Ische by Code Red

        .code red nfo

 this info file is compiled to inform you on the current status of code red.
 as there are only very few signs from code red having reached the outer
 world, i.e. the overground, we would like to tell everybody leaking
 on knowledge concerning the major liquercrew.

 code red has to apologize for the low number of releases in the last few
 months. hopefully, the mekka and symposium event will bring a change into 
 the frequency of released archives, as at least 2 productions will be 
 published at the party (CR-ISCHE & CR-ZCH98).

 moreover, the cr ghq is down and the whq is frequently offline. therefore,
 if you are sysop of a demo-orientated board and would like to support
 code red then contact us asap (fwillmann@losnet.com). other contact adresses 
 can be found in really.com.

 attention suckers: we are looking for new members! if you are any kind
 of talented and would like to join the superior crew around then contact
 us, or simply download CR-APPL7.ZIP from one of our boards.

 current code red member status (alphabetically ordered) :

 handle          age      occupation

 housemaiszta     19      posingmaiszta
 ice-m-steel      19      musician
 iso:crash        18      orga, coder
 ramwulf          19      grafician, lamer
 all releases so far can be checked in really.com which supports the gravis
 ultrasound since a few weeks!

 future plans:

 - further development of the zechenmaiszta (send ideas & bugs!)
 - the MAISZTA series will be continued
 - of course, many more music files to come
 - new fastintros (probably already at mekka&symposium)
 - blahblahblah

                                        signed, iso:crash of CODE RED 
                                         at mekka and symposium 1997