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        Intro Anti Nato

        On March, 24th, 1999.,
        forces of once maybe
        useful, but today
        totaly obsolete NATO
        alliance attacked
        our country Yugoslavia
        with a swarms of
        airplanes and cruise
        missiles, in order to
        prevent human

        by creating another.

        In the last month many
        were injured and

        The long awaited party,
        Scene Strike 4, was
        delayed for, how it
        seems, ever.

        This intro was made
        to celebrate something
        which no world dictator
        can take away from us.

        our freedom of

        This intro was made by
        people who never
        messed with politics.

        This intro was made by
        the yugoslav sceners.

        This is our strike to
        stop this madness.

        We shall prevail.

    this  is  first corrosion production made during the war against NATO.
although  NATO  countries politically deny the existance of the war, it IS
happenning NOW and HERE in yugoslavia, not just in kosovo!  all cities and
villages  across  yugoslavia are being bombed and many civilians, bridges,
factories  and even journalists and tv centers are killed and destroyed in
favour of the new world order and blindness of conformism.

    and what's even worse, nowone seems to care for hundreds and thousands
of dead people who are ignored just because they are serbs!

    this  is  our  another  call  to conscience instead of blindness - the
TRUTH  is  being  hidden  from  you,  packed in some kind of prevention of
humanitarian  catastrophy  which,  ironically, they created, but use it as
their  weapon  cause they control the information - and now it's prefectly
clear that who controls the information, controls the world!

    please help us to stop this madness.  information wants to be free!

    corrosion  stands with the truth, wherever it is, however it could be.

    truth shall prevail.

credits: ::griffin::asarhad::domin8r::

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                             april 29th, 2k-1
                          corrosion productions