday, 8th of October at 16:00 and ends
   on Sunday, 10th of October at 18:00. We can let foreign visitors to
   enter as early as 12:00 on Friday, because usually ships from Sweden and
   Germany arrive in Helsinki in the morning.

   Planet FunFun is an excellent place for demo-parties. We have rented a
   big hall for you and your computers and a smaller separate hall for
   sleeping. There are also showers next to the smaller hall. And lots of
   free parking space.

   We have also an "amphitheather", in which we can show competitions and
   movies on big screen. There is a couple of hundred seats, so this time
   you don't have to stand to see anything.

   The best thing though is: The whole amusement park is at your use. The
   gadgets in it are in use only 10:00-18:00 Saturdays and Sundays, when it
   is open for normal audience also, but we have some special arrangements
   with it's restaurants. (Which serve also alcohol...) There will be food
   and soft drinks available 24h, and you can also buy proper meals at
   19:00-21:00 from a restaurant called Harlin's Diner. Alcohol will also
   be served at Harlin's diner at 21:00-24:00, but only for those who have
   had their 18th birthday...

   Also the arcade-games in it are at use 24h, as well as "Nintendo Land".

   Restaurants are of course open also when the amusement park is open for
   normal audience.

   How to get there

   It is very easy to get to Kerava. If you come by ferry to Helsinki and
   have a car with you, just follow the sings "Lahti" which leads you to
   the Lahti-highway (E75 or 4). Then turn off the highway at Kerava, and
   follow the signs "Planet FunFun". We will also put some Aggressive Party
   signs there.

   If you come by ferry and don't have a car with you, you can come by
   train. Take train with label "K" and get off at Savio-station (the one
   before Kerava). You will stand right in front of Planet FunFun. We will
   arrange a free transport service from Helsinki to Kerava for computers,
   so you don't have to carry your monitor with teeth when you walk to the
   station. You can call our info-phone from the ship and ask when the
   next car will arrive.

   For those who come by plane it is also easy to get to the Kerava, since
   there is bus from airport to Kerava. To make your travelling even more
   easier we can come and fetch you from the airport if you just inform
   us beforehand. It will cost you only 10 FIM.

   Entrance fee

   Entrance fee is 100 FIM.
   Lockers are available for you without any extra cost.


   We will have a 24-h info line during the party. Its number is

                           +358-(9)0-294 4023

   As you can see, it is Xenits home number. We will just transfer the
   calls coming to it to Planet FunFun. If you call it from Finland drop 358
   and if from Finland near Helsinki drop 90.


   There are competitions for Atari, PC and Amiga, and a music (module)
   competition for all computers, since protracker mod-format is so widely
   used accross the platforms.

   In all competitions we will have an initial jury consisting of us and
   our sponsors, which selects the best 20 productions in every competition.
   Then the final jury consists of the authors of these productions.

   DEADLINE for all competitions is at 14:00 on Saturday, 9th October, 1993.

   There may be some minor changes in prizes, if we will get some new
   sponsors. The promised value of the prize will not change, there may
   just be a bit more hardware.

   Atari competitions

   As our main interest is in Atari, the most of the competitions are for it.

   Atari demo

   Rules:   Demo must work on an STe with 2 Mb of memory.

            Autobooting is a must.

            Demos must be previously unreleased. Released previews
            do not bother us.

            One group may attend with several demos.

            We don't suggest you to attend with an unfinished demo, but:
            The demo must be either released OR you have time to finish
            it and you will get the possible prize after you have sent
            us a finished version.

   Prizes:  1. Falcon030 computer.
            2. External disk drive + 2500 FIM
            3. External disk drive + 500 FIM

   Atari demo competition is sponsored by Oy ION Finland, the official
   Atari-importer in Finland and Man&Man Co.

   Atari intro

   Rules:   The computer is Atari STe with 1 Mb.
            The maximum lenght of the file is 40960 bytes.
            The program MUST be an executable file, no autobooting allowed.

   Prizes:  1.  External disk-drive + 500 FIM
            2.  500 FIM
            3.  200 FIM

   Atari intro competition is sponsored by Man&Man Co.

   Atari graphics

   Rules:   We will not accept copied pictures. A person who tries to
            attend with a copied picture will be disqualified from this
            and any other competition arranged by us or our allies.
            Nobody plays with Aggression.

            If a copied picture gets thru our inquisition and wins
            something, the author of it is obliged to return the prize
            to us when we will notice the cheat.            

            Pictures must be previously unreleased material.
            Everyone should leave min. 3 different stages of his work to
            the jury, so they can make sure the picture is not a copy.
            Only the last one will take part in to the competition.
            Picture must be IFF, PI1 or executable.
            Pictures will be shown on an STe.
            We will make a slideshow of all qualified pictures.

            You don't have to be an Atarist to take part - just remember,
            Atari STe can show 16 of 4096 colors at 320*200 resolution.

   Prizes:  1. 1500 FIM
            2. 1000 FIM
            3.  500 FIM

   Falcon competitions

   Falcon competitions will be held if there is enough interest.
   Please contact us beforehand.


   PC competitions are arranged by FC. If you want more information, call
   Gore/FC +358-0-427477 (17-22, ask Sam).

   Amiga competitions

   There will be only one Amiga competition; after all, this is an Atari
   Party... Amiga graphicians can try to make their pictures with a smaller
   amount of colours this time...

   Amiga demo/intro

   Rules:   You can attend with an intro or a demo. (Word demo means also
            intro from now on in these rules.)

            All demos will be run on an A500, KS1.3, 0.5Mb chip, 0.5Mb fast.

            Demos must be previously unreleased.

            One group may attend with several demos.

            We don't suggest you to attend with an unfinished demo, but:
            The demo must be either released OR you have time to finish
            it and you will get the possible prize after you have sent
            us a finished version.

   Prizes:  1. Asta 2400 EMNP 5 modem + 1500 FIM
            2. Midi-interface with cables + 1200 FIM
            3. 1000 FIM

   Amiga intro/demo competition is sponsored by Man&Man Co.


   As said before, music competition is for all computers.

   Rules:   Music must be in 4-channel protracker module format.
            No executable files allowed.
            Maximum length for the music is 3 minutes.

   Prizes:  1. Midiman midi-to-tape recorder and synchronizer + 600 FIM
            2. Midi-interface with cables + 600 FIM
            3. 400 FIM

   Music competition is sponsored by MS-Music Shop and Man&Man Co.

   Happening at the party...

   Rave! Friday 23:00-24:00, Teque-in-concert Friday 24:00->
   Movies will be shown on big screen.
   Various not-so-serious competitions, like hard-disk throwing etc.
   We will sell party-socks and -shirts as usual.
   Utopos competition. Utopos is a Thrust-like game by Aggression.

   Other rules

   To give everyone a wrist-strap which indetifies you as a visitor at
   Aggressive Party and also indicates whether you can buy alcohol or not,
   we have to check your identify certificate. If you don't have any ID
   with you, you will get "red" strap and you can't buy alcohol from

   You can buy alcohol at our Party, but this doesn't mean you are allowed
   to make trouble, neither you are allowed to drink your own liqueurs.
   We do not hesitate to contact police. A little note to those who have
   had a contact with police during Assembly '93... we know your names and
   will not let you enter.

   Also selling food, disks or hardware is forbidden. This doesn't mean
   we have very high prices for these, in fact, we will sell disks on
   non-profit basis, and the food in restaurants is very affordable.

   More information

   Write to either of these addresses:

   Xenit of Aggression                           Qwerty of Aggression
   Jan Achrenius                                 Jussi Haapiainen
   Liesitie 1 E 13                               Abraham Wetterintie 11 D 40
   04200 Kerava                                  00820 Helsinki
   Finland                                       Finland

   (If the question is not about Aggresive Party, then write only to Qwerty)

   Or call Xenit:                                              358-0-2944023
           Lancelot:                                           358-0-3423091
           Qwerty:                                             358-0-784756
           Teque:                                              358-0-386215
   Or call our Necronomicon BBS:                               358-0-3882710
   Or send e-mail to Lancelot of Aggression:          kkallio@vipunen.hut.fi