h3o breather by Threestate

H3O breather - 3state

100% acceleration pumped with a neverending chain of soothing voices silently 
whispering sweet thoughts into your head. This is not a sell out!

you're running aimlessly on the digital highway, wondering why you can never catch up with us.
you live in the geek era, not having a life is cool. wake up and smell the fucking coffee.
we're thinking outside of the box, wander of the beaten path and we're drinking coffee by truckloads
we dont even try hard and we're already better than you.

note: we have invaded the planet of leather moomins.

credits go like this :

stevie                      - design
sarix                       - effects,script,system
sagacity		    - D3Dsetup, spikes,wall

distance/tpolm/lackluster   - guest musician

shop at : connect.to/3state
we're so fucking beautiful!
now go work on your website

Hint: use directx7 and a proper 3dcard.