Fire by Paranoia

			   p a r a n o i a  h.
			 ÛÝßßß	 Û   ÛÝßß Û  ÛÝ
			 Û	 Ý   ÛÜÜÜÜß  ÛÝÜ
			 ÛÜÜ	 ÛÛ  ÛÝ   Û  ÛÝ
			 Ûß	 ÛÛ  Û	  ÛÝ ÛÜÜÜ
			 Ý	  Þ  Ý	     Ý

			.64k for scenest97 pardey.

		.486[works on 386].gus[optional].550k base.

	       bici.code.fonts palee.music robban/cda.player

     bici.code.15 mrzip.code.zax.19 oc.zax.sysop.15 palee.16 tuz.gfx.15

 email.antal_buri@ccmail.oai.hu[subj.mrzip].snail.7100.szeksz rd.alisca.32.2/18
  telefon.+36.74.312.492.[andris] +36.74.319.402.[peter] +36.74.311.259.[oszi]

			.d e t a i l e d  i n f o.


		   .550k conv. [work with qemm]

			.....about the code.....

  As you may noticed this intro does not contain sucking 3d objects , because
  everybody says vectordemos sucks. So here is a nonvector-intro.
  About the speed.This intro was coded on a dx4-100 , so it may be too fast
  on your pentium (we haven't tested it on a pentium).

  This shit was coded in tp7.0 [of course mainly in asm] , because the lack of
  time , so don't expect too much.This intro is just to tell you that
  paranoia h. has born.
  i [bici] have only 5 days to code it , so there are only some oldie [but
  goldie] effects.But don't blame us now.We are going to release only better
  The modplayer was made by robban/cda [thanx for it].

  Bugs :  if you find one , contact the coder!
			.....about the music....

  The soundtrack of this intro was made by palee in digitrakker.He had only
  1 day to make it , but i think it is not too bad.

			.....about the gfx......

  In fact there is no gfx , only a fire logo , and some other texts[paranoia ,
  presents , fire].These were made with Neopaint by bici.
  The font was also made by bici with qedit [you know : charset db 1,1,0,0...]
  [we need a good gfxman , so please join us if you are a pixelartist]


		       borland	      pascal tasm
		       n-factor       digitrakker
		       neosoft	      neopaint
		       robban/cda     gusplay


  This material is not freeware.You are allowed to copy it without restrictions
  for non-commercial use.No payment of any kind may be charged for this product.
  You can include this package on any non-commercial cd-rom.We give the right
  to the editors of chip-cd and cd-ultra to put this acrhive on their cd-rom.
  You use this product at your own risk.We , the authors are not responsible
  for any damage caused by this program.