Moai by Satantronic [web] & Mystic Bytes [web]

                         "Moai 96 KB Intro"


                  "Five Fucking Sleepless Nights"

;-) Yes folks, 90% of the things you've seen were made during the last five 
days/nights. Due to this fact we want to apologize for the poor quality and 
bad (zero) design.. In the future, bugfixed version you can expect:

- fixed spline trajectories
- better translations between scenes
- fixed textures
- more tricks with camera
- better scenario and overall "mood"
- syncing with music
- some (mainly size) optimizations...

if you wonder where's "fixing that fucking clipping problems and black points 
in the scenes", sorry. If you go for speed, something must go away... 
something like accuracy ;-) But don't ask us about release date, school exams 
are knocking on the door, it's miracle we weren't fired out of our jobs, we 
really lack of some free time..

Hardware reqs:

Minimum:     Falcon 030, 14 MB RAM, FPU
Recommended: 50 MHz DSP, boosted data bus, TT RAM

How to run on 040/060:

Switch off cache. Syncing DSP transfers doesn't help very much since mod 
player do its own job. In fact, ct60 + disabled cache + 25 Mhz databus + 50 
MHz DSP gives you the best possible platform to run this intro ;-)

Full credits:

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes
Whole 3D engine (030/DSP), camera & b-spline code, putting together

-XI- / Satantronic
Texture generators, math behind cameras, all graphics and 3D stuff, design (in 
range of our possibilities of course)

Earx / Lineout
Module player, some routs for pixel handling

Evil / DHS

Oxide / Sonik Clique
Music, he is probably inactive musician, his music can be found at aminet


Everyone still supporting Atari. Thanks DHS for this competition, real 
asskicker for us ;)

Closing words:

You should get with this intro a source code, too. You can do with it anything 
you want, other people's sources helped me (MiKRO) A LOT, so here you are, 
let's study them ;) But please, keep in mind it's a work from the last five 
days, there's nothing like size-optimization..

So, what to add... we hope you liked our intro and see you by another Atari 

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes                                     -XI- / Satantronic

http://mikro.atari.org                         http://satantronic.atari.org

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