Intoblack by Dappa [web]

                                                 ''''''''''''''''''''''                 version 1.0á
                                                 ' i n t o b l a c k  '                 ------------
                                                 ' -------------------'                 total size unpacked 7.86mb
                                                 '    by dappa.org    '                 --------------------------
                                                 ' -------------------'
                                                 '    www.dappa.org   '
                                                 '  IRCnet #dappa.org '
                                                 '                    '
+Demo Information+                                        

Programmed by:  dappa
aka:		Wayne Mike
eMAiL:		wayne4@cableinet.co.uk

Tracked by:	SoLoRiZe
aka:		Mark Dunn
eMAiL:		solorize@ntlworld.com
Tracked in:	FastTracker 2.08

General Information:
You will need a TNT2 or better to see this demo
in all its glory, else sorry but dont bother.
You will also need a reasonable cpu let's say 350mhz,
then your all set, double click the exe man what the
hell you waiting for.

Run Information:
I tested the demo with win98 and winME, without 
any complications.
I do recomend you run this demo in a 32bpp mode, 
But if these modes are to slow on your machine
the 16bpp modes will be fine :D

running time: 2min,40sec  (short but oh so very sweeeet -> "nice routines")

Its been a few months. But we are back once more to
fuckup your CPU, blowup your R,G,B and take control
of your mind. ;)

snowkrash,KrayZ,And all at mekka.

http://www.dappa.org    (dappa.org)
http://listen.to/lmp2   (LESS Music Productions)

until the next production PEICE.
 dappa + solorize