dead pixels by Moonflow

              ' d e a d  p i x e l s '
                 a demo by moonflow
       first presented at abstract 2004 party 
               held in gliwice/poland          

    dexed -------------------------------- music 
    diodak ------ design|2d|3d scenes|3d objects
    mover --------------------------- 3d objects
    memon/moppi ----------------------- demotool
              made with moppi demopaja 
             (yeah, blame us for that;)

    best run the  demo in  800 x 600  resolution 
    in fullscreen.
    please set your display color depth to 32bit.
    it's  very important because some scenes  or 
    textures  may be displayed  wrong at  16bit.


    some  words  from  diodak:  perhaps you find 
    that demo isn't  good enough,  but  i  would 
    like you to know that making process of this 
    little  production was quite nice experience 
    for me.                             see you!

                      signed: diodak/mfl.scx.spd
                         contact: mjdiodak@o2.pl