Kreijsi by Candle [web]

C  A  N  D  L  E   presents   K  R  E  I  J  S  I

  The demo Kreijsi was released at the party 
Compushere 7 in Uddevalla!

Code & design by Angel.
Graphics by Angel and Aeroba.
Music by Angel (with a little help by Cloud).

Requires 020+ and AGA chip set!

Tested on A1200/020 with  2 MB
    -      -    030  -    6  -
    -      -    030  -   10  - 
    -      -    030  -   18  -

The 'Baby face':s resolution was reduced because
time/technical problems so we included the original 
picture as a bonus!

- We also released an amazing fast intro
called 'Elvis The Elvisp' for A1200.

Code, design & graphics by Aeroba.
Music by Cloud.

-Greetings to EVERYONE present at the party!!!