u-turn by woorlic [web]

u - turn (win32 port, final version)
originally made in 1999, enhanced in 2004

u-turn won the 64k at remedy 1999,and the port should work on 
any windows computer with 32mb(64rec) of memory and 200mhz+ cpu.

this version also runs at 640x400 (the old one only ran at 320x200).

 Jonas Lund
 M†rdstigen 13,3tr
 17075 Solna

phn: +46-(0)70-6827217

you can probably get in touch with the others by me!

the old infofile follows below!

ps: i still wonder if anyone did truecolor
rotating radial blurs before this? :)

press esc to exit, press s for screenshot!

/ Jonas Lund aka whizzter/woorlic(deluxe)&TPOLM signing off again

 ----------------------------- OLD inFOFILE -----------------------------------

u - turn

deluxe - 1999

a few 100k's of conv memory and some megs of extended

runs under raw/xms/dpmi(windows/cwsdpmi(emm386))

320x200 / 320x240 / 640x480 / 640x400 / 320x400 usw..

gus       - uturn.exe -> elite gus users
sb/gus/iw - uturnsb.exe -> 1.2meg of pure? sbsupport

this is the final and is quite multimedia

wiz      - design,graphics(logos..) - ************************
whizzter - code,3dscenes,boosin     - whizzter@enjoy.joint.net
loonie   - music,design             - ************************

       jonas lund
       kukkola 166
       95391 haparanda

           ulf liedberg
           hammargrand 6
           13738 vasterhaninge


   deLuxe members:

special credits... steffo^cryonics, "moral support"
                   gnilk,demolish,sombie, "naggin at organisers for more time"                

making of this intro:
  at about 00:00 on friday night loonie started to make the tune and whizzter
  went out to boose, at 3am the tune was finished but some hour earlier
  whizzter had gone to sleep and it was impossible to wake him up.
  at about 5-6 in the morning whizzter woke up with a headache and had some
  problems with various bugs, when those were fixed at about 10am we
  finally could get started on the design, the deadline was at about 8pm
  but thanks to alot of friends we could get a extra hour(or 2? ;)
  the beginning of this intro turned out quite nice as we still had time
  then but the last parts of the partyversion was totally fucked up by
  whizzters idiotic ideas about design.
  anyway this final was put together at loonies place a few days after
  the party by whizzter and loonie(and some updated pictures by wiz)
  so now we have a intro that we are quite satisfied with.

  time in designing the party version: 8-9 hours?
  final version                      : a day or 2

 oohh.. don't forget we used rotating radial blur in this baby, how many intros
  except sad has used this before, we'd like to know!

 btw, as you prolly figured out the sb version of this intro has all textures
      and sounds unpacked.

/ whizzter..