Invitationintro to Icing Beta 97

the icing '97 really final final beta

jes, it's time for the most awaited event this century (well, next to
beduinpardi #4 that is). the tragic years of killing and violence are over
and the era of love has just begun:

t h e   i c i n g   ' n i i n t i e s e v e n   f i n a l   b e t a

l o c a t i o n :        industriteatern / lerum, sweden
d a t e :                friday the 14th to sunday the 16th of february
d o o r s   o p e n :    18:00 on friday
d o o r s   c l o s e :  14:00 on sunday
e n t r e c e   f e e :  100 sek ($13.67)
p a r d i ? :            sure!

hello mr. man you didn't think i'd come back - alanis morissette

well, we don't really expect anybody to show up, it would just be a kool thing
if somebody did. anyhow, think about what miss morissette is signing since
it might just be the right thing to do. come back and experience that really
special icing koolness feeling again. (can you stay without it for nearly
half a year anyway?)

oh right guys, this sounds like you're just trying to have another pardi and
make lots of money out of it, right?

we? sorry but to be honest this just isn't the case here, icing doesn't even
bring us a tasty milkshake from your favorite hamburger resturant in profit.
we are having this pardi for you, for you and last but not least for you.

uh kool, me and the boys from bondetrΣsk sure feel tempted to come right away,
it's ok isn't it?

nah, it isn't ok. this pardi is a pure invite pardi without any lamers-cave
and all that kind of stuff, so check the list somewhere to see if it's kool
that you show up. sorri but this is the only way to keep loosers and nutcases
away from our mega happening. also try to remeber the fact that we can only
squeeze in about 50-70 people in the hall.

ah perfekt, mi group is on the list what do i do now?

m, now we're getting somewhere, here's a list of things to do now:
step 1 email the heroes: icing_beta_rocks@duffe.com, icing@one.se
step 2 snail-mail food and things to: fisk b-ehn, hσkansdal 70, 417 49 gbg
step 3 start preparing for the pardi: try not to sleep at nights, play lots
       of german techno whenever you get the chance, eat pizza and nothing but
       pizza, drink cola and nothing but cola, stay inside - fresh air can
       hurt you badly.
step 4 wait for your special-mega-e-mail-confirmation-invitation-you-are
       -welcome-to-us-now to arrive, after you've got it begin your trip to
       icing right away - do it the hardcore way, jump from tree to tree
       without touching the ground!

how to get there:

by train
jump off at the "lerums station" - signs and arrows will be placed out

by car
drive towards stockholm from gothenburg using the e20 highway. take off at the
'hulanmotet' near lerum, drive towards lerum city from where signs and arrows
will lead you right to the pardiplace.

by taxi
tell the driver to drive to industriteatern in lerum. pay the driver at
the arrival.


suprise events
normal compos
unnormal compos
live on stage duffe (krazi kid)
live on stage "tjejmiddag 97"
live on stage toj - toj mega maniac world tour planet earth special
also love on stage

guess what boys.

it's not our problem if you loose your equipment
we don't really care about your illegal activities
while visiting beta beta pardi icing you are also supposed to:
*  stay calm, act natuarlly and don't hurt any animals
*  drink no alchoholollo
*  smoke no tobakko
*  sleep
*  enjoy
*  buy things from the official icing be-box 'niintieseven cafeteria
   and not from some local crap store

hmm... kool things

lake aspen compo

what about taking a nice bath in the local lake and getting a great ammount of
money while doing it? ofcourse you have to be the first one in the water to
win the competition. rules are the following: no lame jumping off the shore
into the water - walking into the hot lake is the only accepted way. we expect
every group to choose atleast a couple of persons entering this competition.
a total of 300 sek is to be gained by simply winning. you will recive more
information when you arrive at the pardi. (bring lots of extra clothes!)

demo & intro compos

we will have ordinary competitions aswell, but only 1 demo- and 1 intro compo.
this means that amiga and pc productions will be competing together.
the size limit of intros is ofcourse 64kb (just wanted to say that).

the music compo

we will have only 1 music compo, so 4 channel modules and multichannel entries
will be played in the same competition.

ir '97 invitation intro

jes. make a nice invitation intro for icing-remedy 1997. a textfile which will
be given to the competitors at the pardi must be included. we reserve the
right to use your intros in any way we whish.

other krazi compos

lots of krazi surprise compos will ofcourse be announced at the pardi, prizes
will be everything from strange stuff to ordinary money. (jeh!)


demo competition

1. 2000 sek ($273.49)
2. 1000 sek ($136.74)
3.  500 sek ($68.37)

intro competition

1. 1000 sek ($136.74)
2.  500 sek ($68.37)
3.  200 sek ($27.35)

music competition

1. 1000 sek ($136.74)
2.  500 sek ($68.37)
3.  200 sek ($27.35)

graphics competition

1. 1000 sek ($136.74)
2.  500 sek ($68.37)
3.  200 sek ($27.35)

ir '97 invitation intro competition

1.  500 sek ($68.37)

lake aspen swimming competition

1.  300 sek ($41.02)

list of you-are-of-welkomme-to-us-boys

c - l o u s  (origo Σr en nolla, det Σr ett faktum!)
s a r d o n y x  (syntax babecollection fσr fri Θntre)
p e e k  (fniss, sicka loosers)
s m o k e  (gaarrrv)
f a k e  (fritz: slΣpa hit ... ja, nσtt)
c i t r o n .  (e- ligger 1a pσ dreamcharts)
t b l  (louie, louie, louie, louie Σr den RIKTIGA apan)
3 l e  (jaha, vad skall man skriva om er dσ, ni Σr ju sσ snΣlla jΣmt)
c r a z e  (vaaaaaaaaaaaal! zalo Σr stolt!)
g o t o   1 0  (-poison, gift Σr ju farliga grejer)
o m i c r o n  (ni lΣr ju inte komma!)
b a l a n c e  (alkoholfritt pardi nu flickor!)
s u b s p a c e  (underrymden, vad har ni i era kalsonger egentligen?)
k Σ s σ  (nu tar ni det lungt boys, 3 varningar - sen skickas thiesen ut pσ
          farliga prylar)
l i m i t e d   e d i t i o n  (÷÷h, pojkar, krΣla er hit nu)
l o o p  (lisebergs-xxxxen Σr ju borta, tur att ni finns kvar. eeeh)
t p o l m  (thor, inga h÷rlurar!)
e l f s o n g  (Σlvorna sjunger)
a b s t i n c e n e c e  (ryck tills ni tr÷ttnar)
n o d d e l   p r o d u c t i o n s  (ojdσ, hur hamnade den hΣr dΣr?)
v e c t o r  (n÷jd nu gabriel?)
l o g i c   p r o b e  (jepp)
g i a n t s  (visst..)

this pardi is infact held by the exactly same main-organizers as the annual
standard icing pardies. (didn't expect that did you!)

also remember to visit http://www.one.se/icing/beta & http://www.ir97.com

disclaimer. all models are 18 and over
prizes in dollars ($) might change until the pardi is held but not the prizes
stated in sek. this due to the fact that curriencies have a tendency to change
radically at the market.

                        code               devotion
                        music      substance & fndr
                        design                 fndr

(c) Copyright 1995/1997 Icing Entertainment Productions