Psycho Bee by KÜA software productions

KšA software productions presents


Coded by GGN for Outline 2005 in 24/03/05
(one day before the party starts!)
Extra credit to MUG UK for his bootsector installer - excellent stuff :)

Why is it that inspiration always seems to strike you at the very last moment?
Just this morning I had the idea, and I coded this little thinghy as quickly
as I could (Havoc won't be here all day :)
Source included (bastardised beyond any reckognition :)

Outline, blocky busy bee (the logo)... hmmmmmmm.... how about a blocky
busy bee with repetetive outline? (wasn't so bad an idea, right? :)

Atari STE, any memory
(not tested with anything else, I guess anything with a Blitter should work
ok - except maybe Mega STs?? In fact, tested only in Steem Engine, as I'm
writing this in work :)

Run the proggy, insert a disk in drive A or B, push the appropriate key
and the bootsector will be written (anything in the bootsector will be
overwritten). Reset your machine, see the effect, and when you get tired
of it press space to exit to desktop (or auto folder programs, etc.)
(Alternatively, insert the disk image included into your favorite emulator)

Greets to all who will read this text, or at just those who will even view
the bootsector.

Cheerio, stay Atari
George (GGN) 24/03/05 15:38 (GMT+2)
      (rev 2 25/03/05 00:00 (GMT+2) - optimised and made into an effect :)
Contact: ggn[at]atari[dot]org