new kids on the net by alien prophets [web]

                            ¯New kids on the net®
                  Mtv 1980 tribute flashback kind-a-thingy
         (by Alien Prophets: We don't know, and they can't tell.)

Does anybody _really_ remember new kids on the block? Oh dear... :-)
(This info-file suffers from total anarchy.)

Gaia, Nudge and Bizk did this. We are the guilty ones.
Oh. You cannot play the module directly, since it's packed. If you would
like a playable copy, just mail Nudge (mail listed below).


P200 8Mb RAM (SD, EDO, SIMM...) 3Mb HD (or so), Luck :)

                         ¯Warranty and disclaimer®
This material is not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without 
restrictions for non-commercial use.
No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any combination 
of products or services including this product without our authorization and 
official written license. Commercial use, especially the industrial 
manufacturing on any data storage media and their distribution without the 
expressed permission of the producer, is strictly prohibited. This program
or the data files contained therein may not be altered or modified without 
the permission of the author.
You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and any 
consequences thereof. We the creators cannot accept liability for damages 
or failures arising from the use of this software.


e-(kom)post: Erh, that is: email :-)

Gaia:       alienprophets@forum.dk 
Nudge:      Flexras@mail.com
Jar:        bse4057@vip.cybercity.dk
All others: alienprophets@forum.dk

We are:

Gaia, Nudge, Bizk, Jar, Ephoy, Macaw. (Hello world)

They are:

Blasphemy, Purple, Prone, Fudge, RSP prods., Voxpod, Nocturnal,
EX-x*factor(s), All the people we met at SE99, and all we might forgot.
See you all at SE00 (He). (and possibly TP9, who knows)
also Big-ups to: Bamse and Nikolai of ::GouBogusBega::,
tracker-Kalle, coffee ...everybody.

This demo is a fast one... We had to sacrifice a white rat to make
this deadline, so please don't expect too much.

Erh... The demo _may_ fuck up on fast machines, so dust off your old
If you get _really_ annoyed by this, then send some framerate control
code attached to a mail to alienprophets@forum.dk. :-)

Oh, by the way: I'm sorry about the slow ineffective adaptive
huffman compression code used for module compression/uncompression.
Please be patient while this baby is loading.

BTW: Bizk er saa gammelskole at hans oldemor tror at han er hendes mand.
Og husk: Kr‘ft er †rsag til rygning!
         Hvis du er et barn _kan_ rygning g›re dig gravid!

Bizk Sayz"!#Ï%!" :Tired like hell, nobody brings me a mug of steaming hot joe,
                  Caffeinetablets have been illegalized by the danish govern-
                  ment, and - what else is there to do!... COCACOLA ... oups,
                  to be exact it must be written in small letters !"coca cola!
                  makes shit!!!, Pepsi is all about rockstars, popstars turned
                  into to sodapopstars, spicy and,  anyway the coffee is black,
                  humouristic jokes are black aswell, some people are black,
                  some white and yeah.. hell right, - we have different colors
                  ... but anyway praise the brazilian and cuban coffeebean-
                  collectors - yep! so be it... Bizk of The Alien prophets,
                  these few words are over!(why did I write thiz crap???????)
                  fuck a"dope" (as in PhotoShop)
                  (4:00am and he was _very_ tired - Gaia)

.nudge once said: The silence is out there.......so beware......yep...
..global love and peace!