Spacebot by Da Boosters




	A new kewl production!!!!!!!!!!

Wee are Da Boosters and wee will rule da scene!! Tis demo is da
first demo wee reles and it's boosted for 
standard falcons and includZ effex never seen before lik:
	Orange/Green scroller.
	Realtime musikk-vidoe emulation. (Thankks to Beachie Boys!)
	TC GFX by Borre!
	Mussik by Alcocool and Beachie Boys!!
Tis demo won 1 price at ous party here in Greenland.
and it will
boost your Falcon as never before!!
Run it on colour-TV or RGB or VGA or SCART or BW-TV.
 RGB/TV is not tested but should worke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is best veiwed on stndard Falcon, we dont need no fucking 
axelerating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit to Nemsis, FX, AB040 and the 
rest crapZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It works with fpu and no fpu too, blitter too. DSP is
needed. That all, we will boost da 

Mr Boost - Code
Alcocool - mussik
Borre - TC GFX
Laeine - 4 bitplane GFX

Mr Boost - Da Boosters

Mr Boost
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