Blue Steel by Acme

                           ÜßÛ Ûßßßßßßß ÜßÛ ÜßÛ ÛßßßÜ
                         Üß  Û Û      Üß   ß  Û ÛÜÜÜÜÛ

                                     are :

         Lone Ranger - programming        MadMan    - sysop
         Mailman     - artwork            Vic       - musician
         Kid         - artwork            Aap       - artwork,misc.


         -GUS (optional)
         -550 Kb memory free
         -3 minutes of your life

=Demo talk=

        We wanted to release a bigger production than we have made so far
        before we started working on our BiZARRE party contribution.
        Also this demo celebrates the arrival of another graphics artist,
        his name is Kid and you can see his work in our BiZARRE contribution.
        There are no really new effects in this demo, but we tried to
        make a nice and smooth design.(the effects were new to us anyway)
        The reason only GUS is supported, is that our SB(pro) player was
        too damn slow (check out our BiZARRE invitation intro!)
        We will rewrite the SB(pro) player as soon as we have some spare
        Meanwhile just enjoy the music played with our OWN GUS player.

        If you have any questions regarding this Acme(tm) product, always
        contact us, at any of our distribution sites.


       - Windy City from Mad, whom I met at the Party 93, contact me!
         I lost your address, and you didn't put one with 'Zap'..
       - O'Neill from Surprise Productions, are you dead or what?
       - The guys from Logic Design, let's start making some charts!
       - TSC from Phantom Dezign, our distro site?
       - Blasphemy, no greetings till you've straightened out your act!
         (TLC->TFS->Blasphemy, what's next?)
       - Nothingface from Ground Zero, see you've got your greetings!
       - Cybernetic Dreams, hope you can make it to BiZARRE, would be great
         to see you again!
       - Darkness from Imphobia/Cascada, hope you like this demo!
       - Erik Pojar from S!P, still waiting for the disk!

        Hope to see all of you at the BiZARRE '94 party in Holland!

=Acme talk=

         We are still in need of talented members all over the world.
         If you feel you can contribute something to our group, please
         feel free to contact us!
         We are also looking for more Distribution sites in not yet supported
         countries, so start calling sysop's!

=Contact info=

  Bulletin Boards :

       Blue Steel      World Headquarters      Netherlands     +31-(0)20-6403972

       Samsplace       Distribution Site       Netherlands     +31-(0)74-911195
       Edge of Honor   Distribution Site       Netherlands     +31-(0)2159-37816
       Lunatic Asylum  Distribution Site       Netherlands     +31-(0)85-233120

       Genesis         EuropianHQ              Belgium         +32-2-2453498

       The Firm        German HQ               Germany   node1:+49-40-6482146

       Red Zone        Finnish HQ              Finland         +358-Open-Soon
       Midnight Buzz   Distribution Site       Finland         +358-83-425621

       Dune II         Hungarian HQ            Hungary         +36-62342793

  Snail Mail	 :

       Steven 'Aap' ter Heide
       Griend 12
       1112 LD
       +31-20-6952236 (ask for Steven)

  Fax            :